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(Registration) Haryana Employment Fair 2021: Rojgar Mela [email protected]

Haryana Rojgar Mela 2021 Online Registration | Haryana Employment Exchange Portal | Haryana Employment Fair Registration | Haryana Job Fair 2021 | Rojgar Mela Apply Online

Haryana Employment Fair takes place held through Haryana Employment Fair is being organized by the Employment Exchange Department from 11th December 2019 to various locations in the Ambala, Rohtak, Hisar along with Gurugram districts. Through this fair, all youth who are unemployed in the state are eligible to participate. Through this program, job opportunities will be offered to educated youth who are unemployed from Haryana. With the program known as the Haryana Rojgar Mela program, the Haryana government is working hard to offer employment opportunities to everyone who is educated but unemployed within the state.

Haryana Rojgar Mela 2021- Employment Fair

Participants in this program should possess high school qualifications such as 10th, 12th, B.A, B.SC, B.Com, M.A, Diploma or other. Through this program, young people who are unemployed will be offered jobs on vacant positions in private and public companies according to their education level. A variety of companies will take part in this program. Through the initiative, called Haryana Rojgar Mela 2021 program, unemployed young people in the state will have the chance to select the organization that matches their requirements for the job.

Haryana Rojgar Mela

Job Fair

Rojgar Mela Apply Online

On the Haryana job exchange website the job openings are offered to applicants with any qualifications. Each year, businesses from across the country and from all over the world attend the district-level job fair. There, thousands of youth who are unemployed are selected by businesses and offered positions in their companies. State residents who wish for positions within Haryana Rojgar Mela, then they are able to apply online on the official website of the Employment Exchange.

Haryana Rojgar Mela Yojana Highlights

Name of the Scheme Haryana Employment Fair

Started by Haryana Government

young people who are not employed in the state that is its beneficiary

The goal is to provide jobs

Application process is online

Official website https://hrex.gov.in/#/

Haryana Employment Fair 2021 Documents (Eligibility)

Applicant must have a legal residency in Haryana.

In this program, it is only the unemployed youth of their state are qualified.

The applicant’s age must not be less than 18 years old.

Aadhar card

Identity card for identification

mobile number

Photo of passport size

How do I apply for Haryana Employment Fair 2021 online?

Inquiring beneficiaries of the state that want to apply for the state’s employment fair 2021 Haryana Employment Fair 2021, you must follow the steps below.

In the first place, the applicant must visit their official site of Employment Exchange. Once you have visited the official site the homepage will be displayed right in front of you on the screen of your computer.

Haryana Employment Fair

On this homepage, find the option for Fresh Jobseeker Click on this option. After you click on the option your next screen will appear in front of you.

Haryana Employment Fair

You must enter your mobile number, and then check the OTP. Following this, the next page will appear before you.

This page you’ll be able to view on this page the Haryana Job Fair Portal Application Form and all the details required in the application form, like job status and name, mobile number, password, etc.

After filling in all the details after which you have to click on the sign-up button. Once you have done that, you need to sign in. After you log in then you will be able to fill out the Employment Exchange Employment Fair Online Application Form will be displayed before you.

You’ll need to fill in the entire personal information required in this form, such as name address, address, mobile number and aadhaar numbers, educational degree, etc.

After you have filled in all the required information after filling in all information, hit”Submit. So, the application will be submitted.

How do I sign in?

The first step is to visit the official site for the program. Once you have visited the official website your home page should be displayed before you.

On the home page you will find the account section. You will also see the option of signing in . To sign into this section, you must click this link.

After you click the button after which you will see the following page be displayed before you. On this page, you’ll be able to fill out the form. In this form you will need to fill in username and password as well as captcha codes, etc.

After you have filled in all the required information after filling in all the details, you must hit”Sign in.

Haryana Rojgar Mela List 2021

The first step is that the applicant has to visit the official website of the Employment Department of Haryana. After logging onto the official site, the homepage will appear before you.

On the home page on the home page, you will find the option to view The upcoming Job Fairs Schedule for December 2019 Click on this link to access the option.

Once you click this button, Rojgar Mela List PDF will be displayed in front of you. Similar to what we have displayed below.

Contact us

First, you need first visit the website that is official. Once you have accessed the official website the homepage will appear before you.

On this webpage, you’ll find the option to Contact Us and you must select this option.

When you click on the button and click on the option, contact details will appear before you.

Note: An employment fair will be held through the Employment Department (office) at Mahatma Gandhi Community and Panchayat Bhawan on December 19 and will be officially inaugurated with the help of Palwal MLA Deepak Mangla. 15 local companies have opted to be interviewed. but only the young people are selected.

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