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Learning Licence (LL) Apply Online: Document, Slot Booking, Learner Licence Application Status

Learning Licence Online Apply | DL Apply For 1st Time | Learning Licence Online Application Status | Fees

A driving licence is a vital document needed for driving any kind of motor vehicle. Without an official license, it is not legal to drive in public spaces. In India, the driving permit is granted through the Regional Transport Office (RTO) as a Driving License. Anyone who wishes to get a driving license must have a learners licence prior to applying. In this article we’ll provide readers with all the information needed to complete applying for the Learner Driving Licence online application procedure.

We will review all requirements to apply for the License via the online mode. What is the procedure for a person to check their application status on their applications? The process of applying slots booking, editing the application and reissue, test stall and form editing renewal, and many more. We will also discuss the mock tests as well as samples to help you prepare for the test. If you’re in the process of applying for a learner’s permit This article is an ideal read.

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Driving Licence Online

Article CategoryLearning Driving Licence application
Application modeOnline
Application Portal NameSarathi Parivahan Sewa
DepartmentMinistry of Road Transport & Highways
ObjectiveTo provide license
Official websitewww.parivahan.gov.in
Parivahan Sarathi HelplineNumber- 0120-2459169
E-mail- [email protected]

Sarthi Parivahan Sewa portal has been created through the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways which is part of the Government of India. The purpose of this portal is to issue a Driving License for citizens via using online services. The portal has made it possible to bring an RTO online. In addition, the government has introduced the MParivahan mobile app. Also, people who like it or who cannot be physically present at all times can access the various services in a way that is convenient.

There are numerous kinds of services that are available on the portal sarathi that is operated by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. Therefore, users have access to all the services on this website online, from the comfort at their home. If you’re a person who is looking to apply for a Licence you are able to apply via this portal. If you’re an applicant who has already completed the entire process, you can track your status for your applications well as on this site. Through this website, the ministry can provide online services to four distinct kinds of licences. These include:

Driving Licence Types

RTO of any district is the authority that is responsible for granting a driving licence to every citizen. Based on the kind of vehicle you have there are several kinds of driving licences.

  • Two-Wheeler
    • non-gear, NT Non-Gear and NT to drive a gearless scooter or a non-transport vehicle.
    • The MCWG (NT)is for the non-transport and geared vehicle.
  • Four-Wheeler
    • LMV (NT) LMV (NT) to describe the non-transport four-wheeler.
    • HMV (T) HMV (T) used for a heavy motor vehicles that transport people, goods or any other type of service.

Who is eligible for an Learning License?

To obtain a driver’s license, there are certain requirements that you must satisfy. The requirements are identical for all citizens of India. We have listed the criteria below. It is possible to check them and find out if you’re eligible to apply for the license.

  • Age Criteria
    • for an scooter with no gearsup to 16 years old
    • Four-wheeler motor/ vehicle car/ non-transport vehicle-18 years old
    • for commercial license/transport vehicle – 20 years old
  • The applicant for a driver’s license should not have medical conditions that render them ineligible.
  • Commercial licence applicants must have an LMV license.

Documents Required for a LL (Driving License)

  1. Photograph- recent, passport-sized
  2. Address proof- It could be an Aadhar card the voter’s ID card, an ration card insurance policy, passport or a magistrate’s affidavit.
  3. Age Proofcan represent an Aadhar card, birth certificate PAN card or passport, school mark sheet, or any insurance policy.
  4. Medical Certificate in accordance with (Form 1-A)

Learning Licence Apply Online

A licence is a crucial document needed for driving any vehicle, you must obtain an initial learner’s licence when you’re who is new to driving. In India driving licence is first issued as a learning license. Once you have completed the period of learning, an official driving license is given to you. Check out this section to find the complete information on the process of applying for a learner licence online.

LL Apply Fee

Before they begin filling out the application form in order to obtain an online Learning Licence. It is crucial to understand what the application fee is. It is important to note that the fee for testing differs from the regular cost for the application. The table is below to find out the particulars of the fee.

VehicleFeesTest fee
For 1st Class VehiclesINR 150INR 300
2-Class Vehicles (Cars as well as two-wheelers)INR 150INR 300
Renewal of LLINR 200

How can I apply for a Learning Driving Licence online?

