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IPS Full Form, Definition, Meaning, Uses, full form kya hai?

IPS full form can be read here. IPS officers are employed by both the state and central government. Alongside maintaining public security, IPS officers’ primary task is to spot and stop crime, control traffic, avoid accidents, and deal with catastrophes. One of their main responsibilities is the leadership and management of Indian intelligence agencies, such as The Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) as well as the Intelligence Bureau (IB), the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) across all union territories and states.

IPS Full form

It is the complete form of the title Indian Police Service. If they are chosen in the IPS applicants are eligible to apply for senior positions inside the Department of Police at the federal and state levels. At the time under British rule, prior to the time that when the Indian Police Service became an independent state, it was called”the Indian Imperial Police. Just a few years after it was that the Indian Constitution was created, the Indian Police Service was established pursuant to Article 312 of the Indian Constitution.

IPS officers must have the following abilities The following are required: In addition to determination, hard work, and willpower they need to be extremely driven. To make a sound choice, you have to think clearly and be able to assess the circumstances. Additionally, you must take swift decision-making and also be mindful of the situations which could trigger violent and chaotic situations. Being able to listen and communicate effectively is essential, as well as being aware of people’s desires. An understanding of the law is also necessary. In addition, physical fitness and mental alertness must be increased.

Salary and other benefits

The amount you are paid and other benefits are excellent when you work in this field. The primary reason is that the position itself is a prestigious position and many are looking to achieve it. Here is a list of advantages associated with the job.


A new pay structure known as consolidation pay has been established within the Civil Service in the wake of the seventh pay commission. This means that paying scales for IPS are determined solely by the basic salary, TA HRA, and DA.

The average salary for IPS officers is 56,100 INR for entry-level officers and 2,25,000 INR at the highest.


  1. With the aid of domestic assistance and a home care service, you can live rent-free or pay a small amount.
  2. Free power, personal calls, as well as a vehicle facility.
  3. In addition there is the option of taking an absence from work to pursue studies abroad offered
  4. Security of work, power and respect for the social at the highest levels
  5. In addition, medical coverage as well as lifetime retirement pensions are also covered.
  6. A vehicle for official purposes is mandatory.

The IPS Full Form: What Is The Process of Becoming an IPS Officer?

IPS officers have to achieve the highest scores for their performance in Civil Services in order to be officers. Three stages of selection are used during the Civil Services Exam. Candidates who are shortlisted and have indicated IPS in their preference option will be assigned IPS.

UPSC CSE candidates interested in becoming an IPS Officer should be familiar with their UPSC CSE eligibility criteria, and also the exam pattern and the syllabus. Below, we’ve provided details on UPSC CSE Exam eligibility and exam pattern.

IPS Eligibility Criteria

In order to take an exam for the UPSC CSE, candidates wishing to be a part of the IPS must meet the requirements in the table below. Specific eligibility requirements can be found below:

  1. The first one is. UPSC IPS positions are only available only to Indian citizens.
  1. Age Limit: Candidates must be over 21 years old by August 1, 2021 and not have reached 32 years old. This means that candidates were not born before the 02nd of August, 1989 and also after August 1 2000.
  2. An undergraduate degree from a recognised university or equivalent is required.

Indian Police Service has pros and cons


  1. An employee of the IPS might be charged with working using RAW, the IB and RAW.
  2. They’ll also live an active lifestyle while they are in charge of their own domain.
  3. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to participate in amazing projects like counterterrorism/investigation, intelligence collection, foreign liaison, etc.
  4. Additionally, each IPS officer also receives these benefits.

Cons :

  1. Officers will need to perform a significant amount of fieldwork in the initial eight to ten years after their employment.
  2. Being physically fit and exercising regularly is crucial. For many this could be a benefit, since being active is the base of living a healthy life.
  3. To be able to take on the position, the person must be able to manage being exposed to disturbing scene of bloody crime scenes, crime scene dead bodies, etc.
  4. In addition, emergency and rare calls can arrive after midnight.

It’s difficult to meet IPS standards however, you can help promote peace and stability, as well as progress by being the IPS officer. The job of an IPS officer is among the most fulfilling jobs in the world as it is a way to promote humanity and justice. This is a position that is very important to those who wish to make a difference in their communities as well as the society at large.

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