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CSC Digital Seva Apply Online, Apna Digital CSC ID Registration & Login

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There are many individuals across the country who aren’t eligible to apply for government programs themselves. To help all of these people, it is the state government that has launched CSC Digital Seva Kendra. In this article, we’re going to provide you with all the information about CSC Digital Seva Kendra like what exactly is CSC Kendra? its purpose advantages, benefits, features requirements for eligibility, documents required as well as the application process. If you’re keen on knowing the information about CSC digital Centre, then you must go through this article carefully until the very end.

CSC Digital Seva Registration

The official name of the CSC centre is called a common service centre which is also called Jan Seva Kendra. By using the CSC digital Seva Kendra the citizens across the nation are able to apply for various government documents. Through the centre, people can also apply for a variety of schemes provided by the state or central government. Anyone in the country is eligible to establish their personal CSC Centre. For opening this Seva Kendra the citizens are required to register as entrepreneurs at the village level. To be eligible in the CSC digital Seva Kendra the applicant’s age must be 18 or more years old.

The application procedures of the CSC online Seva Kendra have been made online so that anyone could apply at the convenience of their own home. The only requirement is to go to their official site. This system online is expected to be able to save time and money and provide transparency to the system.

CSC VLE Centre

The village-level entrepreneur is the one who opens CSC digital Seva Kendra which provides various types of services, both government as well as non-government service customers through its stores. There is no cost or fee for VLE registration. The registration process for VLE was blocked by the government couple of months ago, but it is time to register for VLE has been re-opened through CSC. CSC portal. The process is taking new applications to register for VLE. If you’d like to sign up yourself as a VLE then visit the CSC portal and sign up. If you’d like more details on this matter then please reach out to Your digital supervisor.

Top Themes from CSC Digital Seva Kendra

Name of ArticleCSC Digital Seva
It was released byGovernment of India
BeneficiariesIndian citizens India
The GoalTo provide various kinds of Online Services
Official WebsitePlease Click Here

The goal of CSC Digital Seva Kendra

There are still many people living in the United States who have difficulty working online by themselves. For those who are struggling that are in need of help, the government has launched a new government that has created the CSC’s online Seva Kendra. By using this electronic Seva, Kendra people can pay little fees and have their work completed. CSC Digital Seva Kendra offers various kinds of non-government and government services at a reasonable cost and in a straightforward method. CSC Digital Seva Kendra also assists in making the country more digital. Citizens are able to submit applications to CSC digital Seva Kendra from the comfort of their own homes using the official website. They can also be registered at the village level.

Types Of CSC Digital Seva Kendra Registrations

There are three kinds of CSC digital Seva Kendra registrations which are in the following order:

  • Self-help group
  • RDD

Services provided through CSC Digital Seva Kendra

There are many governments and non-government services provided via CSC Digital Seva Kendra. Here is a listing of services provided through CSC digital Seva Kendra:-

  • Services for insurance
  • Passport
  • LIC
  • SBI
  • Pension services
  • Banking
  • Basic services
  • Skill development
  • Election
  • Payment of the electric bill
  • Tickets for trains
  • Education
  • Health care services
  • New services
  • Caste certificate
  • Residence certificate
  • PAN card

CSC Centre Registration

The common service centre scheme is created under the Digital India program. The CSC Digital Seva Kendra is established with the approval of the Central government to offer digital services for the citizens. In every city and village, it is possible to establish there is a CSC centre can be established. At present, in every state in India CSC digital Seva Kendra is operating and provides healthcare utilities, utility payment and education, agricultural and financial services. There is no cost for registration to join CSC digital Seva Kendra.

NEW CSC Identification Registration

There is a qualification for education to be obtained by the beneficiary who wishes to join the CSC online Seva Kendra. The minimum education requirement is 10th grade. Anyone who is a citizen of the nation can apply to open the common service centre. Following successful registration, the applicant will be given a CSC Identification. With the help of this CSC ID, the person is able to log into CSC’s portal. CSC portal. Through the CSC Digital Seva Kendra, the citizens of the nation can make a decent living.

