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NCVT MIS Portal Apprenticeship ITI Result Marksheet | Certificate | Exam Date

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To create accessible the National Council of vocational training accessible online, the NCVT portal was developed. It’s a management-related information system that contains all information about vocational training in various programs. The information regarding admissions and registration can be found at the official site. Candidates need their personal details to sign in and access any information they require.

Candidates may also fill out the application form and be updated with the latest information regarding admission into various courses and also the results. The complete information can be gained by applicants using their NCVT Management Information System portal. In this article, we’ve included a comprehensive description of the NCVT MIS portal. NCVT MIS portal. Additionally, you will find details on the ITI portal login and results portal.

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What exactly is NCVT MIS Portal?

The council is an advisory institution that is part of the Government of India. National Council for vocational training was established to train people in various vocational trades in 1956. The Council is charged with developing curricular and standard craftsman training, and also advising the Indian government on various strategies and plans. It also is responsible for conducting every Indian trade test to be able to get admission as well as national trade certificates. It is among the only platforms that provide details about all institutions and courses that fall within NCVT.

All applicants taking part in various technical and non-technical programs will be able to access full database information. Information related to industrial training institutions is kept on the website that is maintained by the National Council of vocational training. For various examinations results, NCVT MIS admission, marks for the card semester-wise and certificate services are also available through the Management Information System.

How to Login To MIS Application

To log into the Management Information System application procedure is provided:

  • The first person to apply must be able to login to gain into this session.
  • For apprentices to gain login
  • Open official website of apprenticeship for the login tab- https://apprenticeship.gov.in/MIS/PreLog/UserLogin.aspx
  • Choose the option, and then provide the login ID and password.
  • Then click on login.
  • The details of the information about apprentices will be displayed.

Procedure To Recover Forgotten Password

If the applicant has forgotten their password in error If they have forgotten the password, they can get it back. The method to obtain the login information is described in the following:

  • Give login ID, for registered email as well as mobile number. Click on the next
  • You must either provide a your email address or mobile number, but your login ID is required
  • If you do not have a login credentials, you can talk to the administrator of the system for information.
  • Next, click to continue.
  • OTP is sent to the registered email id or mobile. OTP will be sent out to your email address registered or mobile
  • In this way, passwords is able to be obtained.

Method To Search Industrial Training Institute

In India, there are thousands of education centres that are available across the country. It covers all of the states and union regions of India. The applicant should search for the top ITI colleges to apply for admission to be established under the Ministry of entrepreneurial development and skill development. ITI classes offer various types of trades. Methods to find ITI is listed below Here are the steps:

  • The application must be first opened on NCVT’s NCVT’s official siteof NCVT
  • On the homepage screen there is a tab with the name of ITI
  • By pressing the tab, you will be able to reveal a menu of options
  • Select first option ITI search
  • Click here to open this link
  • It will request details
  • Include all the relevant information in accordance to the guidelines.
  • It is required to fill in the fields with a the star as they are required
  • After you have provided all the necessary information, then click the search button.
  • This way, applicants can find an industrial training institution in the chosen state district and trade.

How to Check NCVT MIS Results

To access the results of the examination on the NCVT website, follow the following instructions:

  1. Official website for NCVT NCVT MIS
  2. The website can be accessed right now by clicking this link
  3. Log in onto NCVT MIS’s website to sign in. NCVT MIS website for login
  4. Include the necessary information like password and login ID on the new page.
  5. There is an option to the verification of mark sheets
  6. In the menu for verification, select this option and enter roll number and registration number.
  7. Fill in the exam semester now and then click the search button.
  8. The results for the semester will be displayed on the screen
  9. It is possible to download it and print it to use in the future

NCVT ITI Grading

Looking up ITI Grading and giving feedback is an essential step. This will allow others to get information about ITI Grading. This information is gathered from feedback. Methodology for grading is described in the following sections:

  • Look for the tab that grades found on the their official website homepage
  • After you click on this option, it will display “ITI Search”
  • Enter search criteria
  • This includes a variety of information
  • Input all the details and click “search”
  • This way, the scoring for ITI can be completed and feedback for the pertinent ITI can be provided.

