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The Diwali bonus is a present to central employees. They will receive Adhoc bonuses, the amount will be equal to the salary

Diwali Bonus Diwali Bonus: On the auspicious date of Diwali the government will award a Diwali bonus of 30 days’ salary to central employees. Diwali bonus is given in Group B as well as Group C workers. The last time we heard, on the 18th of October 2021 the Finance Minister announced that they will be giving Bonus (Non-Productivity-Linked Bonus) (Adhoc Bonus) to staff for Diwali gifts. What is the specifics in the announcement issued from the Ministry of Finance that the advantage of an Adhoc bonus would be distributed to all employees in Group B as well as the Group C. Adhoc bonus will be distributed to all employees in addition to the amount of their salary in the month of Oct?

Diwali Bonus Highlights: Highlights

Group B and employees in the Group C category will be awarded a Diwali bonus.

Bonus money is equal to the amount of 30 days’ pay.

What employees will receive a Diwali gifts?

To celebrate this Diwali celebration, the Central Government has announced to provide bonuses to all personnel for Diwali gifts. It is important to note that temporary employees, as well as central paramilitary forces, are also going to be able to benefit from the Diwali bonus.

If employees are retiring or resigning before April 30, 2021, then it is a unique case. This includes those who have been dismissed on medical grounds prior to the 31st of March, 2021 and had a regular job for six months with these employees. In this situation, an Adhoc bonus is due to those employees. The amount of bonus will be determined on an ad hoc basis.

Who will be qualified for an adhoc bonus

If employees are employed as deputies or foreign service, the union territories or any PSU up to March 31st, 2021, these employees will not receive the benefits of a bonus.

If employees are employed for the first time after retirement are eligible for the same amount of money as new employees.

These employees who have part-time work will not be eligible for a bonus.

A policy has been established to grant Adhoc bonuses for employees employed in the class that is in the Group C category or more and who are removed from foreign service within the beam.

It is compulsory for casual workers to finish the requirement for regular service by the 31st of March 2021. If the employee fails to complete the requirements, he will not be eligible for the Adhoc bonus.

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