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Kim Kardashian Net Worth, Biography, Height, Weight, Income

Kim Kardashian Net Worth, Biography, Height, and Income will be discussed in this article. The fame she earned came from her popularity as a star because she was famous for her stunning and curvaceous body. She has made lots of money through various ventures. Her beauty empire has helped make her an international presence acting as an actor, model, TV persona, and businessperson. Kim K has appeared twice on the cover of magazines from around the world. In addition, she has appeared as the American version of Next Top Model, Kim K was an invited jury member on the reality show.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth

Model, actress media personality, model, and businessperson, Kim Kardashian West has created an entire beauty business that is her own. The first time she became famous was when the infamous sex tape of Ray J, her former boyfriend. Ray J went viral on the internet in 2007 when she was a close friend of the heiress Paris Hilton. E!, an ongoing popular show, has her. TV shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and others have been huge hits.

The fourth edition of America’s Richest Self-Made Women’s annual list puts her as number 54. Kim K’s achievements include being a guest judge for America’s Next Top Model and appearing on covers of international magazines. She was even an extra in eight films of the Ocean, and Vogue declared her”a “pop culture phenomenon” in the year 2016.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth in 2020

Net worth:$350 million
Born:October 21, 1980
Country of Origin:Los Angeles, California, U.S.
ResidenceHidden Hills, California, U.S.
OccupationMedia personalities. Socialite, Businesswoman, Actress, Model
Height5 feet 2 inches (1.59 m)
Weight65 kg (143 pounds)
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Education

In terms of her education is related, she was a student at Marymount High School. All-girls Roman Catholic school located in Los Angeles was this institute.

She began to be close with the stylist of celebrity Paris Hilton when she turned 20. The media first came to know about her via that article.

Kim Kardashian Career

As per those in the Kardashian families “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was a great opportunity. Kris Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, Kourtney, Khloe, Rob, Kendall, and Kylie Jenner were all in the show. In the course of time the show became extremely well-known. We’re sure to be influenced by Kim Kardashian’s professional journey which made her net worth evident.

In the years that followed, Kim Kardashian featured in numerous productions in the following years, she experienced a lot of successes, which included:

  • Disaster Movie
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Beyond the Break
  • America’s Next Top Model
  • Deep in the Valley

In addition, based on her 2010 success, Kim signed several endorsement agreements. Along with writing an autobiography, she also co-wrote an autobiography with the help of her sister. In addition, she was able to release her debut single to the delight of everyone it made it to in the Top 100 of Billboard.

In the following years, Kim released a video game titled Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which was a departure from the norm. The game has earned the actress an average of 28%. Her income. The game is known only to a few, but it has earned more than $160 million so far.

Kim Kardashian Properties

  • The Beverly Hills mansion is a 4.5-acre Tuscan-style house with five bedrooms. Lotfilms which are a smaller real estate company is situated in the area. Kim bought the home in the month of March in 2010. The house was a cost of $4.8 million to construct the mansion.
  • In the first quarter of 2014, Kim bought the Hidden Hills residence that belonged to Lisa Marie Presley for $20 million. After spending a substantial sum over the course of two years, she completely renovated and upgraded her house.
  • A mansion complete with a basketball court, a full-sized winery and pool are situated on three acres within Hidden Hills.
  • In 2017 Kim owned a mansion worth eight million dollars located in Bel Air, California, that she bought for $9 million in 2013.

What Contributed To The Net Worth Of Kim Kardashian?

  • More than 125 million users, Kim has earned hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars through Instagram. It is the Kim Kardashian Instagram account (@kimkardashian)
  • Her wedding to NBA athlete Kris Humphries lasted only 72 days in the year 2011. With the exception of endorsements and the TV rights to this marriage, Kardashian was able to earn $18 million.
  • In July 2018 Forbes reported that the Kourtney Kardashian’s KKW Beauty company generated $100 million in sales. Packaging and manufacturing are outsourced, while marketing is provided for free. That means there aren’t any cost-of-living expenses. To promote her items, she promotes her products on social media.
  • Kim Kardashian Hollywood is generating more than $60 million in sales due the mobile app. In addition to the revenue generated by the game’s mobile app Kim Kardashian keeps 28 percent.
  • According to U.K.’s Mirror, Kim K earns around 15 million dollars from Keeping up with The Kardashians. The show is said to pay Kim $5 million every when her husband Kanye West is on.
  • Alongside Fit Tea, SugarBearHair vitamins, BoxyCharm cosmetics, and her husband’s Yeezy fashion line, she also endorses a variety of other brands.
Thanks ToRevenue
Hollywood: Kim Kardashian, the game for mobile phones$200 million
Largely to Instagram$300,000 and $500,000
Keeping Up With the Kardashians ($71.8 million in income in 2015)$15 million
KKW Beauty$100 million
Earnings from the Sears line and the Kourtney Kollection (in the year 2013)$600 million

Kim Kardashian Early Life

In the year 1980, Kim West was born in Los Angeles, California, to Kimberly Noel Kardashian, West, and Kim Dot Com’s mom. Robert Kim and Kris were her fathers. Kim has an older sisternamed Kourtney as well as her younger sister Khloe along with a smaller brother named Rob.

Kim was a stepsister and step-sister to Casey Jenner when her parents divorced in 1991. Similar to that, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were adopted by brother Burton “Burt,” and Brothers Brandon and Brody were given step-brothers Burton Brandon and Brandon. Her school, Marymount High School, is an Roman Catholic school for girls with the Los Angeles location.



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