Apply for Apprenticeship Under NCVT The MIS

If you are a candidate and wish to be admitted for apprenticeships, they can sign up on the internet. This service online is offered by the National Council of vocational training to register. Follow the instructions given to:

  • Visit the official website of NCVT and click ” apprentice registration link
  • A new page with details regarding registration will be open
  • Complete the application form and upload the required document
  • After you have completed the details, click to preview the information and then submit the form.
  • Process of apprenticeship will end

Time Table and Academic Calendar for NCVT

For the entire year, the board creates a calendar. The calendar for academics will contain all the details in accordance with the semester or annual. It lists important dates that relate to various tasks. The procedure to verify the academic calendar can be found below It outlines important dates related to various tasks.

  • Start by navigating to the home screen of the management information portal
  • There’s a tab that has the name “calendar” on the homepage of the homepage.homepage
  • You can find an option to select a drop-down list under the calendar tab
  • Choose “academic calendar”option
  • Exam type and academic session
  • After providing both details, it will show the entire academic calendars for the current session.
  • Applicant may download it, or print it out for reference
  • It will include all details about that academic session.

Download the NCVT Examination Calendar

The official website also has exams schedules for the various semesters as well as academic calendars. These details are accessible and accessible via the following the procedure:

  • Look for the calendar tab on your home screen
  • On the official website , select the drop-down menu and then select “examination Calendar”
  • Select exam method, as well as the month and year of the exam.
  • After you have filled in all the details, After that, click on “search”button
  • This way, it will display the complete exam the month.
  • It contains information about the date and time, year and duration, as well as the the subject
  • Take note of it and prepare for an examination as per it
  • The applicant can also export the calendars of examinations into the form in Excel, CSV, or PDF
  • To do this, you need choose “export” option and then click on the format you want to download for your the exam calendar.
  • You could also make out a copy of this for general reference.

How to Test CIT Mock Test

For the CIT mock test for free, CIT mock test, follow the following instructions:

  • On NCVT’s official website. NCVT
  • The tab is that says ” CFI
  • When you click on the step, it will redirect you to “new website for the craftsman”
  • There is a link to “CIT Mock Test”
  • Clicking on this will open the directorate General Mock test servers for training
  • The applicant is able to take the mock test

How to Find CFIs

For applicants who wish to find a different CFI option, click here. The applicant can follow the procedure for:

  • Go straight to the official site and click on the tab
  • It will then redirect you to a different page on which you can select “CFI” is accessible.
  • Clicking this button will display CFI search option ” CFI search option
  • Select this option and supply all the necessary information.
  • Provide “state district, state CFI Name, trade and then type”
  • Then click “search” to find the CFI for that district and state.

How to Search CFI Trainee

  • To search for CFI training, visit NCVT’s website NCVT and click on the tab for “CFI”
  • This will launch a brand new page.
  • Click on the “trainee” tab
  • Here is the option to search for trainees. will be displayed.
  • Include the information about district and state as well as the name of CFI and trade
  • Include information about the semester, session and registration number for trainees
  • After you have provided all the information, after which click “server”
  • Candidates can find details about trainees on this page.

What’s the Procedure For Verification of Certificate of CFI?

  • To verify CFI certificate verification, click here directly to go to CFI page.
  • There is a procedure for “verification”
  • The first option is to use certificate verification
  • Give the CFI certificate number, and click “go” now
  • By this method, the CFI’s certificate number can be confirmed.

CFI Mark Sheet Verification

Candidates who wish to verify your CFI mark sheet should follow this instruction:

  • Visit the NCVT MIS website and click on the “CFI Tab”
  • The new webpage will be opened
  • Select the verification tab, and then select “mark the sheet for verification” option
  • Choose the course type, like CIT and RPL
  • After choosing the type of course, give the your roll #, number of registration with the exam type and year.
  • Then click search and it will check the marks sheet of the candidate.

