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Book HP Gas Online: ऐसे करें स्टेटस चेक, Subsidy Details, Toll-Free No. एचपी गैस सिलेंडर बुक करें

Get your book HP Gas Online: Hindustan petroleum supplies domestic and commercial gas cylinders to its customers. Customers are able to apply for new connections and refill both online and offline. In today’s hectic schedule it’s hard to find enough time to stand in a line. Many people are uncomfortable when they visit offices to get a refill on their bookings. There are also numerous users who avoid the main office. To offer them ease of access and a hassle-free experience online booking of the cylinder has been made. The procedure for booking new connections as well as refilling the cylinder online made the lives of the users very simple. From the booking of an HP Gas Cylinder to every service associated with it is offered by HP Gas Cylinder.

In this article, the complete information on the booking of HP Gas cylinder is given. Also, the methods for checking the status of the booking and subsidy information are included.

How To Book HP Gas Connection Online

Gais knekshn Nyaa ana aplaaii krne prkriyaa: Booking a an internet connection is easy. Candidates can go to the nearest centre to make an appointment for a new connection. However, HP gas has an online service to get an additional connection. It is a simple process and is explained below. Follow the instructions step-by-step to obtain an initial connection to HP Gas online:-

  • The first step is to visit the to the official site of myhpgas.in
  • To access the site directly follow the link above
  • On the home screen of the website portal, the applicant will choose to sign up to be eligible for LPG connection
  • Click here for this link
  • This will open a webpage to sign up for a new connection.
  • To register, the applicant must provide an address proof and the proof of Identity.
  • The applicant can also opt for the latest e KYC facility using Aadhar Card.
  • A OTP can be sent directly to the mobile number registered.
  • After checking it, you are able to use it with no any proof of address or identity
  • In this section it is necessary to find for distributor
  • Distributor may be searched by name or by location.
  • If you have who is the closest distributor, you can pick the names wise or go locations wise.
  • Give the name of the distribution and state district, and press next
  • Information about distributors like address and contact numbers will be displayed.
  • Keep it in mind to refer to it in the future.
  • In this section applicants must give permission to make use of Aadhaar Card details.
  • Give Aadhar card number as well as other information that is required to upload documents , and click submit.
  • Next, you are mandatory to pay
  • The applicants can make use of debit cards for credit cards or net banking to pay of the fee for a new connection
  • Through this process of establishing a new connection, the booking will end. Candidates will receive their cylinder delivered to their door.

Procedure To Book Refill Of HP Gas Cylinder Online 

The below procedure for booking refills on the cylinder has been provided. Fill your cylinder in accordance with the following instructions:

  • On the home page you will find a choice to book your Cylinder
  • On the next screen, the the option to book your cylinder online is available.
  • It will also show the options to book via online SMS IVRS, or mobile app features
  • Click here to book online
  • The page will be opened to sign in
  • Enter the mobile number or Email Id , along with the captcha
  • Enter these information to log in.
  • This page will now be available you will be able to registration and payment will appear.
  • If they’d like, they can pay via the internet or pay cash upon delivery
  • When the cylinder is reserved, it will be delivered to you within 48 hours.
  • An acknowledgement message is be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number.

Method Of HP Gas Booking Without Login

The applicant wants to reserve refills for their HP Gs cylinder, but without being able to log in. They are still able to reserve the gas tank. In order to do that, they need to follow the steps below to book their gas cylinder:

  • To do this, you must open the their official website
  • Choose the option to making a reservation for your cylindrical
  • You can choose to quick book and pay
  • To book quickly and pay, you can pay of Quick Search on normal search will be available.
  • The applicant can look up their information by providing the name of distributor as well as the number of the consumer.
  • By providing these information together with a captcha will allow users to move to the next page.
  • Now , with these details the applicant is able to book an air Cylinder and pay online for it
  • This process is much simpler and fast

Method To Book HP Cylinder Via Mobile IVRS

The customer can also reserve their cylinder through the IVRS feature. To do this, they need to contact the IVRS numbers and adhere to the instructions. Customers can make cylinder reservations at any time at no cost. They can make use of Hindi English or the local state language.

  1. Candidates can reserve refill cylinders anytime by calling the mobile number
  2. They can speak Hindi, English, or the language spoken in the state.
  3. Contact registered mobile number to reserve refill for Cylinder
  4. Once the booking is confirmed, an SMS will be sent to the number of the register
  5. Applicant will also receive confirmation of delivery at the time of purchasing the this cylinder.

Check Status Of Subsidy sbsiddii jaaNcne ke lie kyaa kreN

Anyone who wants to know if they qualify for a subsidy to speak with their bank. The subsidy for that HP Gas cylinder can be removed by them. By reneging on subsidies, it will enable the poor to provide for their poverty family members. The amount that is given up HP gas tanks will be donated to people in need. It will be a present for them for their health. The poorest people are the ones who make use of indoor pollution fuels like crop waste, coal or firewood. This creates a lot of smoke and is also hazardous. To help the people affected, the Prime Minister has announced the”give it up” movement on the 27th of March in 2015. The PM urged his countrymen to stop subsidy payments as long as they are able to pay for them.

