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Registration AICTE PG Award 2021 Apply online at aicte-india.org

AICTE PG Awards 2021 Apply online through aicte-india.org AICTE PG Scholarship Application Deadline Date Scholarship for PG students from India AICTE PG Stipend/Amount M.Tech Scholarships for Non-Gate

At times, the government of India comes up with a number of plans to aid the youth and students in the nation. There are numerous programs that have been announced. One of the programs is a scholarship program for post-graduation. This is a fresh scholarship program designed to help finance students who are postgraduate. With the AICTE PG Scholarship, an amount is given to postgraduate students who are pursuing their studies. The award for this award is made through AICTE, which is the All India Council for Technical Education. In this article, we’ve reviewed the registration procedure and the advantages of post-graduation via an engineering degree. In this article, a step-by-step steps procedure to apply for the AICTE PG Scholarship is given. Additionally, the appropriate documentation and procedure for implementing the scholarship have been discussed.

AICTE PG Scholarship Program 2021

Through this award program through the program, the Indian government will help students pursue master’s degrees. A monthly stipend of 12400 rupees is given to students for the time after graduation. It is part of Masters of Technology, Masters Engineering, M Pharma, and architecture. The stipend can be used for a total period of 24 months or until the completion of the course, whichever is earlier. In the event of coronavirus, students aren’t attending classes, but the stipend is offered to assist financially.


There are many benefits that have been awaited since the introduction of scholarships. Post-graduation students now have aid to fund their studies in a cost-effective way. This will give 12400 scholarships per month for students currently enrolled in studies. The goal and purpose of financial support are to boost the number of post-graduate students taking technical subjects. The program will help attract students to do post-graduation and aid in the formation of an engineering Society of India.

Documents Required

The following is a list of documents necessary to be submitted to receive the Stipend. The following documents are covered in the following order:

  1. B.tech pass certificate, mark sheet and passing certificates
  2. The admission receipt is issued after graduation.
  3. Caste certificate
  4. Disability certificate for physical impairment (if required)
  5. Account number and other information about the applicant
  6. Photograph of passport size
  7. Income certificate detail
  8. Information pertaining to the courses of Masters that admission to which has taken
  9. Letter from University about post-graduation acceptance

AICTE PG Scholarship Amount

In the post-graduation scholarships program, the student will receive 12400 per month for a period of 2 years or until the course is completed. But, if the course is not completed within 2 years, the stipend would end. Additionally, students are also entitled to up to a contingency fund every year as per the announcement of scholarships. This annual grant amount is 20000 rupees, and it is payable only once. The money will be transferred directly to the student’s account.

Key Point

There are some crucial points listed below that must be considered by the applicants. These are important to get approval for the application

  1. For a chance to apply for a scholarship, the applicants must pass the GATE exam. Every year, this exam is held and applicants must pass the test with a minimum cutoff.
  2. After passing this test in accordance with the marks, the candidates can be admitted to different institutions.
  3. Student’s record will be kept in an effective manner
  4. The verification of the admission of an institution and student is carried out
  5. After the application is approved, it is sent to the PFMC portal.
  6. This portal confirms the enrollment and study of candidates.
  7. By the result, the amount will be transferred to the account belonging to the beneficiary in a single month.

Eligibility Criteria For Post Graduation Stipend 2021

For the post-graduation scholarships to be awarded via AICTE there are a few requirements for eligibility. Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements to be eligible for the post-graduation scholarship. The criteria are provided below:

  1. The applicant must pass the GATE exam and possess a valid GATE score card
  2. Candidates who have already completed post graduation are not eligible to apply for a post-graduation just to receive a the stipend. In this case, they need to repay the amount that was approved in the past.
  3. The bank’s information and information must be genuine and the bank account must be in the name of the candidate
  4. The bank account cannot be a joint bank account.
  5. To be eligible for the scholarship, the bank account could be any bank, but it must be one that is a General savings bank.
  6. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants is able to pursue Masters of engineering in architecture, or pharmacy
  7. Once you have been accepted to an institution, you will be eligible to be eligible for a scholarship
  8. This is the same for every category candidates and there is no distinction in caste
  9. At the beginning of classes, the The scholarship payments will be made
  10. The scholarship will be credited to the account of the candidate until the end of the course, or until the end of 24 months. Whichever is the earlier.
  11. Failure to keep the schedule or clearing the test can negatively impact the transfer of scholarships, therefore it is vital to pass the exam and keep your attendance up to date.

AICTE PG Scholarship Attachment Instruction

If you have files that require attachment There are some guidelines to follow. An overview of these instructions is provided below:

  1. The genuine certification of OBC Non-Creamy Layer needs to not be more than one year old.
  2. Document supporting the scheduled caste-scheduled tribe OBC physically handicapped certificate needs to be certified by the gazetted officer.
  3. These certificates can be formatted in a way that is accepted just in Hindi and English. Candidates can present the certificate in translation through a notary or the principal of the Institute
  4. Other documents must be self-tested prior to attaching them to the file.
  5. Files to be uploaded must be clear and contain clear information.

Other Entitlement

In the case of scholarships, students can avail certain leave. Outside of these leave, there are no additional leaves granted without prior or valid details. Students may have the following allowed leaves

“Clear” leaves The length of the leave is fifteen days during one academic year.

Medical leave is granted to the students for a time of 30 days, which is one month during the course of one academic year.

Maternity Leave as per the Government of India rule Maternity or paternity leave is in accordance with it. If you are eligible, once during this academic year, Maternity or paternity leave is a possibility. But, it is to be not forgotten that the maximum period of the scholarship cannot be extended in any way.