Method To Determine ITI Count

If you are one of the applicants who would like to know the ITI count, the procedure is provided below:

  • On the home screen of the official website, applicants must select the tab ” ITI
  • The third alternative could be ” ITI count
  • It gives information on the number of ITI trades and states.
  • Based on the district and state, give all the relevant information including ITI Type and Trade
  • Once you have applied this filter, a list of data relevant with ITI count will appear.
  • It is applicable to all India ITI

Method To Verify NCVT Trade Statistics of MIS

The Trade statistic page gives trade-related counts of the available seats that are filled and the count of ITI. To check the availability and seats that are occupied by ITI follow the following steps:

  • Choose”trade statistic” from the “trade stats” option from ITI tab on the homepage.
  • Include information like I Type of TI, State district, sector trade, and NSQF levels
  • After completing these details, after which click ” apply filter
  • After applying the system, it will display the that seats are available and also seats that are occupied by ITI

Method to Search for Trainees on NCVT MIS Portal

By visiting the site on the NCVT MIS portal applicant can also find trainee. They must give some basic information in the space. The procedure for searching for trainees can be found below:

  • Official website for the Open of the ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship.
  • There’s a tab with the name “trainee”
  • It will appear as a drop down list within this tab
  • Choose “trainee” search”to search for trainee
  • Give details such as district, state ITI exam system Trade gender, academically certified section, etc.
  • After you have provided all the information, after which click “search”
  • This method will aid you to find the “Trainee”

Procedure to View The NCVT the MIS Trainee Profile

National Council of vocational training Management Information System portal lets trainees view their personal profile. All they require is the basic details. The procedure to verify the profile of a trainee is described below:

  • Go to the official website and select the tab for training.
  • This section is where applicants will see “trainee Profile”option
  • When you click this button, it will require information like the registration number or father’s name, birth date of birth, and date of
  • All this information with the captcha code. Click”submit” “submit”
  • After you submit these details, it will display the complete profile of the student

How to Verify NCVT Trainee Profile

The procedure for the verification of trainees can be found below. Follow the steps to assist the trainee in verifying their personal profile:

  • Visit the official website and select the tab “trainer”
  • A droplist will appear and it will offer “trainee Verification”
  • When you click this button, it will prompt for admission request numbers and name, father’s name, birth date, and date of birth.
  • Fill in all the details and then click “submit”
  • This process will assist in confirming the identity of the students

How Do I Verify the MIS E Certificate

The verification process below for E certificates is described. Follow the step-by-step instructions to confirm the authenticity of your certificate:

  • Open NCVT MIS official web portal
  • There’s a tab with the title of “verification” on the home page.
  • In this verification tab , you will see the option to an electronic certificateverification
  • If you click on this option, it will result in a question about E certificate number and E certificate type
  • Complete all the information required and click “go”
  • The information provided will assist in confirming the authenticity of a certificate.
  • Candidate may also print the print-out to refer to later

Procedure to NCVT Find a Certified Training

Those who wish to find a certified trainee must follow these instructions:

  • Official website for Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
  • There’s a tab with the title of “verification”
  • In this home screen an option drop-down list will be displayed.
  • Under the verification tab, select “certified student search”option
  • By clicking on this link, you will prompt you for information such as “state ITI, state, name trade, year, and the name of the trainee”
  • This method allows applicants to find a certified trainee

NCVT MIS Portal -Instructor Information

Not just having excellent ITI and trade skills is essential, but having a great instructor is also essential. It is therefore vital to have the right data as well as information regarding the instructor.

Instructor Search

For searching for instructor procedures as described below. This method is only applicable in the event that the applicant has instructor details, including identification.

