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Facebook Instagram Whatsapp down – What’s wrong and what’s the solution

Facebook InstagrFacebook Instagram Whatsapp down – Why? and the solutions discussed here. Social media websites have been down for the longest period we’ve ever observed. On the evening of Monday, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram shut down simultaneously. Around the world, users have reported that they are unable to use Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram on their mobile devices. The apps are controlled by Facebook and have identical server infrastructure.

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Down

On the official website of Facebook On the Facebook website, it is stated that they are fixing the issue, and we’re hoping the issue can be fixed very soon. The message also mentions that there is a DNS error. DNS is a domain name system, and it redirects users from the website’s URL to the site.

In various instances, major websites have been down for hours. This is the case today for all social media sites which are controlled by Facebook.

What’s wrong? Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp do not work?

In July, the same thing happened to Akamai Technologies INC which affected several websites. On Twitter, its official page for Whatsapp stated that all three social media platforms have technical issues and are offline at present. We’ve embedded the tweet in the following article.

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Server are down

The main reason for this kind of downtime is typically due to a server issue. These three platforms are home to more than one billion users, and these numbers require servers with high memory. It is possible that something happened to the servers of Facebook that has led to this delay.

According to recent statistics, Facebook has more than 41 crore people using it in India. Whatsapp boasts more than 53 million users and Instagram has over 21 crore customers across India itself. Since Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are all down, a lot of applications and games that require accounts on social media to sign in are also affected.

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp are down: What can you do?

There’s no way to stop it. The top designers in the world are currently searching for a solution, and the social media platforms are scheduled to launch very in the near future.

You can also watch some films and web-based series in order to keep up with the clock at this time. We are hoping that you will soon be able to log into all of your Social Media accounts.

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