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How to Make Money with the Memechat App through making Memes

Earn money with the Memechat App by Making Memes and minimum payout information are detailed in this article. Everyone enjoys making and viewing memes posted on various social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Reddit and others. However, did you realize that you can earn money through memes? This article will show you ways to earn money through Memechat or by simply making memes.

Memechat App

Memechat was launched by the Shit Indians on the Say Instagram. It pays you for memes you create, and, if they approve and you are approved, you will receive anywhere from 5 to 30 Indian Rupees. If you’re a real member and you can make funny memes, this app could make you a bit of cash for the expenses you make every day.

Memechat App has a feed that shows the best memes that have been acknowledged by the most popular members in the group. You can discover memes from different categories such as Dank politics, Noobie, Shitpost and News and many more. Each meme you upload earns points that allow you to rank on the leaderboard.

How to Earn Money Using Memechat

When we talk about the earnings Memechat app. Memechat app lets you make memes straight through their app. There is no need to download any software because there are numerous templates available within the app. The inbuilt template collection is simply amazing and they are constantly adding new templates each day.

By using the editor tool you can edit images, text, emojis stickers, text, and more. Making use of the Memechat application to create high-quality memes and earn money from them is simple. The mechanism for earning and the methods to earn money with the Memechat application are as follows.

When it comes to earning, the Memechat app pays somewhere between the amount of Rs. 5 to 30 for every meme that you’ve made and then approved when you uploaded the meme. The amount you are paid for each meme may vary depending on the type that the memes belong to. If there’s a current campaign currently running and you are paid the amount of Rs. 20 per meme that is accepted.

Memechat App Minimum Payout

The minimum amount to be paid for Memechat app earnings is Rs. 100. When you’ve earned the amount of Rs. 100 in your PayTM wallet, you’ll be able to transfer it straight to your PayTM wallet and your bank account.

Sometimes, Memechat also conducts competitions that allow you to create memes about a specific theme and then participate. Winners of such contests receive a prize of 11,000 rupees.

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