  • First time visit to the official website
  • On the homepage page of the portal, you will see an option with the name “instructor”
  • When you click on this link, it will display an option drop-down menu with the choice for “instructor Search”
  • Click here to open this link
  • It will inquire about the the name, address and district and the instructor as well as the name of the ITI trade and ID of the instructor.
  • Include all the details, including qualifications to the instructor who is searching for you.
  • So, the student is able to search for information about the instructor

How to Download NCVT MIS Instructor Data

All important information regarding the instructor is uploaded to the official website. The data is uploaded in the format of a Microsoft Excel file. This file will contain information on states, districts and MIS code as well as the show name and ITI as well. It includes details like shift count, trade count units count, and instructor count. How to download this data is provided below:

  • Visit the official site of NCVT Management Information System
  • There’s a tab that has the name “instructor”on the homepage
  • Clicking this tab will display the option to view instructor data
  • Click this link then it’ll download the file.
  • In this document, the above-mentioned details are described

Procedure For NCVT MIS Registration Of Examiner

The process of registering examiners has been made electronic. The entire procedure is available on the official web pages of the National Council of vocational training. The procedure for registering examiners is described below:

  • On the home page of the official website, there is the tab “examiner”
  • In this tab, the information for “examiner Registration” is there
  • Click here to open this link
  • Personal information, permanent, and address information for correspondents is required.
  • Fill in all the details and upload the image for the next step.
  • The next step is to you can upload all the pertinent information with the document, and click ” submit
  • Through this method, registration for the examiner will be completed
  • After submitting all the required information, the applicant who is registering can download the form or printout to use for reference later.

How to Activate Examiner

Examiner verification is a crucial step. Examiner ITI mapping verification is done online. Methods for activation and verification can be found below:

  • Visit the official website of the National Council of vocational training
  • There is a tab with title of “examiner” on the home page
  • Applicant will be able to find “examiner activation” option
  • Click this link to allow activation and verifying the examiner
  • It will request “examiner Registration code” along with type
  • Types include activating examiners or accepting of rejection to map
  • After choosing the desired option, Click on “go”
  • This way, activation of the examiner can be achieved.

How to Check the the MIS Functions of ITI Institution

In order to be admitted into ITI, it is essential to understand the MIS function. This includes information for the entire duration of the semester. MIS function is implemented for the assignment of duties and segregation in accordance with the academic calendar on the official website. You can test the functionality of MIS following the procedures:

  • Select the type of function on the official homepage of the website
  • Search for “functionalities”
  • This includes both future and current
  • Choose the appropriate function based on the requirements
  • It will contain information relating to the flow of processes and stakeholder responsibilities during academic years.
  • Find this info for various types of ITIs, including SPIU and NIU
  • Knowing the details about this function is essential to know the flow of the stakeholder process during the academic year.

NCVT Online Affiliation with MIS

Registration through already registered applications can be done online. This technology is extremely helpful in ensuring transparency and ease of access to services. The list of functions associated with online affiliation certificate services is listed below:

New NCVT ITI Registration for MIS

To complete a new registration, the ITI procedures are given below. The applicant must follow the steps with care. To register an ITI the following requirements must be met:

  • Find the official site
  • There is a tab for online application on the home page
  • In this section, you have the possibility of “New ITI Registration”
  • Select this option, and fill in all the details that is requested.
  • Upload the documents you need and then click “submit”
  • By using this procedure, the brand using this procedure, the brand new “ITI process of registration” will conclude.

Existing or New ITI Login

For members of the ITI who are already registered, they are able to do login. The process of login will be done on the ITI’s official NCVT website. The procedure for logging in to ITI on the NCVT website can be found below Here is the procedure:

  • Choose the kind of affiliation online from the website portal
  • In this section you have an alternative for “new as well as existing ITI login”
  • Click this link and enter your login information.
  • Fill in all the details and then click “login”
  • In this manner the login process can be completed by ITI officials.

Application Scrutiny Portal

For a thorough examination of the application, adhere to the following instructions To examine the application, follow these steps:

  • Click here to visit the NCVT portal. NCVT
  • Click on the online application tab and select”application scrutinization portal.” “application review portal”
  • Complete all of the necessary details and pertinent information. Click to “submit the application”
  • Portal will be open, and will offer the information you require in relation” scrutiny of applications ” scrutiny of application

NCVT Physical Verification of the MIS Member Login

Login to the member’s physical verification procedure is similar to above for physical verification.

