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RGHS Scheme 2021 On-line Registration Benefits & View Hospital List

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Today, both private and public sector enterprises offer medical insurance as well as other medical services for their employees. To ensure that the medical requirements of employees are satisfied. This is because the Government of Rajasthan has also introduced a new health scheme for employees of the Government known as the Rajasthan Government Health Scheme (RGHS Scheme). Medical services are available to those who are eligible under the scheme. This article will cover all crucial elements that are part of this RGHS scheme. In this article, you’ll learn about the objectives advantages, features and eligibility requirements, as well as the documents required for the application process, and more for the Rajasthan Government Health Scheme. If you’re looking to benefit from the RGHS scheme, then you need to read this article.

RGHS Scheme 2021

The Government of Rajasthan has launched the RGHS Scheme to provide medical services to MLAs and ex-MLA as well as State Government employees and pensioners. The health facilities are offered through various schemes, rules and medical insurance policies. Other than that the autonomous bodies/boards/corporations are providing these medical facilities through their own regulations. The full version that is available under the RGHS scheme is available in is the Rajasthan Government Health Scheme. All hospitals operate under the authority of government-licensed hospitals as well as public-private partnership hospitals are able to provide medical services in this scheme. If there is a medical emergency, the treatment will be provided in referral hospitals with a valid approval of the authority in charge. Rajasthan state government Health Scheme is based on CGHS rates and regulations.

Goal In RGHS Scheme

The principal goal that is the main goal of RGHS scheme has been to offer medical services to Government personnel of Rajasthan. Today, the State employees aren’t forced to think about expenses for medical treatment since the government will cover the medical expenses of their employees. This plan will provide that the beneficiaries receive timely medical treatment. The Rajasthan health plan that is administered by the government will also increase the quality of life. The beneficiaries will no longer be denied medical care due to their financial status because they will be covered by the Government of Rajasthan is going to cover the cost of health care.

Principal Highlights of RGHS Scheme

Description Of The SchemeRGHS Scheme
It was announced byGovernment Of Rajasthan
BeneficiaryGovernment Employees of Rajasthan
The GoalTo provide Medical Facilities
Official WebsiteGo Here
Method Of ApplicationOnline
RGHS Scheme

The Main Guidelines Of RGHS Scheme

  • The Rajasthan legislative assembly members is elected in 1964.
  • Rajasthan legislative assembly ex-members as well as the family pensioner (medical facilities) rules, 2010.
  • The Rajasthan civil Services (medical attendance rules 2013
  • Rajasthan health care for state pensioners concession schemefor 2014, 2014.
  • Raj mediclaim policy
  • The Rajasthan ministers (medical attendance) rules of 1961
  • Rajasthan Judiciary officials (medical infrastructures) rules in 2008
  • All India services (medical attendance) rules 1954

Facilities Available Under RGHS Rajasthan

  • OPD treatment
  • Cashless facility to pay for IPD/day care services
  • Investigations by the Government and an the empanelled diagnostic centre
  • Family welfare, Maternity and infant Health Services

RGHS Scheme Claim Settlement And Coverage

You may be aware, it is the Rajasthan state-wide health plan was launched by the chief minister of Rajasthan in his budget address for the financial year 2021. With the scheme, medical services are available to those who are beneficiaries. The settlement of claims within the RGHS Scheme will be handled using the platform for IT used by RGHS that is known as the RGHS portal. The electronic medical records of every beneficiary will be saved within the RGHS cardholder’s electronic wallet. The illness that is catastrophic is treated as an emergency. If there is a dispute between the parties, it will be resolved by the district-level grievance redressal commission or the state-level grievance resolution committee and the appellate authority. The pre-authorization of any treatment will be granted at the level of the hospital.

The List of Catastrophic Illness

  • Surgery to repair the coronary artery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Hodgkin’s disease
  • Urinary retention in a short period of more than 24hrs
  • Acute myocardial infarction
  • An Acute pneumonitis
  • Acute respiratory distress
  • Cancer
  • Kidney failure due to renal failure
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Meningitis
  • Major organ transplant like kidney, lungs, pancreas, heart, liver or bone marrow
  • Accidents
  • Delivery
  • Tubal pregnancy and associated complications
  • Swine flu
  • Dengue fever
  • Burst appendicitis
  • Pancreatitis etc

Benefits and The Features of RGHS Scheme

  • The Government of Rajasthan have launched RGHS Schemein order to provide medical services to Honorable MLAs former MLAs, and State Government employees and pensioners
  • The medical services will be offered under a variety of rules, schemes, and medical insurance policies.
  • Other than that the autonomous bodies/boards/corporations are providing these medical facilities through their own regulations
  • The official name of the RGHS program will be Rajasthan Government Health Scheme
  • All hospitals operated by the government, licensed hospitals and public-private partnership Hospitals can offer medical services under this program.
  • If there’s an urgent need, then treatment can be provided in a the hospital of referral after obtaining a referral from the authority in charge.
  • Rajasthan Government Health Scheme is built in CGHS rates and other provisions
  • The announcement for the launch of the scheme was made by the Honourable the Chief Minister from Rajasthan in the budget address for the year 2021’s fiscal year.
  • Under this scheme, medical facilities are offered to the beneficiaries
  • The settlement of claims under RGHS schemewill take place via the platform for IT that is RGHS, which includes the RGHS portal
  • A medical electronic record for the patient will be stored the information in RGHS card holders’ electronic wallet
  • The fatal disease is treated as an emergency
  • If there is a dispute between the parties, then it will be resolved by the district grievance resolution committee, state-level grievance redressal panel and appellate authority
  • The pre-authorisation of the procedure will be granted at the hospital level

Eligibility Criteria of RGHS Scheme

  • The applicant must be a an permanent resident in Rajasthan
  • It must also be an incumbent MLA, an ex-MLA or State Government employee or pensioner

Essential Documents to Apply for RGHS Scheme

  • Aadhar Card
  • Photograph of passport size
  • Email ID
  • Ration card
  • Age proof
  • Evidence of income

Method To Register under the RGHS Scheme

  • The home page will be opened for you.
  • On the homepage, you will need to click on the Registration option.
  • An entirely new web page is likely to open in front of you.
  • On this page, you will need to choose one of the categories below:
    • Citizen
    • Udyog
    • Government employees
  • You must then choose the appropriate option from the available options:
    • Janaadhaar
    • Bhamashah
    • Google
    • BRN(in the case of Udyog)
    • SIPF(in the case of government employees)
  • A new page will open in front of you.
  • On this new page , you must enter all the information required
  • Now , you must submit all the documents required
  • Then, click submit
  • If you follow this procedure, you can sign up under RGHS Scheme

Method To Integrate Pharma Stores

  • Visit SSO Rajasthan’s SSO Rajasthan official site SSO Rajasthan’s official site SSO Rajasthan
  • Your home page should appear prior to you
  • On the homepage, you need to fill in your username password, as well as the captcha code.
  • Once you’ve done that, click on the login button.
  • You must now click on the RGHS icon
  • Following that, you must click on empanelment in the Pharma store
  • An entirely new web page is likely to open in front of you.
  • On this page, you must enter all necessary information.
  • You must now submit all the documents required
  • Then, you must provide a performance bank guarantee and application fee
  • Once you’ve done that, click submit
  • Following this method, you will be able to enlist pharmacies

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