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The Chief Minister Ghasyari Kalyan Yojana: Free agricultural products for all women, full details

Chief Minister Ghasyari Kalyan Yajna: Ahead of the elections The Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday announced “Mukhyamantri Ghasyari Kalyan Yojana’ for women with a view to the women who will be voting. The state has stated that “Mukhyamantri Ghasiyari Kalyan Yojana is the property of to BJP however Amit Shah has granted full credit to the scheme Dhan Singh Rawat JI. In this scheme, agricultural items will be offered for free to all ghasyari women in the state.

What is Chief Minister Ghasyari Kalyan Yojana

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah launched the Chief Minister Ghasyari Kalyan Yojana in Uttarakhand. In the Ghasiyari Kalyan Yojna, 25-30 kg of animal feed vacuum-packed bags will be distributed to the owners of livestock. The diet will enhance the health of milking animals and, consequently, those with milch will begin giving more milk at around 20. With this program, women of the ghasyari receive relief from carrying fodder for animals and also women won’t need to go from place to place to get fodder. Their time and effort will be reduced. The benefits of this scheme are enjoyed by all women of the state.

Uttarakhand government is providing this exclusive kit to women free of charge

The government is offering agricultural items at no cost to women from the families in Uttarakhand state who farm or have animals. The women are provided with a kit that includes various items, such as two hoes two sickles, a water bottle and an account box. The price of the kit under the scheme is about 1500 rupees. There is a dispute between the political parties regarding the name and the kit that the plan will use. In this scheme, there were also talks of reducing the cost of selling fodder to 7771 rural cooperative centres in the state. With this specific kit provided by the scheme, Ghasyaari women will have many benefits. Women who are eligible in the state can obtain this kit as part of the scheme.

BJP is optimistic about Mukhyamantri Ghasiyari Yojana. We all know that 70% of the population in Uttarakhand state are dependent on livestock and agriculture. This is where the percentage of women is extremely high. To win women’s votes in elections, to win women’s votes, the BJP government has implemented Mukhyamantri Ghasiyari Yojana to benefit women.

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