TEC Certificat Number

The complete form of TEC is a telecentre entrepreneurial course certificate. Every citizen who wishes to open a CSC online Seva Kendra in the country must obtain the TEC certificate. If you do not have a TEC certificate, you will not apply to become a CSC Digital Seva Kendra. In order to receive the TEC certificate, you need to pass an online exam following which the applicant can get their Telecentre Entrepreneur course certificate. It is required for any hopeful applicant to obtain the TEC certificate to be able to open the CSC centre. TEC examinations can be completed via online mode. Candidates interested in taking the exam can visit its official website and register for the exam. A CSC identification number and password will be accessible via the TEC Certificate number. After you pass the online exam, you must wait 3-4 days before you can get a TEC certificate.

CSC Education

  • Learn english
  • Nielit facilitation center
  • Tally Certified Program
  • Certificate of Tally Skills
  • CSC Olympiad
  • Introduction to GST
  • CSC Academy
  • NDLM
  • Cybergram scheme
  • NABARD Financial Literacy Program
  • Legal Literacy Program
  • CSC Topper Service
  • The Skill Center
  • CSC BCC Course

Common Service Centre CSC Financial Services

  • CSC Rural E Store
  • Digital Finance Inclusion, Awareness & Access
  • Skill development
  • CSC as a GST Facility Provider
  • Banking – – Rd, Fd, Money Transfer, Ekyc
  • Insurance Service
  • Pension services
  • PM is the Prime Minister. Crop Insurance Scheme (PMFBY)
  • CSC VlE Market – Rural E-Commerce Venture

Customer Services CSC

  • Mobile recharge
  • D2H recharge
  • Mobile bill payment
  • CSC registration status
  • CSC service is state-specific
  • Mahatma Gandhi Service Center Project
  • All-State State SHG List, with SHG ID
  • Lohia Clean Bohar Campaign
  • Bihar Toilet Offline Form
  • Bihar Public Grievances Redressal Officer Act

CSC UIDAI Services

  • State Office and District Office Only
  • Printing the base
  • Print the mobile number
  • Change of address for residence
  • Update on email
  • Aadhaar Update and Correction
  • CSC Agriculture Services
  • Common Service Centre Pm Kisan Bank Account Update Form Download
  • CSC Pm Kisan Correction Edit Aadhaar Card Information
  • PM Kisan New Farmer Registration
  • Pradhan Mantri, Mantri farmer beneficiary status
  • pm farmer list
  • Submit an application to the CSC Center Online 2020. CSC Center Online 2020

CSC Banking Services

  • ICICI Bank BC
  • Axis Bank BC
  • CSC Digipay Aadhaar Atm Latest Version
  • NPS
  • CSC Benefit Account Plan NPS Service
  • New opening in accounting
  • CSC Bank BC Registration Process
  • Aadhaar UCL Registration 2020
  • Car loan
  • Credit Card
  • HDFC Loan BC
  • SBI Bank B.C.
  • CSC Digital Services Service
  • District Manager’s mobile number
  • CSC Locator
  • VlE CSC Profile Update
  • CSC certificate download
  • Digital Services Portal CSC
  • CSC Insurance Service
  • Lone Service CSC
  • CSC Economic Census Services
  • Common Service Centre Banking Portal / Bank BC

CSC Health Services

  • Health Homeo
  • The Telemedicine Service – Telehealth Consultations
  • Tele-Medicine Remote Diagnostic Kit Control H
  • Thyrocare
  • CSC Diagnostic Center
  • Pradhan Mantri Ja Aushadhi Store Scheme
  • Jeeva Ayurvedic Treatment
  • CSC Registration Status
  • 3 Nehtra Kits

Mandatory Gadgets to open CSC Digital Seva Kendra

  • A computer or two
  • The hard drive of your computer should have at least 500GB.
  • The RAM of a computer must be at least 1GB.
  • Operating system that is licensed
  • Battery backup should last for at minimum 4 hours or more.
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Digital camera and Webcam

CSC Digigaon Yojana

The complete list of CSC digital villages VLE has been made available via the website of CSC of the central government as part of the CSC digicam Yojana. The scheme was introduced to connect digitally to all citizens in a rural region. In the beginning, six villages were selected as the pilots for the campaign of a digital village with a goal established to offer all services for governance in rural areas by way of CSC centres. The government plans to make affordable education, health care, skill development as well as other services to the village with this scheme. 2.5 lakh Grams of Panchayat will be covered under the scheme.

