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Bihar Land Record, Bhulekh Bihar Land Map Information Online

Bihar Land Record, Bhulekh Bihar Land Map Information Online. Recently, the Bihar government launched a new website. The website will allow the citizens of Bihar to access information about the land map. We provide complete information on Bihar Land Record Online. This is a common goal across all states. This online portal allows citizens to easily access information about the land maps. This online portal will provide many benefits to citizens. This project was made possible by the Revenue and Land Reforms Department of the Government of Bihar.

Bihar Land Record Portal

You may also be interested in information about your land. This is the perfect opportunity for you. You can access all information online and without any hassle. The Government of Bihar is providing this right. To find the right information, you will need to select from a variety of options. You will then be able to find out all the details about your land. You can also call land records different names. It is usually the details of the land, Jamabandi, and documents related to the farm, as well as land records.

You can collect land tax if you want. All things related to land are required for him. You can access all information from the Bihar Bhoomi Map Portal in such an instance. You can also find information on the documents related to this land here. You can now access all details via your mobile device or computer from the comfort of home. Technology has made great strides. Technology has made it possible to combat diseases such as the coronavirus. Technology allows people to learn about many different schemes and all things that are related to their country.

LRC Bihar Bhulekh

One does not need to go to the government office to check for land records in such a case. The citizens should not be inconvenienced. This is what the government is doing. The Revenue and Land Reforms Department has taken responsibility for this Bhoomi portal. This department can mention the lands that fall under the jurisdiction of Bihar in writing. This information can be made available online. It will be simple for you. It will be easier for the department as well to maintain the documents. Bihar Land Record. Bihar e-mutation status 2021.

Bihar Lagan Online

Online Services for Land Articles

Bhu-Lekh Bihar Apna Khata Online Land Map Available Land Related Survey Jamabandi Copy Bihar Mahaja All Accounts Available in Officer Records Khasra Num Apna Khata Khasra Khatauni Copy. This portal allows you to view the online Bihar land map. available to residents of the state.

Many land disputes that have been pending in Bihar courts for many years can be resolved through this. Family disputes will also be stopped. The person can access all information online with no hassle. This portal has many benefits. Please read our article to learn more. Bihar e-mutation online status.

Portal Bihar Land Map Information

Bihar’s state government was established

Bihar, Revenue and Land Reforms Department

All information about profit land will be online

Bihar State benefits citizens

Official Link http://lrc.bih.nic.in/ror.aspx

Online map of Bihar

Information about land maps:

You can access the online portal Bihar Bhumi Lekh.

Online, any citizen can access his Bhoomi Khasra Number and Bhoomi Deposit Number at any time.

For information about the land, one used to have to visit the Patwari office.

This is not the case right now. All information can be found online.

All information about Khasra Khatauni and land articles can now be accessed online by farm brothers.

This will include a list of all land in Bihar state.

The Prime Minister has committed to creating a Digital India. This is what the Bihar government did.

Bihar Apna Khaata dekhe

Bihar Apna Khaata dekhe

Bihar Land Record Online Benefits

All the information you need online will save you time.

For information on land-related issues, citizens don’t need to go to government offices.

The online portal provides complete information at any time and from anywhere.

This facility can be accessed from your computer or phone at home.

Online access is available to obtain the land documents for your house. You can also get them printed according to your requirements.

Bihar Bhulekh Jamabandi Khasra

All land information will be available to citizens only through Jama Bandi Number or Khasra Number. This portal can be used to obtain a land map. This portal is only available to citizens who own their land. My account

The following are the Bihar State Statistics:

Total Number of Mutation Cases 4873971

Total 2365142 Disposable Cases

In progress ca

Ses in count 1084922 and Total

Rejected Cases 1423907

How can I get online information about the Bihar Land Map?

Click on the Official Website of Revenue and Land Reforms Department.

Bihar Bhu Lekh online

Bihar Bhu Lekh online

Click here to open a new page.

This is the official website homepage. You can see the map of Bihar state.

Click here to select your district. The map of your district will then appear in front you.

This section contains information about the district.

You can choose the zone in which your landfalls.

You will also find the total Moza number as well as the Khasra number on the zone page. These numbers are written at the top.

You can see. You are now on a new page. These are some of the options for Apna Khata.

You can view all Moja accounts by name, View by account number, View by Khasra number or Get information from the account holder.

Select your choice. Next, you’ll see the information about your account number or Khasranum.

Click or select the Record Rights option available here. You would like to see the details of your land account. The information is now in front of your eyes. If you wish, you can also print the information.

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