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How to Use mAadhaar App Mobile Application UIDAI Aadhar Card

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Digital India is an initiative of the Central Government of India to digitally transform the different government services across the nation. After its creation and expansion, the country has benefited significantly in the area of technology. One example of the accomplishments from Digital India is the launch of the mAadhaar mobile application. mAadhaar is a mobile online application that was specifically designed to offer Aadhaar services to the general public electronically. It is managed by UIDAI. UIDAI (Unique Indian Identification Authority). The app is feature-packed and provides a variety of Aadhaar related services via smartphones.

Check out the following article for a comprehensive look on what is the MAadhaarmobile application. Get all information on the special advantages, features, and services it provides, etc. In this article, the procedures for online access to take advantage of its diverse services have been explained.

About mAadhaar App

To promote digitalization throughout the country and to promote digitalization across the country, the mAadhaar mobile application was launched to reach mobile users in huge numbers. The app was launched on 17th July 2017, UIDAI launched the application to facilitate Aadhaar similar services to the general public of India. The entire range of services, including downloading Aadhaar Card Update Information, such as addresses or mobile numbers verification, locking and unlocking with biometric security and many more, have been made digital and accessible. What makes the application unique is the personalization of the My Aadhaar section, which includes all the information that the account owner has. Moreover, they do not have to carry the physical duplicate that is issued by the card. The soft copy created is accepted in the majority of cases.

Brief Description of mAadhaar App

Article CategoryCentral Government Scheme
Application NamemAadhaar App
Higher AuthorityUnique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
Launched onJuly 17th, 2017
Download LinkSee below for a list of

What is Aadhaar Card?

An Aadhaar Card is an authentic document issued by the GoI intended for identification. The Aadhaar card’s number can be a unique combination of twelve digits set down by UIDAI (Unique Identity Authority in India). It is an evidence of one’s identity. But, it doesn’t declare the citizenship or the identity of the person who is holding it. Aadhaar number is determined by one’s demographic and biometric information. It is distinctive.

Features of Aadhaar Card

  • Uniqueness Based on demographic and biometric duplication.
  • Portability – Nationwide acceptability
  • Random Number– Unique combination of numbers
  • Scalable Technology Architecture
  • Open Source Technologies

Features of mAadhaar App

mAadhaar App integrates a variety of and wonderful features. Users can download the application on their phones. To avail of the benefits, users need to sign up for their Aadhaar profiles by providing the Aadhaar details to the app.

A. Multilingual

India is a country that is diverse with different languages and cultures. With this in mind, the mAadhaar is made to function by users in the 12 languages of India’s regional communities in addition to English. Users can navigate the various features of the app using their regional languages in a straightforward way. The twelve available regional languages include Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Assamese, Bengali, Malayalam, Odia, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada. Users can change their preferred language using the settings or choose one when prompted. However, the input fields support exclusively the English language due to the limitations of mobile keyboards.

B. Digital Services

The mobile app mAadhaar provides various digital services to users via their mobile phones. The capabilities of the application can be broadly classified into three headings:

  • Main Service Dashboard
    • Download Aadhaar Card
    • Update Details, including address or mobile number
    • Verification
    • Offline eKYC download
    • Scan QR Code
    • Retrieve UID/ EID
  • Request Status Services
    • Under this section, applicants can keep track of the status of their online applications in the application.
  • My Aadhaar
    • Users of the application can secure or lock using their biometric identification. In addition, it’s not necessary to enter the Aadhaar number each time they use it, as it is stored to make it easier for future use.

C. Lock/ Unlock Biometric Authentication

To ensure the security and privacy of biometric information, this feature allows users to secure their biometrics. If they are locked there is no biometric authentication or verification process will be set. If the user has to go through the verification process, they may temporarily unlock it using his/her mAadhaar app on their mobile.

D. Lock Aadhaar UID

The user is able to temporarily lock his or her Aadhaar IDs. Locking Aadhaar UID signifies that you won’t be able to do any authentication with the Aadhar number. Once you have been locked, you will be issued a virtual ID, i.e. Virtual ID. It’s a 16-digit unique code needed in order to access Aadhaar UID. Aadhaar UID.

E. TOTP Generation

The mobile app mAadhaar uses TOTP instead of the standard SMS-based OTP for the execution of its procedures and services. TOTP is a shorthand for Time-Based Time Password. It is generated by the application itself and is valid for 30 seconds. It is needed to unlock or lock-in biometric authentication. locking in Aadhar UID, etc.