CSC Digital Village Scheme List

Through the CSC digicam program, all inhabitants of the village will have a single point of contact for quality services like financial services, telemedicine internet connectivity, and more at reasonable prices throughout all year. This initiative will also promote the technological and economic viability of digital technology, generating job opportunities, increasing the industry of Information Technology as well as achieving sustainable regional growth, etc. If you’d like to see the entire listing of CSC digital village VLE then you’re not required to visit any government office. It is enough to go to this official website. On this site, you can also track the status of registration online.

Features Of CSC Digigaon Yojana

  • It is a multipurpose project of the Central Government in order to connect villages to the internet and help them become self-sustainable.
  • The basis for a livelihood for your community will be created by this plan.
  • The digigaon will include all the usual CSC services, such as Aadhaar banking, telemedicine, etc.
  • In the first phase, the program will be launched with pyala along with dayalpur within Haryana, Chandankiyari east and Shivbabudih in Jharkhand and dhanauri Kalan Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh
  • This scheme will also help the development of rural entrepreneurs’ capacity and sustainable livelihoods through participation in the community
  • Internet connectivity at a low cost will be offered via Wi-Fi.

Services offered under CSC Digigaon Yojana

  • Solar power
  • Service for education
  • Digital health service
  • Baseline survey
  • Awareness campaign
  • Training program
  • Skill-based service

Required Documents and the Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be minimum 18 years or more.
  • You must be a resident of the region where you would like to access your CSC Digital Seva Kendra
  • You must have an active number.
  • The minimum qualification for education is a passing grade of 10th from a recognized school.
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Email ID
  • Bank account details
  • Mobile number
  • Photograph of passport size
  • Educational qualification certificate
  • 10th pass marksheet
  • Residence documentation
  • A copy of the PAN card
  • Image of CSC Centre of CSC

CSC Digital Seva Kendra Registration

  • The first step is to must visit CSC’s web siteof CSC Digital Seva Kendra
  • The Homepage will appear before you.
  • On the home page there is a requirement to select VLE Registration.
  • You will then be taken to a new webpage where you will have to choose your type of application
  • Then, you must input your phone number as well as a the captcha code.
  • You must now click submit
  • The application form will be available to you.
  • It is necessary to fill in all of the information required on the application form, such as your address, name as well as bank account information.
  • Then, you must select the next
  • Now , you need to input the details of your bank account such as names, IFSC code, branch name, etc.
  • You must now add all the necessary documents such as PAN card, Aadhar card or bank account passbook
  • Then, you must select the next
  • Now , you must fill additional registration details
  • After confirming all of the completed details, hit submit.
  • Following this process, you are able to apply to be a CSC digital Seva Kendra

Method To Keep Track of the Status of an Application

  • Visit the official websiteof CSC Digital Seva Kendra
  • The homepage will appear before you.
  • On the home page it is required to click on the link Track Application. the track application
  • A new page will open before you. it is necessary to enter your application reference number as well as your captcha code
  • Then click submit
  • The status of your application will appear visible on the screen of your computer

Login To The Portal

  • On the homepage, you’re required to click the link login. the login button.
  • You will then be taken to a new webpage where you will need to input your username and password.
  • Once you’ve done that, click sign to sign in.
  • Following this method, you will be able to login to the portal.

