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IGRSU Registration 2021 Property and Marriage Registration at igrsup.gov.in

IGRSUP Register 2021 for Property Weddings can be completed online igrsup.gov.in The UP the Vivah Sampatti Panjikaran Application details and status are explained here. IGRSUP Registration 2021 Property, as well as marriage registrations, can be completed online at igrsup.gov.in. Hello Friends.! Today, we’ve provided details about the new service that is related to Uttar Pradesh for you. IGRSUP Registration 2021 on the internet was launched in the Government of Uttar Pradesh. You will be able to obtain the registration of your property and marriages easily. A lot of people will benefit from the state. In this scenario, ordinary people can benefit from online services easily. If you also have to register your property. You haven’t been able to get your marriage registration completed in time. Get it done now.

Registration for IGRSUP 2021

The government of the state is making all services accessible online. In order to ensure that more people can avail of the service. In the past, ordinary citizens needed to go to government offices to get every kind of registration. In this scenario, there are many people living in our country whose marriages aren’t been legally registered until now. Now, as the procedure is easy it is possible to complete the process at your home.

To apply for Property and Marriage Registration 2021 The applicant was required to be able to stop his job and visit Tehsil or another department of the government. It was certain to waste time. Now, you don’t have to travel everywhere. You can apply at home using the aid of your phone or laptop. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s campaign. Giving power to India. Making Digital India. In this situation, this online service provided by government officials of the Government of Uttar Pradesh is connected with the previous. It is.

igrsup.gov.in Registration 2021

The entire work has been completed by The Department, Stamp, and Registration Department for this service. On their site, you will find all the details regarding property registration and marriage registration. We’ll provide you with the information about the different services we offer in our article. The stamp duty on instruments in the Indian Stamp Act is already established by the Department. You must fill it in when you register.

There are five kinds of services according to Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Registration. People who wish to sign up for the process. They can sign up easily through online channels.

IGRRSUP Registration 2021

UP Sampati Panjikaran 2021

The five features included with UP home registrations are These are the five characteristics that come with UP registration:

Application form online

Nivesh Mitra web page for industrial property registration

Services of Appointment for Property Registration

Property search online

Full property details

If you’d like to have the marriage registration completed. You can also have the marriage registration done using Aadhar. Through these online channels, it is easy to fill out your application and complete it online. With the aid of an Aadhar card number, you’ll also be able to convert your application to Aadhar basis. This means that any newlywed couple can sign up themselves. The cost for registration may be paid via the internet.

Scheme IGRSUP Registration 2021 Uttar Pradesh

It was inaugurated by the Honorable chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath Ji

Department Stamp & Registration Department

Advantage online service

Use Uttar Pradesh Property and Marriage Registration

Beneficiary general public

Official website igrsup.gov.in

UP Property Registration 2021 online

Uttar Pradesh Stamp Rates are listed below:

Form of Deed, Stamp Duty Costs

Sale deed 7%

The lease agreement was for 200 Rupees.

Gift deeded 60 Rupees to 120 Rupees

Will 200 Rupees Be Enough?

Extra Power of Attorney 100 Rupees

General Power of attorney 10 Rupees up to 100 Rupees

The Notarial Act is 10 rupees.

Conveyance from 60 Rupees to 100 Rupees

Affidavit for 10 Rupees

The Agreement is 10 Rupees.

Bond 200 Rupees

Divorce 50 Rupees

Adoption 100 Rupees

Register Boards that are included in the IGRSUP Uttar Pradesh Registration Act:


















Devipatan Model


Gautam Buddha Nagar

Gorakhpur etc.

IGRSU Portal Registration 2021

The purpose of Uttar Pradesh IGRSUP Registration :

Through this portal online, ordinary people will have the ability to benefit from the services provided by the Stamp and Registration Department.

This will enhance the transparency between the department of government as well as the citizens.

With the help of online platforms, individuals are able to spend their time on other projects.

The lines for registration at the official department would be decreased.

Citizens are able to fill out the registration application form while at home.

UP Sampati Panjikaran Documents Required – Uttar Pradesh Property Registration Documents

The permanent resident’s certificate of the applicant from Uttar Pradesh

Certificate of residency

Identity card of citizens that is associated with the purchase or sale of property

Identity Identification Cards of Witnesses

Photo of passport size

Copy of the application

mobile number

Land related documents and property

The IGRSUP Marriage Registration Documents are required for registration. for IGRSUP Marriage Registration Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Documents

In order to be eligible applicants must reside permanently in Uttar Pradesh.

It is required to attach an Aadhar card or voter’s ID card, or any other ID proofs to show identification.

Telephone number or electric bill for Residence certificate.

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