  • Go to the official website, and then click the on the online application tab, you will find an the option to verify your identity with a physical “member log in”
  • Select this option and fill in the various information required to sign in.
  • After verifying logins for members, you can do the login verification

Checklist of the ATIs, NVTIs and RVTIs

If applicants want to look up a list of ATIs or NVTIs, as well as RVTIs we can find them using the following instructions. This list of lists for various cities can be found on the official website:

  • Candidates must go to the official website and choose”CITS”. “CITS”
  • This option is accessible on the home screen.
  • By clicking on this link, you will open a tab that displays to “list”
  • Click here to open this tab
  • A list of all ATIs, NVTTIs and RVTIswith the city’s name will be displayed.
  • Click on the your desired ATI
  • By clicking on this link, you will be able to access the official website of this organization and additional list and details can be found there.

What is Skill Development Initiative Scheme?

The government of India has initiated the skill development initiative. The scheme is based on the development of qualities and abilities in the students. It will give a lot of details regarding the development of skills. The procedure to adopt the initiative to develop skills is described below:

  • Visit the official site of the National Council of vocational training
  • Choose the option “SDIS”
  • Here is an opportunity to build skills. initiative scheme will be shown.
  • Selecting this option will open the website for the initiatives to improve skills
  • Get the relevant details from their
  • All information and details are available on the official website of the skill development initiative scheme

Central Staff Training And Research Institute (CSTARI)

To support research and training, and institute separate from the main one has been established. It is a centrally managed institute for the training of personnel. It has a range of crafts-related information under its umbrella. The official website of Directorate General of Training. For the official website, the link is listed below:

  • Candidate may also choose to attend the staff training at the central office as well as the Research Institute by following given instructions
  • The official website that is run by the National Council of vocational training.
  • Click this link and it will take you to the webpage of the directorate General of training. Directorate General of Training.
  • The training institute is part of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and skill development.

Information About NCVT The NCVT MIS Directorate General Of Training

This is an executive body within the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to facilitate coordination and development in the field of vocational education. It is also involved in vocational education for women. There are a variety of industrial training institutes that fall under the financial and administrative control of the various union territory Administration and the state government. Directorate General of training operates vocational training programs for some specific areas under the direct supervision. It is the responsibility of DGT for testing trades and instructor training accordance in accordance with the common purpose and routine procedures.

Principal DGT’s Functions DGT

The most crucial and significant tasks of directorate General training are listed below. The reasons for the development of DGT and the importance of its purpose are:

  • This was created to broaden and modernize the facility of training for craft instructors and craftsmen.
  • It arranges and conducts specific training at a specially established Training Institute
  • DGT organizes vocational training for women in addition to the apprenticeship training
  • It provides guidance on career and employment counselling
  • It assists scheduled castes Scheduled tribes and physically disabled people to develop their abilities and make them self-employed or wage earners.

Plans Under Directorate General Of Training

There are numerous programs and screens that are managed by this institution. This includes training and development for each craft and trainee

Schema For Training

The Craftsmen Training Scheme was introduced in 1950. The government of India has launched a craftsmen’s training. It was created to guarantee an ongoing supply of skilled workers in various industries across a variety of trades. It assists the production of industrial goods to increase the quality and quantity of craftsman training. It has also reduced the rate of unemployment among educated youth. It has also provided skills that can be employed to develop and foster an aptitude for technology among students. It is among the biggest schemes within the Vocational Training field. The day-to-day administration of ITI falls under the scheme for craftsman training. transferred to the craftsman training scheme.

DGT training is supported financially by the planning commission and Finance Ministry. Both the state and Central government agencies play an important part in the creation and expansion of vocational training. The scheme is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the policies. Link to Technical standards and norms for conducting examinations, certification, etc. These are the responsibilities for the Central Government whereas Administration and admission portal ITI are the responsibility of the State Government and Union Territory administration. There are currently more than 15000 training institutes all across India to train craftsmen. It is comprised of nearly 23 lakh applicants from various trades. They can use the MIS portal that has been designed to create a skilled workforce.