F. Update Profile

The users of the application are able to view and request updates to their profile information including address, mobile number, etc. Following successful updates, users can download their current version of the Aadhaar Card.

G. Mutilple Profile Setup

Five profiles can be created with one mobile. Users can effortlessly change between the profiles with no difficulty.

H. Share eKYC and QR Code

With the mAadhaar App Users can confirm and share their QR codes as well as eKYC data and other information without paper in a quick and easy method.

I. Enrollment Centers

The app allows users to find their nearest Enrolment Center using the aid of GPS.

Services provided by mAadhaar App

iDownload Aadhaar
iiAadhar Updates
iiiCheck Request Status
ivRetrieve EID/ UID
vVerification of Aadhaar
viGeneration of VID, Virtual ID
viiOffline eKYC
viiiShare QR Code
ixMy Aadhaar
xLocate Enrolment Centres

How to Install the mAadhaar App?

To avail of the benefits provided via the mAadhaar mobile app, it is necessary to install it on your smartphones. For installing the mAadhaar application follow the steps below.

  1. To install the application users must visit Google Play Store. Google Play Store on their android phones.
  2. If you are using Apple iOS, visit Mac App Store.
  3. In the search box enter mAadhaar.
  4. A list of possible options will be displayed.
  5. Click to reveal the “mAadhaar” icon created in collaboration with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
  6. Hit”Install”. “Install” button.
  7. The app will be downloaded on your phone.

We have given you a direct download link to download this mAadhaar app on your phone. Scroll to the end of the page to find the exact.

How do you download your Aadhaar through the mAadhaar App?

  • Click on the mAadhaar icon in the app.
  • On the screen that displays Click to”Download Aadhaar” from the screen that appears. “Download Aadhaar” icon in”the “Get Aadhaar” section.
  • Choose your preferred card Aadhaar, Masked Aadhaar or the Masked Aadhar.
  • Then, you can proceed with any of three options, i.e
    (i) by Aadhaar Number
    (ii) by Virtual ID, VID
    (iii) by EID, Enrolment ID Number
  • Fill in the information in line to the choice.
  • Enter the security captcha code in the appropriate space.
  • The OTP will be delivered to your mobile number.
  • Make sure to enter the same number and continue.
  • The link to download the desired Aadhaar Card can be made made available.
  • Click here to go to the link.
  • The same can be downloaded to your phone.

How do I update my address on mAadhaar mobile application?

  1. First, you must first open first the mAadhaar app on your smartphone.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then click”Update Address” and scroll down the page. “Update Address” option from the Aadhaar Update section.
  3. Input your personal Aadhaar Number as well as the security captcha code into the appropriate fields.
  4. Change the address of your residence and attach a copy the new proof of residency.
  5. Finally, click then the “Submit” button.

How can I check the Status of a Request through the mAadhaar App?

  • Start the mAadhaar mobile application.
  • From the home page, select”Check Request Status” on the homepage. “Check Request Status” in addition to the All Services tab.
  • A series of icons will be displayed.
  • Click on the icon you would like to know the status of.
  • Enter the relevant Aadhar number as well as the code for captcha.
  • Check your TOTP and the OTP provided to your mobile number that you have registered.
  • Once you have completed the update, you will be able to see the status of the update request.

How can I retrieve lost ID/UID using mAadhaar application?

  • To begin, you must first, open the mAadhaar application on your phone.
  • Click on the button “Retrieve EID/ UID”under Find Aadhaar Section.
  • Choose the option that best suits which ID you’d like to get EID, UID, or UID.
  • You can recover this via your phone number, or your email address.
  • Enter the mobile number , email ID , and then enter the captcha code.
  • Verify the forwarding OTP and TOTP.
  • The lost or forgotten UIDor EID will appear in the display.
  • Keep it in mind to use it in the future.

How do I confirm my Aadhaar online with the mAadhaar application?

  • Click on the mAadhaar button on the home screen of your mobile.
  • In the area Aadhaar Services, click on”Verify Aadhaar” under the section. “Verify Aadhaar” icon.
  • Users are now required to input their Aadhaar account numbers.
  • Verify the number by using the OTP that was sent to your mobile number registered to you or TOTP.
  • A brand new webpage will open with your personal information from the Aadhaar card.
  • If issued, you are able to confirm your Aadhaar

How can I generate a virtual Identity for my Aadhaar UID using mAadhaar?

  • On the home page of the mAadhaar app, click the icon that says “Generate Virtual ID”.
  • Enter the details of your Aadhaar card, and enter exactly the same security code that you see.
  • Enter either the TOTP as well as the OTP you preference in the space you have been assigned.
  • Select”Submit”. “Submit” button.
  • You have assigned VID will be forward to your mobile number registered with you.

