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Maharashtra Solar Krushi Yojana You can get a solar pump for free If You Apply This Way

Maharashtra Atal Solar Krushi Pump Yojana under the Maharashtra Atal Solar Krishi Pump Yojana the government of Maharashtra has provided the opportunity for farmers to set up solar pumps for 90 per cent subsidy (almost free. With the Solar Agriculture Pump Scheme, farmers will be able to install solar pumps on their fields at no cost. Let us explain the method by which this scheme can be considered and what requirements is required in order to benefit from the scheme

What is Maharashtra Atal Solar? Krushi Pump Yojana

Under the Maharashtra Atal solar Krishi Pump Yojana, The farmers in the state are provided with the option of installing solar pumps on their fields. Only farmers from the state are eligible to apply for this scheme. In this program, farmers will get the option of installing pumps with a subsidy of 90 per cent. Only those who are qualified to apply, and satisfy all qualifications stipulated in the program. In order to benefit from the pump offered under the Maharashtra Atal Solar Krishi Pump Yojana applicants need to visit the official website, fill out the online application form and finish the application procedure. Once you have completed the process, you can then install the solar pump on your farm as part of the scheme.

What is the definition of eligibility?

Candidate must be a resident in Maharashtra State.

Candidates must have land that is cultivable.

Farmers from tribal and remote regions will be qualified.

Farmers with a guaranteed source of water are qualified.

Documents required

If the total number of owners of the property is more than 1 NOC is required to be filed on a stamp paper worth 200 Rs.

caste certificate

Aadhar card

7/12 Reply Copy

Photo of passport size

mobile number

bank account passbook

Address the proof

How do I apply to be eligible for Maharashtra Atal Solar Agriculture Pump Scheme?

Those candidates who want to install solar pumps in their field can apply online by visiting the official website www.mahadiscom.in/solar/. Learn what you need to do to submit an online application

The process of applying for new customers

First, visit the official website.

Click on the link to Home Page Beneficiary Services.

On the next screen, select Apply and choose New Customer 3/5 or 7/5.

Application forms will be available.

Complete the details requested on the form.

Enter the form and click submit.

Your application is now complete.

Process for applying for customers with pending applications

Visit the official site.

On the homepage On the home page, click the Beneficiary Services option.

In the next screen, select Apply and choose the option Pending Customer.

Select the option Pending Customer.

The form will then open and you will need to fill in the required information.

Once you have completed the form, submit it.

The application process is complete.

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