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Login, Services, Registration, and Partner Login to RNFI

This page provides information about RNFI Login, Services, Registration, and Partner Login. Find RNFI Login information here. Online services are the modern way of life. Online services make life much easier. Online payment is also an option. Cash hoarding was responsible for cash transactions being closed earlier. has launched services to close cash transactions. RNFI Services are now available to both vendors and users.

Login page for RNFI

Online payment is now possible by logging into the RNFI Login Page. RNFI is a platform that protects your account confidentiality and trust in all online services. RNFI was established in a short time and has quickly gained popularity. In the following article, we will show you how to log in to RNFI. Log in to join the platform, which was created with the public in mind.

Services provided byRNFI services private limited
RNFI ServicesMoney Transfer, AEPS Bills and Payments, API, and SMS Service

It has been able to make a significant impact on the lives of people because of its excellent customer service. Nearly everyone has a smartphone today. It has made a rapid impact in India thanks to its customer service and services. Online money transfer is available to all buyers, sellers, and distributors. RNFI’s goal is to offer good services and appropriate awards to participants in b2b.

RNFI Services

RNFI offers many online services. We will be referring to these in the next article. RNFI is the most trusted among its facilities. It also protects the data of its customers. This platform offers services in relation to B2B activities, which are described in the following article.

RNFI AEPS – This service allows you to access MicroATM through the authentication of the RNFI Aadhaar card. After RNFI Registration has been completed, you can log into your account to start your AEPS facility. This feature can be used at any time, once you have activated it.

RNFI Money transfer: – Today, online money transfers are frowned upon. After hearing about online fraud, people are skeptical of any money transfer service. All customers without bank accounts can use RNFI’s money transfer service. Customers can easily transfer money to any bank account using an RNFI money transfer.

RNFI Payments and Bills: – This platform is operated by RNFI. You can use your electricity bill, mobile recharge, or D2h recharge easily. You can also use the facilities. You can use this service to pay your bills in a few easy steps. Log in to your RNFI account to make a payment.

RNF API: – RNF this service is only for customers who want to increase their sales and earn more profit. It makes it easy to sell and buy goods. Logging into an RNFI account is the best way to access this service.

RNFI SMS Services: – SMS service can be used in conjunction with RNFI. To do this, you will need to add your mobile number to your RNFI account.

RNFI Registration

The following article will guide you through the steps to register for RNFI. Follow these simple steps to register your RNFI:

  1. Visit the official website of RNFI https://rnfiservices.com/.
  2. Once the page is open, click on the registration button.
  3. In the registration form for RNFI, fill in your personal information such as name, mobile number, and email.
  4. Select the name of the state, then select the state you wish to visit from the dropdown menu.
  5. You can now choose the type of registration you want, such as a distributor, retailer, or partner.
  6. You can also add any doubts you have in the box.
  7. Once you click the submit button, your account will be created.

After you have completed the registration form, RNFI officers will contact your provided contact information and address. Your required documents such as the Aadhaar card and PAN card will be checked by the incoming officer. After confirming your account, you will be able to start it. After document verification, your password and login will be provided.

RNFI Partner login

This facility allows you to create an account together. You will need to create a different password and login for each partner. You can partner log in by following the steps above. After selecting the partner login, you’ll be asked for the details of your partner. At the time of document verification, your documents and those of your partner will be verified. This facility will allow the partners to manage their finances from one account.

Call 8560 900 500 to get more information. You can contact RNFI by email at [email protected] to join RNFI.

Important Document for RNFI Registration

Once you have started the registration process you will need to provide the details of these documents. Only the details of your documents will be used by the officers to verify your document. Keep all necessary documents handy so you can complete the registration correctly.

  1. Name – Enter the same name as your PAN card to create an account.
  2. Name and address of your business: You will need to include the details of the industry in the documents that are related to your business.
  3. Address: Enter your Aadhaar number to verify your address. If the address is not correct, officers may have difficulty reaching you.
  4. Contact: To contact you, the officials will need to know your contact number. These numbers may contain your phone number or email address. You can enter the number you think is correct.
  5. Number for PAN Card: – Enter your PAN card number. You will have an option to do this on the form.
  6. Aadhaar card number: – Here you will need to enter details about your Aadhaar card. You will need to enter your Aadhaar number and the address on the Aadhaar Card.

Telegram is a great place to get more information. You can send us your suggestions and complaints in the comments box below.

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