Procedure To Book Refill For Registered User

  1. First, dial IVRS number
  2. Confirm the number of the consumer that is sounded via auto voice
  3. Enter 1 to book a refill
  4. After successful booking, it will play the reservation number.
  5. Keep this number in mind to be able to refer back later

Procedure To Book HP Gas Refill with Registered User

  1. Customers who are not registered can call to the IVRS phone number
  2. Choose a language, then dial dealer’s landline number, minus STD code
  3. In the next phase give the number of the consumer and type 1 for booking a cylinder.
  4. This will enable you to book your refill on your cylinder without issue
  5. Following the booking, a booking number will be given.
  6. Take note of this booking reference number to be able to refer back later

You can also use the number to register. After you confirm this number, your number will be changed to book. This number will be used to book HP gas cylinders starting the next date.

How to check HP Gas cylinder booking status On-line

To check the condition of your LPG Follow the steps listed below.

  • Visit the official site of mylpg.in.
  • The next step is to choose the kind of LPG they own.
  • Log in using the mobile phone number you have and your password.
  • Look for the link for “Track Your LPG”option.
  • The status for the status of your LPG Order will then be shown at the top of your monitor.

How to Cancel HP Gas Cylinder Refill Booking Online?

  • Go to the official site for My LPG i.e. mylpg.in.
  • Choose the kind of LPG.
  • Then, you need to input your login details which is your phone number as well as your password.
  • A dashboard will be displayed in your browser.
  • Click on “Profile”option.
  • The next step is to select the “LPG” tab.
  • Information about your connection will show upon the screen.
  • Click “Track Your Service”choice from the new screen.
  • Select the “Cancel”option present under the Refill order.
  • Your request will be processed.

How To Book Cylinder Using SMS

SMS suvidhaa Anusara slender book ou would like to request refills of their cylinder via SMS, they can do so by following this procedure. There are many who are unable to afford the internet or aren’t sure how to make use of it. HP Gas provides an SMS number to reserve the cylinder. Follow the steps to reserve a refill for the cylinder via SMS from an authorized mobile number.

  1. You can send SMS at any time to the HP number.
  2. This will allow users to request refills of the Cylinder using SMS.
  3. The format of SMS that is used to send messages is HP distributor’s phone number that includes STD code Consumer number for the consumer
  4. You can send this message to the state customer service number.
  5. A confirmation message will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  6. This will display the booking number, quantity of the cylinder and the date of delivery.
  7. This message should be used at the moment of the delivery.

How do I change the registered mobile number of HP Gas booking?

  1. In the beginning, applicants must first download “HP Gas App” from the Google Play Store.
  2. Start the mobile application for your smartphone.
  3. Login page appears where users must input their mobile number as well as their password.
  1. Then, click on the “Profile”option.
  1. On the next screen Next, you can select the “Update Registered Mobile Number” tab.
  1. Enter the new number of your mobile and press”Update” or click the “Update”button.
  1. The OTP is sent out to your phone number You can then enter it into the next screen.
  1. Then, a pop-up will be created that shows “Mobile Number Updated Successfully”.

How do I check my HP Gas Subsidy Status in my bank accounts online?

  1. Visit the official website for My LPG in any suitable browser.
  2. Select the kind of LPG gas you want to use.
  3. Click on the ” Check PAHAL status” link that is on the main screen.
  4. Fill in your LPG as well as your Aadhaar Card on the next page.
  5. The new webpage the status on HP fuel subsidy status will appear in your display.

How do I change your bank account to receive HP gas subvention?

  • First, access My LPG’s official website My LPG in any safe browser.
  • Select the LPG type you prefer, i.e. “HP”.
  • Enter your login information.
  • The dashboard that is part of this portal be displayed on your screen.
  • On the left-hand right side applicants must select “LPG”option.
  • The new webpage will be opened that you need to scroll down a bit.
  • Then, click on “Submit Bank Details” option.
  • The form will open and be visible on screen.
  • Insert your bank info like IFSC code, bank name, account number, user name, etc.
  • Complete the form so that your account at the bank will get updated.

Products From HP Gas

Epic gais 5 Kilo slender: There are various services offered from Hindustan Petroleum gas. They supply commercial as well as domestic gas cylinders. Customers who don’t require a big cylinder may purchase smaller cylinders as well. The government has approved the sale of a 5kg LPG cylinder. It is available to everyone and opens for all hours. The distribution of 5kg cylinder is available to general store as well as Kirana shop. To make it easier for customers, they offer 5kg LPG is a no-trade LPG.