Liste Of CTS Courses

The procedure for identifying the various craftsman’s training schemes are listed below. The explanation is given under each factor, names of trades as well as the minimum requirements and details. To get the details of CTS courses, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Go to the official site of the Directorate General of training
  • Here is the option to select “scheme as well as program”
  • Selecting this option will open a drop down menu with a list of options for training. is present.
  • “CTS” or “CTS”
  • You can check the complete list of CTS courses is accessible.
  • Select this option and it will take you to an new page.
  • The complete information about the various CTS courses is available.
  • This list can be downloaded in the form of csv as well.

How to Find Certified Trainee

  • To search for a CFI certified trainees, go to NCVT’s website NCVT and click on the “CFI” tab”
  • It will display a page that has an option for “verification” is readily available
  • By clicking on “certified graduate”search for certified trainees”will open a search criteria list.
  • Name of CFI trainee and state, along with the year and the course
  • Select the search option and then a certified trainee will be able to found using this method.

How to Download NCVT’s MISS CFI E Certificate

Candidates who wish the ability to save your CFI electronic certificate, follow the this instruction:

  • Click here to open the NCVT website
  • Choose the type of CFI and then click on verification tab
  • Choose “e cert”download option
  • If you click this, it will ask what type of course you are taking and your registration number
  • Complete the form and click “Download PDF” electronic certificate of CFI.
  • Download the files in the form of PDF using this method.
  • Also, print it out of the printout for later references.

Procedure for Complaint Registration

National Council of vocational training management information system’s official website gives the possibility of registering complaints. This is a crucial feature since it allows two options for interaction between authorities and the applicants. With this option, applicants may file a complaint, and have it resolved in a matter of minutes. This is the procedure to register a complaint. is provided. Follow the instructions given to register a complaint:

  • Visit the NCVT website NCVT and click on the “log complain” tab
  • By clicking on this link, you will bring up a form.
  • Complete the details like name of the module, email address, roll, the subject
  • Upload the document supporting the upload in specific manner and describe the document.
  • After providing every information
  • Click on the “submit” button
  • Your complaint will be recorded and, after the registration of your complaint it will be analyzed
  • Concerning your concern, authorities will attempt to investigate the issue and will get in touch with you to sort it out swiftly.

NCVT MIS Apprenticeship Training

It is a form of instruction offered by any company or institution. It is a combination of fundamental training and hands-on experience of the work that is essential at the workplace. The person who completes apprenticeship training is known as an apprentice. It is performed by any person with physical fitness and with minimum qualification and an age of 14 years old. Training in apprenticeship is the decision of a person who can take up apprenticeship training in any profession of their choice.

The Benefits of Apprenticeship Training

The apprenticeship program gives the apprentice the chance to undergo training in preparation for the job. The apprentice is exposed to working conditions in a real work environment. They will have the opportunity to work with advanced machines and equipment that is specifically designed for industries. This will help them practice and also help them learn about their work environment. skilled workers, when they acquire experience and knowledge are eligible to receive pay or self-employment. Additionally, during the process of training, apprentices earn an amount of money based on their training performance.

About Trade For Apprentices

Physically fit candidates who meet the education level of 8th 10, 10th, 12th or ITI passes are eligible to take part in apprenticeships. In specific trades, the minimum in the form of BSc must be obtained. But, these options are based on the desired qualifications of the candidate for trade apprentices. There are 259 trades that are designated. The duration of the apprenticeship is different in accordance with the chosen trade. It can range from 6-months to 3 to 4 years. For certain trades, it could be up to four years. After completion of training, apprentices must appear for the all India trade exam. The test is administered by the National Council for vocational training. If you pass this test, the apprentices will validate their qualifications to be employed. The candidates will be evaluated by their trade of choice and will be able to establish themselves in various industries.