Request to apply for CSC TEC Certificate

  • To begin, you need visit the official website of the telecentre entrepreneurial course.
  • Your Home Page will appear for you to access.
  • On the home page, you are required to click the login button.
  • In order to register as a public user, you need to click Register.
  • The registration form will open , you can choose to open it.
  • You must fill in all of the necessary information on the registration form, such as your name or cell phone, email address and state district, address etc.
  • Once you’ve done that, click submit
  • A new page will be opened in front of you. You will be required to upload your image
  • Then click submit
  • Then, the payment page will appear before you
  • You need to pay the amount of the amount of Rs 1479.
  • This amount can be paid via either credit or debit cards, debit UPI, net banking etc.
  • You will now receive your user ID and password.
  • You must log in using this ID and password
  • After that, you need to visit the learning page to study the syllabus.
  • After you have learned, you are able to appear to the test
  • After passing all the exams, passing all the tests, you’ll receive a TEC certification

Procedure To Reprint Application

  • Visit the official websiteof CSC Digital Seva Kendra
  • The Homepage will appear in front of you.
  • On the homepage , you’re required to click the Apply tab.
  • Once you’ve done that, click the reprint option.
  • Then you’ll be directed to a different page on which you must enter the application reference number as well as the captcha code
  • Once you’ve done that, click submit
  • The application will appear displayed on your screen
  • By following this method, by following this procedure, you can print the application again.

Update UID Token

  • Check out on the homepage Visit the official website,of CSC Digital Seva Kendra
  • The homepage will be open prior to you.
  • On the homepage , you’re required to click the Apply tab.
  • You must now select Update to update your UID token.
  • After that, you will be taken to a different page where you will need you enter the VID, CSC ID and captcha code
  • Then, click submit
  • If you follow this guideline, you can upgrade your UID using the talk

Login Credentials

  • You then have to select the appropriate mode
  • Then you must sign note of the declaration
  • Then click submit.
  • If you follow this method, you will be able to establish the following to obtain credentials

CSC RE Register 2021

CSC registration is required in all VLEs. When you have completed registration for your CSC registration, every year you have to renew the registration. To renew your registration, go to the official website and complete your CSC registration completed from there. If, for any reason, you are not able to re-register yourself through the CSC portal, then in the scenario you are not able to manage a common service centre.

Insert Operator to CSC Register

There’s a different method to go about CSC registration. Through this method, you’ll be able to receive the CSC username and password in an extremely short period of time. To do this you require someone who has an account and password with CSC. You can sign up as an operator for such a person. To do this you will need to speak to the CSC operating in your town, block district, state or district. They will then add the name of your operator. Once you have been added, you’ll be granted your login and ID within a matter of minutes, and will then be able to work on any of the services a CSC operator offers.

Procedure To Check CSC Digital Village VLE List Online

  • The first step is to visit CSC digital village’s homepage for the CSC digital village
  • You must now choose your state district and block

Procedure To Do CSC Digigaon Digital Village Login

  • You must now create a username and password.
  • If you follow this process, you will be able to login

Method To File Grievance

  • An entirely new web page is likely to be displayed prior to your eyes.
  • On this new page , you must enter names, emails address, your mobile phone, project details and feedback
  • Once you’ve done that, click submit
  • Following this process, you can file a grievance

Csc Digital Village Scheme Statistics

Survey554273 households
Nielit Facilitation772 centre
Financial awareness799 program
Solar5625 lights
Health- humanHH Reg- 318070 Consultation- 81059
Education-BCCRegistration- 74852 Certified- 10147
Education-CCCRegistration- 37044 Certified- 2615
Education-TallyRegistration- 6420 Certified- 3688
Competitive examsRegistration- 2206 Certified- 183
Health-veterinaryHH Reg- 90429 Consultation- 3526
Skills-automativeRegistration- 2016 Certified- 571
Skills-handset repairRegistration- 2121 Certified- 878
Skills Field TechnicianRegistration- 2116 Certified- 800
Skills-electricianRegistration- 2169 Certified- 905
Skills- CADRegistration- 1743 Certified- 1484
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Assistance Line Number

In this article, we’ve given you the complete details regarding CSC Digital Seva Kendra. If you’re still having some kind of issue, you can call the toll-free number or send an email to resolve your issue. The toll-free number, as well as email address, are the following:

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