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Money Heist 5 Part 2 . Trailer: When Professor goes into the bank, but can he keep his gang safe from the dark forces?

Money Heist 5 Part 2 trailer is released prior to the premiere at Netflix at 3 December. It’ll bring back actors Alvaro Morte, Itziar Ituno, Pedro Alonso, Miguel Herran, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo, Rodrigo de la Serna and others.

money heist la casa de papel 5 trailerMoney Heist 5 Vol 2 will release o Netflix on December 3. (Photo from Netflix)

Lisbon’s words are that The Professor has to confront his gang down to its last, broken and disorientated. “You see the disappointed faces of people you failed.” Now, in order to make amends for his mistake of putting the lives of his gang members in danger, The Professor will do whatever to save his gang’s lives in Money Heist episode 5’s sequel even if it requires him to join the Bank of Spain himself.

Indeed, Sergio aka the mastermind who was known for playing in the dark with negotiators and police took matters into his own hands and has come out of hiding to expose himself, not just to officers, but also to the entire world.

Watch Money Heist 5 part 2 trailer

A month before the launch of Money Heist season 5 part 2. Netflix has released on Wednesday the eagerly anticipated trailer for its forthcoming volume that is packed with excitement and action.

The robbers are in a state of shock following the sudden death of their main player, Tokyo. However, it does not necessarily mean Sagata and his crew have reduced their pace. They’re fast-moving further inside the bank as they challenge the red gang at every turn. There is bloody battle everywhere with each of the gang members is kneeling in front of the enemies. Do they bow down or will the Professor be able to get the gang out intact from their theft?

The trailer is filled with interesting moments. It’s got everything from Lisbon as well as Palermo being taken prisoner by the army, to Denver and Stockholm coming to an agreement with each other, and Helsinki forcing Palermo to fulfil his promise to take them both out of the area alive and alive. The Money Heist 5’s latest trailer makes waiting for the next series of episodes more difficult. It is interesting to note that we don’t glimpse anything from Rafael and Tatiana. Instead, Berlin, Alicia Sierra and Marseille make an appearance for a brief moment and we’re able to imagine what’s to come for these characters.

The official synopsis for the second chapter of Money Heist 5 reads, “Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) is dead. The villain is still within the Bank of Spain, wounded but just as deadly as before. Faced with their worst and their biggest challenge yet the gang devises an innovative plan to get their gold out without anyone’s noticing. In the process, the Professor commits the most costly error of his career.”

Spanish series La Casa De Papel, which is a streaming show on Netflix in the form of The Money Heist in English it released the first portion of its season finale in September. Its tear-jerking and finale cliffhanger will be brought to closing in the final five episodes of the second season.

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