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Kerala Social Security Mission 2021: Application Form, Eligibility & Benefits

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To give the social safety net to those in need poor, old women, children suffering from cancer, chronically ill patients as well as other groups of society, in Kerala, the Government of Kerala implements various types of programs. With these programs, different types of benefits for social services are given to various segments of society. We will describe a program that was launched through the Kerala government, which is known as the Kerala Social Security Mission. Through this scheme, the government plans to create social security programs across the state to provide support and services to beneficiaries. In this article, you will be able to get all the information about this scheme, including its purpose benefits, features, the eligibility criteria, documents required as well as the application form. If you are interested in availing of the benefits of Kerala social security, you must read this article carefully until the very end.

About Kerala Social Security Mission 2021

It is the Government of Kerala that has launched the Kerala Social Security Mission which is a part of the Social justice Department of Kerala. Through this mission, services and assistance are offered to the poor, destitute children, old women, chronically sick cancer patients, and other segments of the populace. In this program, security initiatives for the poorer parts of society are conceived and implemented. Apart from that centralized food processing and supplementation is also made available to patients in need who receive treatments in the government hospital. The mission also helps to rehabilitate patients who have been released from hospitals and are left without a place to go.

To ensure that the social system is healthy, this plan also targets the health of the less fortunate. With this program, a variety of kinds of programs are implemented to improve the health of people through the provision of nutritious standard food items to those in need. This program aims to find the weaker parts of society to enhance their health status.

Objective Of Kerala Social Security Mission

The principal goal for the Kerala Social Security Mission is to offer social security to different segments of society. In this plan, different kinds of social security programmes will be arranged across the state to provide support and service to those who are in need. Additionally, with this scheme, different types of social security programs are identified and implemented. This program will also enhance the health and nutrition standards of those who are poor. The social security mission of Kerala will also enhance the standard of living of citizens in Kerala. The scheme will also serve as a hub for a variety of social welfare programs across the state.

Key Highlights Of Kerala Social Security Mission

Name Of The SchemeKerala Social Security Mission
Launched ByGovernment Of Kerala
BeneficiaryCitizens Of Kerala
ObjectiveTo Provide Social Security To Various Sections Of Society
Official WebsiteClick Here
Mode Of ApplicationOnline/Offline

Types Schemes Under Kerala Social Security Mission

Cancer Suraksha for children-

The program was initiated to offer cancer treatments for children. In this scheme, the total cost of treatment that comprises the costs of the investigation will be covered by the hospital through money provided by the mission. In the beginning, the maximum per-child cost would be 50000 however the hospital may incur additional costs if needed. Beneficiaries are able to directly avail advantage of this scheme directly from hospitals.

Snehapoorvam to children

There are 75,000 children who are less than 18 years old who live in orphanages. To help all of them, there is a need for assistance from the Government of Kerala has launched Snehapoorvam. Through this scheme, financial aid is given to orphans. The government offers financial aid between Rs 300 and Rs 1000 per month to improve levels of living for children. The applicant has to make the application with all required documents to the chief of the government or aiding institutions before the 31st day of October every year. Children who are under 5 years old may directly submit an application to the executive director of the Kerala social security department through the child welfare committee.

Thalolam to children-

To offer the treatment at no cost to children suffering from chronic illnesses like cerebral palsy, haemophilia, etc, the Government of Kerala has launched this program. All children who are are less than 18 years old will receive free treatment in this scheme. The initial amount of assistance to be given under this scheme will be 50000. Additional financial assistance may be offered if needed under this scheme.

Aswasakiranam for older people/differently capable

Nearly all mentally or physically disabled patients require caretakers who are relatives or family members. In this program, the government plans to offer monthly financial aid in the amount of Rs 600 to caregivers who cannot get a job to support themselves. The government introduced the scheme on August 2nd, 2010. The citizens who are caring for patients as of the 2nd August 2010 will receive monthly financial aid

Food-free city for those suffering from chronic illnesses

The scheme was launched to offer vegetarian curry and rice-based meals at lunchtime for chronically ill patients without cost in hospitals or in specific areas. The meals will be served for free to the general public, which includes passers-by. The program was launched to ensure that no one within the City has to go without one square meal per day.

