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Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme Online Application Rs 10000 per Hectare Eligibility

Karnataka Raitha Siri Apply Online | Karnataka Raithasiri Scheme Online Application | raithamitra.karnataka.gov.in Registration 2021

Farmers are always in danger to their crops as a result of natural mishaps. This can be a major disappointment as it can affect the production or quality of the crops. Because of this, farmers are financially impacted. Overall, regardless of the drawbacks, the work of the farmer is not a success with regard to financial matters. They also end up taking loans or making serious decisions to earn or invest. To help farmers through these times of hardship, both the central and state governments have launched various schemes for beneficiaries. Another scheme that is similar to this could be that of the Raitha Sir scheme run by Karnataka Government. Karnataka Government. For all pertinent details about the scheme, go through the next article.

Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme Rs 10000 per Hectare

In the year 2019 HD Kumaraswamy, the Chief Minister of Karnataka presented his second budget for the state during the Legislative Assembly. He allocated a substantial amount of money to different agriculture programs while announcing his “Karnataka Raitha Siri” scheme. The minister stated that those who grow millet will get Rs 10,000 per hectare. The scheme has been beneficial to all millet farmers from the beginning. It’s not going to solve all problems for farmers, but it will certainly help them through tough times. This will not only give an atmosphere of security for farmers but will also provide them with an opportunity to upgrade their equipment for farming.

Key Highlights of Raitha Siri Scheme 2021-22

NameRaitha Siri
was launched in the year2019
Launched byHD Kumaraswamy
AimEncourage Millet agriculture within the state
BenefitRs. 10,000 per one hectare of land
BeneficiariesMillet farmers who are growing in the state
Application ModeUnspecified

The primary goal of Raitha Siri Yojana is karnataka

The principal goal behind launching Risha Sarathi Yojana is to improve the quality of millet farming. The fields may be hit with disasters, but it will never be the reason behind the slowdown in the development of agriculture and the increase in the suffering of farmers. Millet is a useful crop that thrives even in harsh conditions. The most popular state of India for millet cultivation in Rajasthan. Furthermore, in light of the soil, rainfall and temperature millet is a good choice in this kind of land. Karnataka government also wants to ease the burden on farmers of the state. Therefore, they are actively pushing millet cultivation. This will not only provide an increase in earnings but also improve the yield of the millet crop across the entire state. The benefits of the amount of Rs. 10,000 per hectare will motivate more farmers to start millet farming.

Specifics of the scheme

These are the most important requirements of the scheme

  • Firstly, Rs. 10,000 per hectare will be offered for farmers as well as agricultural workers who are cultivating millet.
  • Government is also constructing water ponds to aid in millet farming.
  • The production of minor millets is growing in the state as a result of this plan.
  • The plan follows Direct Bank Transfer or DBT to transfer the funds to farmer’s accounts.
  • In the future, Karnataka Government will be following the Israel Model of Farming. The goal is to reduce use of water while maximizing yields of crops.
  • The methods of agriculture will be improved as farmers can make use of the funds to upgrade their equipment.
  • A better life will be facilitated by providing assistance.

Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme Eligibilty

The eligibility criteria to be eligible to benefit under the Raitha Sir Yojana have not been fully defined. In light of similar schemes of the central or state-level governments these are the possible scenarios:

  • The applicant must be from Karnataka, the State of Karnataka.
  • Applicant must be a farmer or engaged in agricultural labourer and interested in millet farming.
  • At least one hectare agriculture land is required in order for the applicant to be eligible under this plan.
  • Farmers who don’t have property in their name may be able to apply for the scheme via rented or leased land.
  • Then, they have to meet the income guidelines.

Documents required to be submitted in order to be eligible to Raitha Siri Scheme

The farmers have to submit the following documents to be eligible for this scheme: Raitha Siri scheme:

  • Photograph of passport size of applicant.
  • Digital signatures that are scanned or digital Only in the case of online applications.
  • Aadhar Card to prove identity. If the person applying for the card does not possess an Aadhar card the voter’s ID card, ration cards or other IDs that are recognized by the government could be utilized. However in the event that Aadhar card has been declared a required documents, the person applying must apply for one.
  • Residence proof or proof of domicile to prove the state’s citizenship.
  • Income Certificate in case of income requirements.
  • Caste Certificate Only if the certificate is valid.
  • Information or documents required for the land where farming must be conducted.
  • Passbook photocopy from the bank and, of course the details of the account.
  • In the latest budget for 2020-2021 the high-nutrient value crop Teff as well as Quinova are now added to the Raitha Siri scheme.

Application Procedure of Karnataka Raitha Siri Apply Online

The state government of Karnataka State has not declared the procedure for applying as of yet. In any case, applicants interested in applying may need to submit applications to benefit under the scheme using an online format. Online applications are an option that is likely to be a possibility given the government has been taking into consideration electronic ways to deliver their services. In the case of the Raitha Sir online application mode, farmers have to complete all mandatory information in the form. The documents will be uploaded digitally or in scanned formats. Once the application is completed successfully, application, the farmers will have to examine the application before they submit it.

But, the most recent information on the application process is constantly updated within this post. Be sure to check back regularly to get the latest information on Raitha Siri Scheme.


To download these formal notices for the Kannada language, visit these links:

  • GO No. AGRI-AML/92/2020, for the latest update Download
  • Scheme Conituation DocumentDownload
  • New Risha Scheme Siri in 2020-2019Download


The number for a helpline that is commonly used through the Karnataka Government to assist farmers’ pan-Karnataka farmers is 1902. The helpdesk is the number for Raitha Mitra. Raitha Mitra website. Because that Raitha Sir is an initiative that falls under this portal applicants can submit their concerns there.

Additionally, to get in touch with specific staff members in the head office or district offices The contact information is listed below:

The latest information concerning this Raitha Siri scheme will be continually updated in this post. In the meantime, any additional questions about this scheme Raitha Siri can be mentioned in the comment section below.

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