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Download Learner License Online Soft Copy:ऐसे करें लर्निंग लाइसेंस डाउनलोड

How to download Learner License Online Driver’s Learner’s License print | Soft Copy Licence Ir Print PDF Download

Are you looking for how to download the learner’s driving permit? If so then we advise that you go through all the information in this whole article and get all the relevant details explained.

If you’re looking to apply for Driver Learner License then click here to visit the webpage that provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a Learner License.

Driving licenses are the most essential document you need to drive any vehicle. So, if you’re proficient at driving but don’t possess a driver’s license (DL) you must apply for it to obtain the learner’s permit. This article is for people who have made an application for DL but aren’t aware of how to obtain DL by using the internet.

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What exactly is Learner License?

A learner’s license may also be known as a temporary or temporary driving licence. These are issued to applicants who have submitted an application for a new DL. In order to be legally able to drive in India, it is required to possess all documents, including a Driving License. If you don’t own a DL or DL, at the very least, you need to have a learner driver’s license.

To apply for learners DL applicants need to be informed of the rules and possess a sense of the road. Your State’s RTA (Regional Transportation Authority) and RTO (Regional Transport Office), are responsible of granting DL. Nowadays, virtually every step is executed digitally, similar to how applicants can fill out the online application to apply for DL.

When you have applied for DL interested applicants are able to check how their application is progressing. You can additionally download it from an official website. Sarathi parivahan Sewa is the official site for which allows applicants to apply for a driving license and other services are offered by the government through this site.

Learner License Overview

URL of the Official Sitesarathi.parivahan.gov.in
Higher Officials InformationThe Indian Government as well as the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
The implementation of Online Portal ByIndia’s Central Government
The name of the Digital PortalSarathi Parivahan Sewa
Application Form StatusLink is active now
Category of ArticleThe process for downloading a the Learner Driving License
Who are the beneficiariesIndians who live in India
Principal ObjectThe purpose of introducing a digital portal is to give facilitate the application process to the online DL for any kind of vehicle
The advantages of Online downloading and applying for DLThis will certainly reduce the time spent by hopefuls and boost the rate of digitalization in India

The most important aspects of learning Driving License

There are a variety of features of a learner’s driving license that all drivers must be aware of. They are listed below.

  • The learner’s permit gives you the right to study how to drive on public roads in conjunction with an instructor.
  • Learner’s license is the initial step towards obtaining permanent driving licence.
  • If you’ve had an accident, you can use a learner’s permit to help officers in accommodating the complete details of your accident.
  • If an aspirant is a holder of an learner’s driving license the driver is able to submit an application to get a DL.

Download Learner License Online

Are you a candidate for the application form to get the learner’s license but don’t know how to download it? If yes, then follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step I, In the beginning, applicants are required to go to the official website for Sarathi Parivahan using making use of a secure browser.
Step 2Step II The homepage will take a while to appear in your browser.
Step 3 Then, applicants need to choose their state.

Download Learner License Online
Download Learner License Online

Step IV Next, click to open the “Learner License” link from the menu bar.
Step VStep V An option box with a drop-down will be displayed where candidates have to click on the “Print Learner’s License” tab.

Step VI The next step is to go through the instructions attentively and then click the “Proceed” button.

Download Learner License Online

Step VII After that, the applicants have two options. The first is to enter the application number.

Step VIII The final option is to include a license number to search the learner’s license.

Download Learner License Online

Step IX  The OTP can be delivered to your mobile number.

Step X After that, the aspirants need to fill in their OTP to access the LL. LL will be displayed on the screen.

Step XI Download the learner’s license and obtain a hard copy to keep for reference.

Download Learner License Online

How to Print Instructions to Print (Learner License) Online

If you’ve applied for a driving licence and would like to obtain it digitally, you must follow the procedure described in the next part of the article.

Download Learner License Online
  1. Visit the official website on the official website of Sarathi Parivahan i.e. sarathi.parivahan.gov.in.
  2. Select the state in which you live.
  3. Simply click on”Driving License” or the “Driving License”link and then choose”Print Driving License” from the drop-down box. “Print driving License”option from the drop-down menu that will appear on your screen.
Download Learner License Online
  1. Then, enter your application number as well as the date that you got your birth date on the following page.
  1. Just wait a couple of minutes then your driver’s licence will appear in your computer screen.
  2. Get the DL and print a copy of it.

A Mobile App to Get Driving License

In addition to the official portal in India, the Indian government India has also come up with an app for mobile devices to offer more convenience to residents of India. The name of the mobile app is ” mParivahan“. It is available via the Google Play Store. All you need to do is install the mParivahan application on your mobile and use the services offered by it. In the following section of this post, we’ll go over the steps needed to download a learner’s driver’s license through this application.

Download Learner License Online
  • In the beginning, you’ll need to first download the mParivahan mobile application.
  • Search for the URL for “Print Learner Driver Licence” on that app.
  • Enter your license or application number.
  • Your driving license will appear on your screen, and you can you can download it to continue using it.

Related FAQ’s

Why having a learner’s driving license is crucial?

Through the use of a learner’s license, The holder is legally able to learn how to drive or operate the use of any type of vehicle directly on the road.

If I’m applying for a new DL in the first instance, must apply for a learner’s permit?

In the beginning, authorities will issue a learner’s license to those who apply to get a driving license the first time.

Will I have to go to the RTO office to obtain my learner’s license?

It isn’t necessary to visit the RTO office to obtain your LL. It is also possible to download it through your Sarathi Parivahan Sewa portal online.

Candidates of any state will be able to access the LL through the Sarathi Parivahan website?

Absolutely, Sarathi Parivahan Sewa is an integrated portal that covers all states. If you choose your state, applicants are able to easily access the services provided by the website.

What kind of information is required to download a learner’s driving license?

The information needed when downloading LL includes the number of the application or licensing number for drivers.

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