Vayomithram for seniors-

With this scheme, the health care and assistance to seniors who are over 65 who reside in the Municipal or Corporation regions of the State will receive medical care and support. In this program, free medication through mobile clinics counselling services, palliative care as well as other services will be offered.

Karunya deposit for those who are differently disabled

The scheme was created to raise funds to provide education and medical care to mentally and physically handicapped citizens attending special schools or are in institutions, orphanages etc. In this scheme, those who wish to deposit are enticed by those who are prepared to make a deposit of at the minimum of one lakh or it’s multiple as corporate social responsibility funds. The funds will be transferred into the state treasury account for one year and will be renewable annually. The interest and the equivalent amount deposited by the government will be used to meet the needs of children with special needs. children

Prathyasha designed for females

For families that struggle to pay for the wedding expenses of their daughters, the government has introduced the Prathyasha scheme. It’s essentially the result of a joint venture between corporates, individuals as well as Kerala’s social security mission. Families with low incomes aren’t capable of paying for the costs that their girls. In order to assist these families, this scheme was introduced. In this program, the recipient will receive marriage support of fifty thousand dollars per couple. The money can be raised by corporations, individuals, and Kerala Social Security Mission. In order to receive the benefits of this scheme, the family income of the beneficiary has to not exceed Rs 60000.

Snehasanthwanam for those who are different abled/chronic illness

In this program there is the monthly financial support of 700 rupees is given to caregivers of endosulfan victims who are completely in bed or are mentally retarded. Apart from that, two hundred dollars are provided to patients with endosulfans who are bedridden. The amount is 1700. endosulfans who are bedridden and receiving an income pension for disability. Based on the list provided to the collector of the district, Rs 1200 will be paid to victims of endosulfan. The financial aid will be available beginning in December 2010. The scheme will also offer education assistance to children of families affected by endosulfan. For students in the Buds school, financial aid is offered. For students in the classes 1st-7th, 2000, for students in the class of 8 to 10 The amount is 3000, and for children who are studying at a rate of one and two four thousand will be given.

Samashwasam in chronic disease

In order to provide assistance and security to those in the less fortunate part of our community, the scheme has been initiated. In this scheme, financial assistance is given to those who qualify. In this scheme, patients that are part of BPL families and who undergo dialysis at least every month can avail of financial aid in the amount of Rs 1100 per month. To be eligible to receive the benefits of this scheme, the patient must have a bank with a nationalized account.

Benefits And Features Of Kerala Social Security Mission

  • The Government of Kerala has launched Kerala social security mission, which is managed under the Social justice Department of Kerala
  • Through this mission, assistance and assistance are provided to the poor, destitute and elderly women, children with cancer who are chronically sick as well as other segments of the population.
  • As part of the mission, social security program for the weaker sections of society is planned and carried out
  • Food processing and supplementation are also provided to patients in need who undergo treatment in the state hospitals.
  • The mission will also help patients who have been released from the hospital but are left without a place to go
  • To bring society into even, this program also examines the health of those who are poor
  • Through this scheme , a variety of programs are developed to improve the health of people by providing nutritious standard foods to the poor
  • In this scheme, various kinds of schemes have been designed and are being implemented to offer assistance and protection to those who are elderly
  • The program also offers additional infrastructure for improvement of welfare facilities within the state.
  • In this scheme, various kinds of research related to various social issues have been carried out

Monetary Or Other Assistance Offered Under Kerala Social Security Mission

Name Of SchemeBenefits
Cancer Suraksha for childrenThe total treatment cost will be covered by the program( Initial Assistance of Rs. 50000$)
Snehapoorvam is a snehapoorvaChildren under 5 years old and students from 1st to 5th grade(Rs 300) per month. For classes 6th through 10th 500 rupees per month for classes 9th-12th Rs 700per month. For professional or degree classes- Rs1000/- per month
Thalolam for childrenInitial Assistance of Rs 50000/-
Aswasakiranam for senior citizen/differently-abledPer month
Food-free City for chronic illnessesLunch is provided for free of cost
Vayomithram for seniorsTo offer free medicine
Karunya deposit for differently-abledTo provide medical and educational aid to mentally disabled children who attend special schools.
Prathyasha for womenOne-time assistance in the form of financial aid
Snehasanthwanam for chronic illness that is differently-abled or chronically illFrom 700 Rs per month, up to Rs 4000/month-
Samashwasam to treat chronic illnessRs 1100/- per month