Application Procedure of AICTE PG Scholarship Form 2021

In order to receive the post-graduation scholarship stipend applications are made online. The application process is provided below. Follow each step carefully to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Navigate to the official website of AICTE – https://www.aicte-india.org/
  • There’s a list of links that are quick to access on the main page of the scholarship website.
  • Click on PG Scholarship Gate GPAT GPA
  • Clicking this link will open a comprehensive list of the general guidelines
  • Click on Blue tab Click here go to the gate where the scholarship student’s identification confirmation tab is written on it.
  • Clicking this link will request information from the Institution and the student
  • Give the your state Institute permanent ID of the student and birth date and click validate to confirm the data.
  • Fill in the application form in the next step, and upload all the necessary documents.
  • The student ID as well as the college permanent IDs can be obtained at the institute for a the brand new Institution
  • Deemed as a university, the current applicant number as well as permanent ID are the same
  • After uploading all relevant documents, click submit to complete the final submission of the application form.
  • After submitting the form, it will be accepted as a preliminary submission and will be kept under review
  • After the data is confirmed, the stipend will be reimbursed and will be directly transferred into the bank accounts of the student.

Terms And Conditions Of Post Graduate Scholarship 2021

There are some important conditions that candidates must fulfil in order to receive a scholarship. A list of the terms and conditions is provided below:

  1. If the applicant is receiving any financial assistance from another institution, this grant will not be available to the duration of the financial aid
  2. Students from abroad as well as sponsored students and management quota students aren’t ineligible for scholarships.
  3. For each postgraduate student to receive a scholarship, a minimum of 8-10 hours per week of teaching and research activities is crucial. This includes tutorials lab classes, development of laboratory courses and the maintenance of Laboratories aid in research and development projects under the supervision of faculty
  4. The transfer of the stipend for scholarship is offered to applicants on a the basis of a monthly basis. It is contingent upon an academic record that is satisfactory and conformity to the requirements of the institution.
  5. Post-graduation scholarships are not applicable to graduating students. Students who have been admitted for the second time in the past on the basis of successful GATE test. In this case, they need to pay back the amount they received previously in order to receive the new scholarship.
  6. The amount of post-graduation award may vary based on the ministry of education with the supervision of the executive committee of Council
  7. It is essential to sign an agreement that confirms that student will not quit the course at Midway. If they decide to leave the course between them, they are required to reimburse the entire post-graduation scholarship which was paid when they left the course.
  8. The scholarship amount could be withdrawn when there is any form of misconduct committed by the student. This could include reckless misbehavior. The decision to end the scholarship is made on the direction of the Head of the Institution
  9. In the case of scholarship reimbursement, salary grant is not acceptable to the institution. This is in line with the instructions of the Government of India.
  10. The process of paying scholarships is a policy decision made by AICTE the decision will be communicated to students by way of advertisements or a time-to-time updates from the web portal.
  11. After one year from the completion of the program, any claim that is late is not accepted at any time. AICTE may impose any other condition in accordance to the latest regulations that are issued by the Government of India.
  12. If any students take advantage of the opportunity to take a break during the scholarship time period for medical grounds, they must obtain permission from the Institute and the scholarship will be canceled after the month of the break and resume upon Re enrolling in the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the AICTE post-graduation scholarship program?

To help post-graduation college students, the government provides the Stipend. To be eligible for the stipend, candidates must pass the exam called Gate or GPAT.

What are the criteria for a PG Scholarship?

To qualify for the scholarship applicant must pass the gate exam or gpat test and be admitted to Mtech or ME M.Arch or M.Pharmacy from an AICTE accredited institution.

Are students who are managing quotas eligible to be eligible for the award?

Students from the management quotas, foreign students or students who are sponsored are not eligible to receive post-graduation scholarships.

How can I submit an online application for a postgraduation award directly through a bank?

When they are admitted to a master’s program, students are able to find ads in the top newspapers. The students are expected to adhere to the rules and procedures in order to receive the stipend.

Does a joint account permit to be used for direct transfer of funds of the stipend?

The money is transferred directly to the student’s account. The account must not be an account that is shared. The person applying for the account should create an account that is no-frill

How long is the duration total for the use of the Stipend?

Total of 24 months or completeness of the course, whichever comes first.

When dispersing stipends, is it possible to change my bank account’s details?

Candidates must not switch banks or branches during the course’s duration.

If students are receiving other scholarships, could they be combined into this postgraduation award?

It is not true that those who are already been eligible for another award will not be eligible for this amount.

Why is there any delay in the post-graduation award?

The distribution of scholarships is made after the submission of information and the attendance of students at various levels. It takes time and that’s why it can take longer to complete. Another reason for delays can be the lack of money.

What’s the process for editing or deleting wrongly input data?

Candidates are not able to edit or delete the information entered by themselves. In this case, they need to send an email to the authorities with the scans of the documents or call the helpline.

Uploading an Aadhar card obligatory?

In accordance with the latest notice published from the Department of Higher, Education scholarship is Aadhar seeded and payments are made via Aadhaar payment gateway. Aadhaar payments gateway.

About All India Council For Technical Education

In November 1945, the All India Council for Technical Education was set up. This serves as an Apex advisory body of the government to oversee the administration of technical education across the nation. It is a proponent of development in education in a facilitated and integrated method.

The goal of this AICTE release is to encourage the highest standards in the field of technical training in an integrated fashion. It will ensure the regularisation and maintenance of the standards in the Standards in Technical study throughout India with the aim of helping India be the leader in the world of technical reform and socio-economic growth. AICTE operates every day and night. Its purpose is to ensure transparency in management and accountability to society. Manpower forecasting and technical planning are focused on indigenous technology and offer the technical training that is offered in India Internationally recognized.

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