The entire procedure for the application for a driving license can be completed in five steps:

Stage I: Fill in with the LL application form

The first step to getting a learner’s permit is to complete an application form. It’s the most essential step. The process of filling out this application form is easy to use. To understand the process it is possible to follow the steps below:

  • First, visit the website for the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways parivahan.gov.in or directly access the website for Sarathi Parivahan. Sarathi Parivahan.
  • If you go to the official ministry’s website There will be the option of on-line servicesat the top, below the heading of driving license services, which will be listed. Select that link.
  • Then you will be directed to the Sarathi portal. You will need to select the state you wish to be in. This is so that only those states can avail the services that are included in the state names.
  • If you choose your state’s name the list of services will appear before you. There will be an option to ‘ Apply for a Learner’s License‘. Click the option.
  • A webpage will open in which every step of the process are written down. Select the ‘ Continue to the close.
  • You’ll be taken onto the following page. The state name will be displayed in the upper right corner. Choose the option that says ‘The Application doesn’t contain the DLL Click on”Submit.” Send the form.
  • The form to apply to apply for an Learning Licence will appear on your screen. Fill in all the information required in the application form. The form will include information such as your personal information including address, contact details, classes of vehicle, etc.
  • After filling in all of the information. Hit submit. Submitbutton at the lower right.
  • The applicant will be notified via text messageon your mobile phone number when you fill out the form.

Stage II – Document Upload

The second phase of the process will begin by uploading the essential documents. In this step applicants will be required to modify their picture first, then upload a scan of additional documents like a medical certificate, proof of address, etc. in a format that can be scanned.

Stage III – Application Fee Submission

Once you have submitted an application form, your next step is to pay an application fee to finish your application. Once you have submitted all the required information then you will be able to follow the next steps listed below:

  • After clicking on the submit button and then submit your application. Click on the link titled ‘ Next‘.
  • You will be taken to the payment page where you will need to pay the application.
  • The total amount of fee to apply will show in your display.
  • Choose the payment method Enter the CAPTCHA code and then select the option’ Go to Pay‘.
  • The payment processor will appear the screen. Select your payment mode and then proceed to the payment.

If, in any event, you are unable in any way to cover the cost in full, you can make it up later through the payment tab for fees on the home page on the website. There is a choice of ‘ Fee Payments that you can click on that link and you’ll be directed to the fee portal for applications. You can then input your application number as well as the date of birth and continue with the process.

Candidates who apply should bear in mind that applications are not accepted until you pay the application fee. Therefore, ensure that you pay the fee in time and fill out your application.

Stage IV – Payment Verification

On the official site, There is an additional possibility of checking your payment’s status that your money has been paid. The check of this status will inform you of the status of your transaction, in the event, it was in a state of pending. You can verify your payment using your application number. and date of birth.

Stage V – Test Slot Booking

After you are done with the payment. The final step is to make your own test slot. In order to book a parivahan slots take the following steps:

  • Fill in your Application Number as well as your date of birth (DOB)
  • Certain dates will be displayed in your display. Dates will appear with colours. For example, dates that are available during the exam will be marked in greencolour. The redcoloured dates indicate the dates that are not accessible to be tested. All holidays are highlighted with Grey color.
  • After you have completed the date choice The next step will be to select the time period. The time period represents the number of slots that are available during a particular time.
  • Schedule a time slot and then print the certificate of provisional status.

[Apply] Sarathi Parivahan Sewa State-Wise

Learning Licence Slot Booking Enquiry

If you’re applying for a learner’s license It is crucial to reserve your time slot today. If you’re interested in knowing how to make the parivahan slot reservation for a driving license, do this by following these instructions:

  1. Visit the Sarathi website using the official website.
  2. From the home page select the option ‘ Enquiry LL Slot located on the ” Schedule an appointment Tab.
  3. The next screen will open. A window will be displayed where you will need to select state name or code. RTO names and codes.
  4. Select these information and hit Submit.
  5. All of the slots will be displayed at the top of your monitor.

Re-Slot reservation for Learning Licence

If , in any way you are unable to take the test after booking the slot, you’re in a position that prevents you to perform the test for the slot booked. There is also the alternative of cancelling the slot. This option is on the official Sarathi Parivahan website.

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. On the home page there’s the tab called ‘ Appointment‘ and under that, click on the option to ‘ Cancel LL Test Slot‘.
  3. It will open a brand new page on which you will need to input information such as your DOB, application number and a verification code. Hit the Submit button beneath it.
  4. Complete the verification procedure, cancel the slot, and then make a reservation for another slot.

How can I edit the Learning Licence application?

The Sarathi website portal provides an additional service to edit the application form. This is a way to edit your application in case you’ve filled in the wrong details. If you have noticed a mistake on the application form and want to correct it, you are able to. The procedure for editing is as follows: Check it out and then edit your application form

  • Go to the official website @www.sarathi.parivahan.gov.in
  • Click on the Learner Licence button select the option for ‘ Application Edit (LL Only)‘.
  • Then, you will be taken to another webpage, where you will need to input your application number, as well as your day of birth.
  • When you have entered the required information after which you click the Submit button that is below it. The form will appear on the screen. You can edit the information according to the requirements.
  • When you are done editing all the details, make sure you do make sure to submit the entire information you entered.

Driving Learner Licence Edit Entry

After you receive the Learner Licence certificate that has been issued by the embassy to you, you are able to modify it only through the Edit Entry option available on Sadak Parivahan’s web Portal.