Eligibility Criteria To Apply Under Kerala Social Security Mission

Name Of SchemeEligibility
Cancer Suraksha for childrenAn applicant has to be resident permanent in KeralaApplicant must be a cancer sufferer.
Snehapoorvam is a snehapoorvaThe applicant must have lost their parents or both of them. Applicants must be BPL category students from 1st to degree class. apply for this scheme to those children that fall under the APL category. The family’s annual income should not exceed the amount of Rs 20000 in rural areas, and Rs 22375 in urban areas.
Thalolam for childrenA candidate must be a resident permanent of Kerala. Kerala the applicant’s age should be under 18 years of age.
Aswasakiranam for seniors and differently capableBedridden patients are able to take advantage of this scheme if they fall in the category of below poverty line mentally handicapped citizens may also apply
Food-free City for chronic illnessesAnyone can benefit from this scheme
Vayomithram is a senior citizen’s medicineThe applicant’s age must be at least 65 years old. the applicant’s age has to be determined by the level of a municipality or a corporation.
Karunya deposit for people who are differently-abledThe applicant’s age should be in the range of 5 to 18 years old. The applicant must be mentally or physically handicapped. The applicant must be a pupil of an orphanage or of a special education institution that could be a government, assisted or unaided sector that is recognised through GOK or GOI
Prathyasha for womenThe family source of income for the recipient must not exceed Rs 60000. The person who is the beneficiary must be at least 22 years old. must be submitted prior to the marriage ceremony. Applicants must come from a family with a low income.
Snehasanthwanam for people with chronic illnesses that are differently abled.Endosulfan sufferers will receive the benefits of this plan
Samashwasam is a remedy for chronic illness.The patient must be in the lower-income brackets. must have a nationalized account in a bank

Required Documents To Apply Under Kerala Social Security Mission

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Proof of age
  • Evidence of income
  • Residence certificate
  • Photograph of passport size
  • Mobile number

Procedure To Apply Online Under Kerala Social Security Mission

  • To begin, go to this the official site of Kerala social security mission.f Kerala Social Security Mission
  • Your home page should be open prior to you
  • On the homepage , you will need to click on the button “Apply Online”
  • The application form will be displayed to you.
  • It is necessary to fill out the application form with all the information required
  • Now , you must add all the necessary documents
  • Once you’ve done that, click submit
  • Following this process, you are able to apply under Kerala the social security mission

Procedure To Apply Offline Under Kerala Social Security Mission

Kerala Social Security Mission
  • The first step is to visit the department that you are interested in.
  • You need to collect the an application form at the counter.
  • You must now fill in all the necessary information on the application form.
  • Then, you must include all the necessary documents
  • Then, you must fill out this form at the appropriate department.
  • If you follow this procedure, you can apply for Kerala the social security mission

Procedure To Download Application Forms

Kerala Social Security Mission
  • A new webpage will open before you , with a list of the application forms.
  • Click on the choice you wish to make
  • The application form will be presented to you in PDF format.
  • You must click the download button to download it.

Procedure To Donate

  • Go to this web site of the Kerala social security mission Kerala Social Security Mission
  • Your home page should appear prior to you
  • On the home page, you need to click the donate button.
Kerala Social Security Mission
  • A new page will be displayed before you
  • On this page, you need to input your the name, address, city pin code, state/province, country, pin email address contact number, mobile number and payment method
  • Then click to proceed.
  • Then, you must fill in the payment details.
  • Then click on the make payment link
  • If you follow this procedure, you can make a donation

Procedure To Login On The Portal

  • To begin, go to this web site for the Kerala social security mission. Kerala Social Security Mission
  • Your home page should appear prior to you
  • Then click on the login button
  • There are a few options that will be displayed to you:
    • Career portal
    • E suraksha
  • Click on the option you want to choose
  • An entirely new web page is likely to open in front of you.
  • You will need to fill in the login password as well as the captcha code on the brand new page.
  • Then click on the login button
  • Following this method, you will be able to login to the portal.

Procedure To View Contact Details

  • Visit the official website of the Kerala social security mission. Kerala Social Security Mission
  • Your home page should be open before you click.
  • On the homepage you must click on contact us.
Kerala Social Security Mission
  • The new webpage will open in front of you.
  • On this page, you can see contact information.
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