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Dr BR Ambedkar Post Matric SC Scholarship Scheme Online Registration

Punjab Dr BR Ambedkar Post Matric SC Scholarship Scheme | Dr BR Ambedkar Post Matric SC Scholarship Scheme Online Registration | Punjab Post Matric SC Scholarship Scheme Form

A brand new opportunity has been launched through the Chief Minister of the Punjab state on Saturday. The opportunity is called the Dr. BR Ambedkar Post Matric SC Scholarship Scheme. The scheme was launched to mark the occasion that is the celebration of Valmiki Jayanti. This year, the chief minister of Punjab state announced the program informally on the weekend. In this article, we will provide all details about the new scheme that was launched by the authorities in charge of the Punjab government. We will also provide you with the eligibility criteria for the scheme, as well as the criteria for education, as well as all the other information about this scholarship program. We will also give you the step by method procedure for applying to the scholarship opportunity.

BR Ambedkar SC Scholarship Scheme

the Chief Minister of Punjab has announced the post-matric scholarship scheme to award SC scholarships to recipients. The report also states that a centre for skill development has also been established for students from the Dalit community to help them prepare for the exams that are competitive. In addition, the Chief Ministers of all state has made sure that students from the scheduled caste will receive a free higher education. The program was announced without any financial assistance by the federal government. It will offer an all-inclusive fee waiver to students of scheduled caste. The college will provide free education to students of scheduled caste through the schemes that receive the help of the government of India.

The Goal of the BR Ambedkar Post-Matric Scholarship

The principal goal behind initiating the scheme is to provide profitable educational facilities for students who are just a little below the average students. Students of the Scheduled Caste have a number of benefits from the scheme since they’re usually not qualified to pursue education due to their poor economic standing. This scheme by the Punjab administration will assist the students of scheduled caste to pursue free higher education, so they can plan to ensure their future and enjoy a decent income like everyone else students from different classes. Students will be eligible to receive a monthly allowance to buy their textbooks and uniforms.

Details of the Dr. BR Ambedkar Post Matric SC Scholarship Scheme

NameDr. BR Ambedkar’s Ambedkar Post MatricSC Scholarship Scheme for 2020
launched byPunjab government
ObjectiveOffering scholarships and fee waivers
BeneficiariesStudents of Scheduled Caste
Official site

The Benefits of the Dr. BR Ambedkar Post Matric SC Scholarship Scheme

The following variable amount is provided to the recipients of the BR Ambedkar SC Scholarship Scheme The following variable value is provided to the beneficiaries through the BR Ambedkar SC Scholarship Scheme

  • The BR Ambedkar Post Matric SC Scholarship Scheme was launched without any financial support from the Central Government
  • It will grant an all-inclusive fee waiver for SC students. This will result in savings of around Rs. 550 crore
  • The scheme will help more than 3 lakh low-income SC students per year.
  • It is not a requirement for advance payment from these students to private or public educational institutions.
  • These institutes are expected to offer free education students SC students as part of the scheme of direct subsidy from the state government.
  • The students will also receive an annual stipend that can be used to buying uniforms, books and other necessities.
  • The Chief Minister also said that the scheme would also include an Panorama of Maharishi Valmiki (Rs. 25-30 crore), Facade Lights (Rs. 10.9 crores) Filtration Plant at the Sarovar (Rs. 4.75 crores) furniture for Sarai (Rs. 2.35 crores) and the construction of the Parikrama (Rs. 1.3 crores).
  • About 90 trainees have so already been admitted to the institute.
  • The strength of the students will increase to 240 by the end of next year, when the building is upgraded for a cost of about Rs. 1.82 crore. In addition, machinery valued at about Rs. 3.5 million will be purchased.
  • There will be more courses offered will also be increased beyond the present four courses to nine
  • This institute is planned to be designed as a top-of-the-line facility.

Methodology for Implementation

Institutions will be established throughout the Punjab state to ensure that scheduled caste students are able to take admission into that institution and enjoy a hundred per cent fee waiver according to the officials in the Punjab Government. Students can avail instruction from the trainees, who will be enlisted by the authorities in charge of the institutions regularly. The trainees will give classes and lectures to students of the scheduled caste free of expense. Their uniforms as well as the textbooks will be distributed as a stipend from the government concerned. The procedure for implementing the scheme is a simple one.

Conditions for Eligibility

The applicant must satisfy the eligibility requirements in order to be eligible to join the scheme:

  • A candidate must be a resident permanent of the state of Punjab. Punjab state
  • The applicant must be a member of the classified castes.

Application Procedure Of Dr BR Ambedkar SC Scholarship Scheme

To be eligible for the Punjab scheme, you need to follow the easy application process below:

  • Then, visit the official website.
  • You will now be on the home page of the scheme.
  • Go to the page labelled “registration”
  • A registration form is going to be displayed on your screen.
  • Complete all the information
  • Upload all the documents
  • Click to “Submit
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