  • Go to the official website. Choose your state.
  • On the homepage on your portal for state, there’ll be a link to ‘ Learner Licence‘. Select the option ‘ LL Edit Entry Under it.
  • A new page will appear on which you need to input the necessary information such as your LL number and State. DOB as well as RTO. Click the Submit button and continue with the procedure.

Driving Licence Application Status Checking Procedure

In addition to the various other services provided through the parivahan Sarathi portal You can also examine the status of each of your applications on this website. With sarthiparivahan Sewa, the procedure of checking the status of the application is easy. Citizens who have submitted an application to obtain the Licence and would like to know what is the status of their request. It is possible to do this by this procedure:

  • Go to the official portal and choose your state.
  • On the page directed you will find a number of options on screen. Select the option that is titled ‘ Application Status‘.
  • A different page will appear on which you need to enter the DOB number and your application number.
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA code and then click submit button.
  • Your personal details will appear in your display.

How to Re-issue the Learner Licence?

If you’ve been granted a learning licence your next task is turning the learning license into a permanent Driving Licence. To accomplish this there is a set date, during which one must obtain their permanent driving license. Generally speaking, the period is six months. Therefore, there are many occasions, where one may have gone over the period. In such instances, you have the option of ‘Expired Learner Licence Issue Again’. Expired Learner Licence Issue Again Under the Learner Licence tab. The tab is accessible on the home page of your state’s portal via Parivahan Sarathi’s website. Parivahan Sarathi. Select that option, to enter your details, click submit, and follow the directions.

About Learning Licence Test Stall

The Sarathi portal has a stall for learning licences to test the candidates. The applicants will be evaluated based on their understanding of traffic regulations, transport signs, and other guidelines. There are around 15 questions to be answered in the booth, out of which you have to answer at least 10 right to pass. The option to Test Stall is accessible in the Home Page under your respective state. In other cases, you can take these actions:

  • Visit the Sarathi portal, then select your state.
  • On the next page Under the heading ‘ Learner Licence Click on the tab labeled ‘Online LL Test (STALL)’. On-line Learning Test (STALL)‘.
  • A new webpage will open in a different tab, similar to the one below. Then you can sign in by entering your application number or DOB and password, then proceed with the examination.

How do I prepare for Learning Licence Test?

If you’re in the process of applying for a certificate of learning driving or if you’ve already reserved a time slot. It is time to begin preparing in advance for your test. For more information about the test you are able to go through the test and check out the mock tests and sample Questions from the Sarathi portal exclusively. Tests and the sample questions are accessible at the Homepage of the portal you are directed to by your state. In the case of the Learner License, There are a range of options of Mock Tests as well as Sample Questions.

for Mock Test Select that option in the menu ‘ Mock test for LL on the new page you will need to fill in the necessary information like the State, name of the candidate DOB, and the applicant’s name. Click on sign in and then continue the test.

For Questions Samples For Sample Questions Choose the link to ‘ Sample Questions for LL Test’ >On the next page, you can choose the state and language and click to click the submit the form’s button. All questions are before you.

How to Download Learner Driving License DL Online?

Important Links

Licence Online for Drivers Licence Online formsCheck this out
Receipt formClick here to go to the HTML0 page.
Learner Licence Online Form-3Click here to go to the HTML0 page.
Download Learning Driving LicenceClick here to go to the HTML0 page.
Online Driver Licence applicationState-wise


How do you know how long the learning licence will be valid?

The validity of any learning license is for a maximum of six months. The applicant must submit an application for a Driving license within six months. What is the best way to get a Learner Licence in India?

The licences issued in India are issued through RTO India. Regional Transport Offices, RTO India in various states. There are offline and online methods to get a learner’s licence. What is a Learner Licence?

A learner’s Licence is an award given to an individual who has applied for a licence. They must be subjected to a process of filling out forms and testing. After completing the specified time frame the applicant is granted a permanent driving Licence. Can I drive in public areas with the Learner Licence?

A person who has a learner’s license is able to drive in public areas until the certificate of temporary learning is not expired. I am 16 years old. Can I get a learner’s license?

Yes. A non-geared learners license can be issued to anyone who is the age of 16 old. They can only drive non-gear two-wheeler vehicles that are less than 50cc. What happens if I fail my Learning Licence test?

If a person is unable to pass the test, the person may retake the test after a duration that is one week. Do you need to obtain a Learning Licence?

Yes. You can obtain a Driving Licence only after you have an initial learning certificate. How can I apply for a licence to learn on the internet?

Apply for a learner license online. Aspirants can visit the official portal @sarathi.paraivahan.gov.in and continue with the process explained in the article.

If you have any further questions for further questions, contact the agency by dialling the toll-free phone number or via email.

I hope that this article will be helpful to you, should you have any queries concerning the same. Comment below.

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