How do I generate and share QR codes with the mAadhaar app?

  • In the mAadhaar application, click on”Generate QR Code” in the mAadhaar app. “Generate QR Code” icon.
  • Feed the relevant Aadhaar UID number along with the security code.
  • TOTP or OTP verification will occur.
  • The QR-code for your Aadhaar UID will be generated.
  • You can save this QR code to speed up scanning.

How do I locate the Enrolment Centers by using the mAadhaar application?

It’s a straightforward procedure to find your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centers. All you have to do is click on the “Enrolment Center” icon that is located in the menu bar on the lower left. With the GPS feature, every enrolment centre within your vicinity will be displayed on the maps. Zoom in and then tap the pinpoint mark to view the details of the address.

How do I avail My Aadhaar services via the mobile app mAadhaar?

  • Find an application called mAadhaar App in your smartphone and then tap it.
  • When you are on the home page, choose”My Aadhaar” on the homepage. “My Aadhaar” option in the menu at the bottom of the bar that appears on the screen.
  • It will ask you to create an account password of four digits for login afterward.
  • Feed to you Aadhaar UID in the corresponding field.
  • Enter the forwarding TOTP OR OTP.
  • After successful verification after successful verification, the My Aadhaar section will be activated.

Lock/Unlock biometric information

  • Visit your My Aadhaar section of the mobile application mAadhaar.
  • From the corner at the top-right Open the menu options.
  • Choose “Biometric Settings” from the available options.
  • Choose the option “Enable Biometric Lock”.
  • Then, hit”Ok.” “Ok” button.
  • Verify the OTP.
  • After verification is successful after which the biometrics are secured.

To unlock the biometrics, visit your biometrics setting then hit”YES”. “YES” button when it shows this message: “Your Biometrics will be temporarily unlocked”. It is important to note that biometrics will be unlocked for a limit that is 10-minutes.

Lock Aadhaar UID

To secure the security of your Aadhar UID, you need to access your My Aadhaar column in your mAadhaar application. The menu bar is located on the right side of the screen. Select the option “UID Lock”. Enter the necessary details and then click the “Submit” “Submit” button. After that you will be able to lock the Aadhaar UID will be locked successfully. You can then unlock it by using the 16 digits of your virtual ID or VID.

Aadhaar UIDAI Support Helpdesk

If you have questions regarding any aspect of Aadhaar UIDAI, or mAadhaar App If you have any questions regarding the Aadhaar UIDAI or mA reach the authorities concerned through the following channels:

iToll-free Helpline1947
iiPhone011 – 23478653
iiiEmail[email protected]
ivAddressGovernment of India,
Bangla Sahib Road,
Behind Kali Mandir,
Gole Market, New Delhi
Pin Code- 110001

Please click here to find out more information.

Important Links

Install mAadhaar Mobile Application (Android)Download
Install mAadhaar Mobile Application (iOS)Download
Official Website of UIDAIClick here to go to the HTML0 page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance in what is the significance of Aadhaar card for India?

Aadhaar Card is among the most significant government documents used in India. The possession of this document confirms the authenticity of the person who holds it and must be provided at the time that you want to avail a variety of government-sponsored schemes and programs.

What are the benefits that come with what is the benefit of mAadhaar App?

With the mAadhaar application, users must keep a physical copy of the Aadhaar card at all times. The app holds an Aadhaar digital Card that can be displayed to be used for the purpose. Apart from that, it provides all Aadhaar services online.

What is VID?

VID is a shorthand for Virtual ID. It is created by the user who is able to temporarily disable his/her Aadhar profile. It is easy to generate this same profile using the mAadhaar mobile app.

What is EID?

EID is the enrollment ID It is issued to applicants for Aadhaar temporarily. The applicant has to keep the EID until the permanently valid Aadhaar Card can be obtained. What are Aadhaar Services on SMS?

You are able to access the Aadhaar Services in lack of mobile data service by using SMS. It is all you have to do is transmit an SMS message to 47, in the format that is prescribed by UIDAI authorities according to the service you want to use. Click here for more details.

What is the number for the helpline of Aadhaar UIDAI and the mAadhaar app?

You can dial the helpline toll-free from UIDAI authorities 1947. UIDAI authority 1947, to discuss your concerns.

Keep this page in mind to get more details and regular updates regarding this app. mAadhaar App. Let us know via the comment section below should you have any questions.

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