Type Of Distribution For NCVT MIS Trade Apprentice

A minimum stipend of $80 per month for trade apprentices. The applicant will be entitled to this stipend starting from the first year. The distribution of the minimum monthly stipend is as follows:

  • First year candidate – A at least 70% wage for semi skilled workers will be paid as a Stipend
  • For candidates in 2nd year – The rate increases to 80%
  • Fourth and third year 90% of the semi skilled workers’ minimum wage. worker is paid by the state or Union Territory or State Government

How to Find Status of Apprentice and Their Apprenticeship

The process of searching for apprentices digitally is described below. Follow the directions provided: –

  • Check out the official site of the apprentice
  • The website can be accessed right now by clicking the link below.
  • Choose the first option
  • Once you have clicked this, you can provide details like the registration number, name of establishment the type of candidate trade, sector district, state, and any other information.
  • Click on the search button for the apprentice search
  • This method lets anyone look up apprentices enrolled in the program who are in possession of information

NCVT Apprenticeship Status

To find out the status of the apprenticeship process has been described below:

Go to the official website and navigate to the home page. This will show information about the status of applicants who have been accepted for apprenticeship and received an offer letter. This also includes contract generated the status of offer rejected the apprenticeship

  • Visit the site of the apprenticeship
  • Select the tab apprentices and then select “apprenticeship condition”
  • Give the registration number and date of birth, along with the name of your father and UID
  • At the very least, one of the information like UID and father’s name are mandatory.
  • However, the registration number as well as date of birth are both needed
  • After you’ve filled in all these details, after which click the search button
  • This way, applicants can verify the status of their the training

Checking Of E Certificate And Search Certified Apprentice

To search for certified apprentices and verification of the certificate given to apprentices is provided. The following is the procedure for the verification of certificates. Verification of certificates that are generated electronically is required and is performed by NAC services:

  • Open the official website for apprenticeship
  • Choose the tab for verification
  • The first drop-down menu is “e cert verification”
  • In this case it will ask the e-NAC Certificate Number
  • Fill in the information and click “go”
  • This way, the verification of a certificate for apprentices is possible.

Certified Apprenticeship

A similar procedure applies to finding an apprentice who is certified.

  • Check the verification tab
  • Choose”certified apprenticeship” “certified apprentice”
  • Name of the year in which the apprentice establishment and trade name, as well as trade and sector
  • Click on the search button to find the information of apprentices who have been certified.

Third Party Agency Guidelines under the Act 1961 on Apprenticeship Act 1961

At present in India, there are over thirty thousand establishments for apprenticeship training. At present, there are more than 2.1 thousand apprentices who are under instruction through a huge amount of institutions. Numerous trades are offered to be implemented and to promote the development of. The motivation behind the expansion of third-party agencies and other third parties is to assist the industry in hiring skilled workers. This will reduce the inadequacy of staff support to assist the activities of under-apprentices. There are over 21 lakh enterprises that employ six or more employees. This indicates a massive potential to the demand for skilled workers and makes it more important to have apprenticeships.

Eligibility for Third Party Agency

The list of the eligibility requirements to be a Third-Party Agency is provided below. Third-party agencies have to be able to access a pool of resources to support infrastructure as well as applicants. A third-party agency could be one that has been in existence for five years. Letter of support for at least twenty establishments that are looking to recruit apprentices.

Choice and Role of Third Agency Partners

  • In India only those agencies will be chosen through the Directorate General of training which falls under the act of apprenticeships 1961.
  • Each selected agency will examine the application and follow the minimum eligibility criteria that have been discussed previously.
  • Through this agency, you will receive a the number that is registered number given by DGT.


  • It is the job of the agency to provide the fundamental training via the training providers.
  • For apprentices who are fresh Agents are not allowed to select more than three institutions for the trainee.
  • Through studying the infrastructure that is accessible via practical experience and education. Agencies must file all return forms on the portal website for the employer’s behalf.
  • It is the responsibility of a third-party agency acting on behalf of employer to file a claim for reimbursement of stipends.
  • In order to do this, they need submit a claim for the cost of basic training. If they’re getting basic training from a company, they must comply with the formalities necessary for trainees.
  • Different trades are required to pass the all India test for trade.

Obligations of Employer

  • The obligation on the part of employers to sign the apprenticeship contract and upload the document on the portal website.
  • Employers should provide basic training for apprentices and offer training in the workplace to entice the apprentices.
  • It is the responsibility of employers to pay of the stipend prescribed to apprentices.
  • Also, offer a an amount of compensation for injured apprentices. This injury could be due to accident while training.
  • The tenure of third-party agencies is three years. These agencies are chosen for this time period and their performance is reviewed by the board of directors every quarter.