Benefits Of Using LPG Gas

There are many advantages to making use of liquid Petroleum. 

  1. It also produces less pollution , which makes it more sought-after.
  2. Other than that, LPG gas cylinders can be used in an extremely convenient manner.
  3. But, certain precautions should be taken when using liquefied Petroleum gas.
  4. This isn’t as costly than the other types of home as well as commercial use.
  5. Gas cylinders with HP are suitable. They are used for running vehicles as well as welding too.
  6. The domestic purpose size of the cylindrical can be 14.2 kg. For commercial use the cylinder weight is 19 kilograms.
  7. Customers should know that it’s illegal to use domestic cylinders to conduct commercial business. This is why they shouldn’t make this error.

HP Gas Help Line 

To provide improved service Hindustan Petroleum gases are always on hand to take feedback and complaints. Customers can contact them using the internet. For complaints online, you can also engage in the live chat during office hours. Your query will be shortlisted and resolved quickly. For feedback, follow the instructions as follows:

  1. Visit the official website and click for feedback options
  2. This will open a page for comments
  3. Disclosure will show
  4. The applicant must be aware of this
  5. Click here to submit a complaint or feedback
  6. Choose interaction types like grievances, suggestions, appreciation or query
  7. If you’re a HP gas customer, then provide a your customer number or, if not, then provide additional information.
  8. After providing all the necessary information, include the files in case there is any
  9. This query can help HP Gas HP Gas to enhance their services.
  10. The applicant may also review the whether their complaint is in the process of being resolved
  11. A way to verify complaint details is on the page.

About Hindustan Petroleum

In 1979, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited has begun the commercialization of LPG gas, which is liquefied petroleum gas. LPG gas was the name of the brand in the HP gas brand. HP gas. Through concessions and mergers together with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited has to keep customers in the range of 7.8 lacs. At present, LPG gas is among the most sought-after household fuels. Since the introduction of LPG gas, consumption has increased by an enormous amount.

While we have many other cooking fuel sources but liquefied petroleum gas has exploded in popularity. It’s not as potent as burning fossil fuels that cause pollution. The pollution that results from the combustion of petroleum gas has been proven to be lower and cost-effective.

To establish the LPG as a domestic utility the company has taken on a lot. Nowadays, a variety of schemes and offers are announced from the state to ensure that LPG is available to all.

Frequently Asked Question

How do refills on the bottle be scheduled on the internet?

The process of booking cylinders online is extremely simple. Step-by-step instructions are included along with pictures are provided above.

Can I make a reservation for a new connection for HP Gas online?

It is true that Hindustan Petroleum gas gives customers the ability to book new connections on the internet. In order to do this, they will need to go to this official website, and then follow the provided instructions.

What is the cost of a 14.2 KG of gas refill?

The cost of gas for domestic refills to cylinders is variable. The price fluctuates each month according to the cost of petroleum. This includes the subsidy price that is credited to the account of the customer.

Can I reserve an appointment to refill my gas cylinder without internet access?

Yes, applicants could book the room. In order to do that, they need to utilize SMS services or the IVRS. Both methods have been described previously.

What is it that makes a movement?

In order to help families living below the poverty line, Narendra Modi had initiated this program. As per the program, the money that is given by the client through subsidy is utilized to purchase cylinders for those in need. This will enable people to stay away from using fossil fuels. It’s a large gift to the person to safeguard their health.

Does it have to be compulsory to stop receiving subsidies?

It’s actually a request by the government to hand up the possibility that people who are poor are also able to benefit from the use of LPG Cylinder as part of the Ujjwala Yojana. Through subsidy funds, the gas cylinder will be provided to families living below the poverty line.

How can I find the HP customer service number for HP gas?

Ans. The number to contact customer service for HP gas is different for each state. The customers can make a complaint or provide feedback online. The process to file complaints and monitor the status is provided above.

Where can I find the contact details of the closest dealership?

For more information about the closest dealership, click on the quick book. There is a choice for regular search. The applicant is able to provide information about their state and district in order to find out information about the distributor. Information such as an address, name and phone number are given.

How do you pay to refill a cylinders booking?

For the payment of refill cylinders, the customer can pay with a debit or credit card for payment or online banking. Candidates may also opt for the cash-on-delivery method.

Q. How can I verify the status of registration for the new gas connection?

To find out more about the latest Gas connection’s status visit to register in order to get an LPG connection. On the left side, you will find a choice to check the status. You must provide a reference number and birth date together with a captcha. This way you can verify the status of your connection to the cylinder.

Q. Do I have the option of booking refills of the cylinder via mobile app?

Yes, to be eligible, candidates must first download the app from the Play Store. To download the general link for the HP gas cylinder go to the official site. Within the book for your option for a cylinder, you will discover the entire procedure of download and activation of the application.

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