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Punjab Mera Ghar Mera Naam Scheme: Apply Online, Eligibility, New List

Punjab Mera Ghar Mera Naam Scheme 2021 | Mera Ghar Mera Naam online apply to the scheme MGMN lal lakir home scheme

The home is the most valuable asset of every living thing. For those living in “lal lakir” ownership rights were not available. The Chief Minister for Punjab, Chanajit S Channi has recently announced the Punjab Mera Ghar Mera Naam scheme. The scheme is aimed at providing the right to own homes in the ‘lal lakir’. This scheme of welfare will give the residents with homes in this category. For more information about this scheme, you can scroll down to read the article below.

Mera Ghar Mera Naam Scheme 2021

Many citizens don’t enjoy rights over their personal property. Therefore, both state and central governments have launched a variety of initiatives to come up with a solution to this. The newly appointed chief minister of Punjab announced a welfare scheme known as “Mera Ghar Mera Naam” on October 17th, 2021 at an event at the state level in Dinanagar. It’s similar to the Swamitva Yojana of the central government. This scheme was in favour of those who resided in “lal lakir’. The scheme will provide the property card to each one of these citizens. With this property card, they will be granted ownership rights to their homes for a period of time. This means they are able to get title to their home which they had been denied before.

In the past, this program was restricted to rural areas however, citizens living in ‘lal Lakirs which are located in urban areas can also receive Property cards in their names. The land that could be classified as property belonging to the village however is not utilized for agriculture is considered to be a ‘lal lakhri’. Villages were included in this program, but the scheme is now in effect for urban areas.

Highlights of Meraghar Mera Naam Punjab Yojana

NameMera Ghar Mera Naam
Launched ByCharanjeet S Channi, CM, Punjab
Announced On12 October 2021
Launched On17 October 2021
AimIn order to grant ownership rights to the lal-lakir property owners
BeneficiariesCitizens of Punjab living in homes within the lal-lakir


After the departure of captain Amrinder Singh Gill as Chief Minister of Punjab, Charajeet S Channi was named his new CM. The goal is to introduce different welfare programs to ensure that the government is strong. In the interests of the people that he introduced “Mera Ghar Mera Naam”. This program will be an enormous relief for those who are disadvantaged as it grants them ownership rights over the properties they reside in for the duration of a lease. In view of the great success of the program in rural areas, he expanded the scheme to eligible residents living in cities. This scheme allows for the legalization of claims over the areas that are part of the “lal lakir’.

Mera Ghar Mera Naam Benefit

The primary advantage of this scheme is for the poor who have to endure the chaos of titles for homes in the ‘lal Lakir’ area. As the legalization of ownership rights for these properties follows an approved verification process, the residents will not be suffering as much and will have safe housing to reside in. They will receive property identification cards to shield their ownership from dispute. This will help those who are disadvantaged in society through the use of technologies for assessing land.


The principal features in this plan are:

  • This program is a continuation of the central government’s scheme called Swamitav Yojana.
  • This plan will benefit residents who reside in the area of ‘lal Lakir which have rights to property ownership.
  • A property card is issued to citizens.
  • The rights will be available for a certain duration.
  • They will be able to prove of ownership of their property.
  • This plan is now being used designed for urban areas too.
  • After the card is issued after the card’s issue, 15 days are the period to make any corrections.
  • Properties belonging to NRIs are secure as is the fact that government officials will keep the records of revenue.

Eligibility to apply in Mera Ghar Mera Naam Yojana

The applicants must take into consideration the following eligibility requirements prior to trying to apply for a property card under this scheme:

  • The applicant must be a resident of Punjab.
  • You must be living in a house which is situated within the “lal lakir’.
  • Must be able to provide all documents required at the time of application.
  • You must be a resident of one of the 12,700 villages which are classified as ‘lal lakir’.


The citizens must be able to present the following documents when applying in”Mera Ghar Naam. “Mera Ghar Mera Naam” scheme:

  • Photo of the applicant with the appropriate dimensions.
  • Signed signatures of applicants digital when applying online applications.
  • Aadhar Card
  • Proof of Residence
  • Ration Card
  • PAN Card
  • The mobile number of the applicant
  • Email ID

Application Procedure of Mera Ghar Mera Naam Apply

The CM Charanjeet S Channi just started the scheme but has not announced any announcements regarding the application process. It is possible that as with other government schemes applications could be made online. The Punjab government Punjab has yet to launch any website or linked site to register candidates. Even if registration is not completed online the information will be made public by this post. Be sure to check this article to receive regular updates.


How can I tell the distinction between Swamitav Yojana and Mera Ghar Mera Naam?

The two schemes are alike. They share the same goal as well as features as well as the same eligibility requirements. The only distinction is that Swamitav is applicable for Pan India, while Mera Ghar Mera Naam is designed specifically intended for people from Punjab.

My home is in the lal lakir, but it is located in the city area. What can I do to apply for a property permit?

In the past, the program was only available to rural regions. Now, it’s expanded to urban or city areas. So it is possible to apply for a home card.

How do I apply?

The state has not issued an announcement concerning the process for applying. All news will be announced on this website.

Do I have the right to sell my home in the scheme?

The scheme grants the right to own property. Therefore, it is possible to sell the property by this scheme. It is also possible to make use of this scheme to secure gain cash.

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