Finding NCVT Basic Training Apprentice for MIS

To find a basic apprentice, follow the guidelines given. The step-by-step process is discussed:

  • Open the website for apprenticeships
  • Visit the homepage and choose”BTP”. “BTP” tab
  • In this stage you will have the alternative to BTP search.
  • If you select this option, it makes you eligible to search for basic apprentices in training.
  • Give BTP name type State, District Trade Sector, and type of registration
  • After you have provided all the information, click the search button to start the basic information for a trainee apprentice.

NCVT MIS Apprenticeship Online Examination

The form to register for the examination of apprenticeship training is available on the official site. To make it simple and accessible, the digitalization of registration has been initiated. The procedure for registration to take an online examination is in the following format:

  • Go to the official site of the apprenticeship
  • The website’s URL is available here.
  • Choose the apprenticeship online exam tab
  • This option of online apprenticeship exam is offered.
  • The details will be the same in the case of submitting for the final or additional examination
  • Select the option that is most suitable to you and then enter your registration number and the date of birth in order to receive the information.
  • After obtaining the information, select an examination, and then register it.
  • The applicant must also submit the necessary documents that will aid in the registration process.
  • Following registration, it is essential to print out a copy of the registration form to be able to refer back later

How to Find the Status of NCVT MIST AITT Results

The applicant must provide search criteria to check the status of the result. Methods to obtain the status of the results are as follows: below:

  • By using the AITT result status tab on the home screen on the official website. Click to AITT result status.
  • Give your registration number, session name and birth date.
  • After entering this information, click on the search button. the result status for apprentices will be displayed on the screen.
  • It’s possible to download it, or print it out to keep for reference

NCVT MIS frequently asked questions

What is NCVT’s MIS?

National Council for vocational training management information system is a website developed by the central government in order to centralize the details of students. This portal is helpful for receiving results, a mark sheet as well as registration and an electronic certificate. It’s one platform that can handle everything is required by a trainee or apprentice. Can you do the new NCVT MIS ITI registration?

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has an online affiliation option to the brand newly launched ITI registration. All applicants need to do is go to this official website, and then follow the instructions which are discussed in the previous paragraphs. But, once they have registered, or registering with an existing ITI since they have login details too. In short, any issue that arises from ITI registration and access to the facility is accessible through the official website. Do you know of any apprentice stipend plan available for the trainees who are just starting out?

Each trainee will receive a salary during studying. The stipend is divided into various sections for various years. A specific percentage of semi-skilled wage is paid to apprentices. How does apprenticeship benefit the employer?

The amount actually paid by the employer for the apprenticeship program is not much. However, it does include the classroom and on-the-job training experiences. Thus, apprentices will be generating employers as they learn. It increases productivity and, after the completion of the program, highly educated experts are ready for various industries that have the highest quality of production. How do I enrol in an apprenticeship?

To enrol apprentices, applicants need to complete the registration process. This process of registration is accessible through the website for the apprenticeship. The details of registration have been explained in the previous. What’s the procedure for setting up an apprentice engagement to the NCVT the MIS web portal?

The beginning of the establishment begins through registration. Following enrollment, an establishment is required to disclose the specifics that the agreement is to be provided to apprentices. The details of the contract are uploaded on the site by regional apprenticeship advisors as well as state apprenticeships. Advisors will distribute this information to both the government establishment and private sector institutions. Is NAPS a thing?

NAPS refers to the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme. The scheme was launched in the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to offer promotion opportunities for apprentices in line with their level of education and skills. Dual-mode is what?

Candidates who are accepted through ITI under dual-plus will receive a certificate of acceptance from NAPS training. What is the amount of claim for NAPS?

For the establishment, about 25 per cent of the wage declared is the equivalent of 4500by The government in India as per NAPS. BTP can claim up to 50 percent of the declared wage or up to a maximum amount of Rs. 7500, from BTP. Government of India under NAPS.

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