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Sail Pension Scheme Eligibility Download Application Form PDF

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Steel Authority of India Limited is one of the largest steel-making companies in the country. With the five integrated as well as three speciality factories, SAIL manufactures steel and iron. A large number of employees work for SAIL which is a vital element of the company.

A pension scheme that is aimed at SAIL ex-employees was launched on the 29th of April, 2019. The scheme was approved by SAIL. Ministry of Steel and SAIL authorities have approved the SAIL pension plan. The guidelines for the plan were released through the department of public Enterprise. Department of Public Enterprises.

In this article, we have given the details about Sail pension scheme. Pension scheme of the Sail includes eligibility criteria benefits of the superannuation scheme and the need for important testimonials, SAIL pension scheme registration procedure, and more. After reading this article candidates can also post questions related to this topic in the comment section. We will do our best to provide answers as quickly as possible.

Sail Pension Scheme 2021

Authorities of Sail has launched an initiative dubbed “SAIL Pension Scheme” in 2019. In this year’s calendar officials have launched the Sail Pension Scheme Phase-2. The pension is available to the executives (along and Management Trainees) who are on company rolls from 1 1 Jan 2007 as well as non-executives (along with future job trainees who have been selected) that are on company rolls from or following 1 January 2012. Jan 2012.

To take advantage of the benefits of this scheme, applicants need to fill out an online application. SAIL officials have also created an official portal for this plan. The applicants can locate this Steel Authority of India Pension Scheme web page in the final paragraph.

Important Points of SAIL Pension Scheme

Name of the PlanSAIL Pension Scheme
Scheme Initiated bySteel Authority of India
Plain Launched in2019
The goal of introducing the PlanOffering pensions to former employees of SAIL
Mode of Application Form SubmissionOnline Mode
Who are the recipients?Sail Ex-employees
Official Portal Linksail.co.in
Post CategoryCentral Govt. Scheme

Sail Pension Scheme Fund Management

  • The entire Sail pension plan is governed by a trust set up with the intention of distributing the superannuation fund to all applicants who are eligible.
  • In accordance with the guidelines of the PFRDA government PFRDA according to the guidelines of PFRDA, trusts should manage its pension fund “in-house”.

Sail Pension Scheme Eligibility Criteria

It is recommended that applicants take an overview of this section prior to submitting an application to the SAIL pension scheme. Only those who are eligible to apply can fill out the application form to this scheme who meet all requirements for eligibility. If authorities discover any falsified information on applicants, they will immediately disqualify the application of that person.

  1. Candidates who wish to apply to this scheme must hold at minimum 15 years of service and annuity with Steel Authority of India Limited.
  2. Permanent Total Disability/Deathor Medical cancellation leading until the end of service regardless of the duration of the service.

Steel Authority of India Pension Scheme Contribution

  • Effective From 1 Jan 2007 for SAIL Executives
Time PeriodContribution of Pension
1st January 2007 to 31st of March 20159 per cent of Basic Pay plus Dearness Allowance
1st April 2015 To 31st March 20183.3 per cent of Basic Pay, with Dearness Allowance
  • Effective 1 January 2012 to SAIL Non-Executives
Period of TimeContribution of Pension
1st January 2012 to 31st March 20156.6 per cent of Basic Pay, with Dearness Allowance
1st April 2015 To 31st March 20182.2 per cent of Basic Pay plus Dearness Allowance

SAIL Annuity Option Details

Essential Testimonials Necessitated for Pension Plan

In order to fill out an application form for the Steel Authority of India pension scheme application form, applicants need certain details to fill on the form. In the following part of this article, we’ve provided the necessary information required by applicants.

  1. Aadhaar Card of Candidate
  2. PAN Card of Aspirant
  3. Bank Cheque in which name of the person applying for it is printed, and then canceled by the bank.
  4. Valid Phone Number of Aspirant
  5. Active Email Id
  6. Voluntary Contribution Deposit Proof
  7. SAIL Ex-employee death certificate (if required)
  8. Photo of passport size in color of the Aspirant

How do you apply to Sail Pension Scheme Online?

If you’re willing to sign up for sail.co.in the superannuation plan, then follow the important steps outlined in the next section in the text.

  1. The first step is that applicants must visit SAIL’s official website. SAIL web site using a suitable internet browser.
  2. On your screen the portal’s homepage will appear.
  3. Click the “SAIL Pension” link at the upper right corner of your page.
  4. The following step will take your to the Steel Authority of India Pension Scheme portal.
  5. Then, look for the registration link for this website.
  6. Click that link to complete your application by filing all the necessary details to be able to be able to use the annuity.
  7. Then, print and mail the annuity application form along with all the necessary certificates to your Nodal or Personnel Officer.
  8. Members can check the details of contributions made by the company to their pension account by logging in to the portal for pensions.

Procedure of SAIL Pension Plan Login

To log in, applicants need to take a number of actions, which are described in the next section of this article.

  1. The first step is that the person who is nominated or candidate has to visit their official web site of SAIL i.e. sail.co.in.
  2. After that, visit then the SAIL pension scheme by clicking the link titled “Sail Pension”.
  1. In just a few seconds in a few seconds, the pension page will appear on your screen.
  2. Then, applicants need select then the “Sail Pension Portal”button displayed in the display.
  1. Pension portal will open in a brand new page on the device.
  2. After that, click button “Employee Login” on the page that you are on.
  1. The login page will be displayed for applicants to enter the login username (PAN Number.) as well as date of birth.
  1. Go to”Sign In” and then click the “Sign In” tab to finish the login process.

SAIL Helpdesk Information

If an ex-employee from SAIL or anyone else wants to clarify their questions regarding Sail pension scheme, they may contact the information below for contact details.

  • EPBAX: Scope Minar- 22467360, 7418, 7420, 7412, 74
  • EPBAX: Ispat Bhavan- 24300100, 243 67481-86,
  • Fax Information: 22467458 (Scope Minar) or 24367015 (Ispat Bhavan)

Sail Pension Plan Concerning FAQ’s

Who are the candidates eligible to take advantage of pension benefits offered by the Steel Authority of India Limited pension?

Aspirants who have worked for fifteen years with the SAIL company and die, PTD, medical invalidation results in the discontinuance of their employment, are eligible to apply for a pension. The reason why the Sail pension scheme was created in the Steel Authority of India Limited?

This move was made to ensure the well-being of all the workers who have put in 15 years of their life in the service of SAIL. What are the documents required to be submitted for the pension scheme?

Candidates must submit their Voluntary Contribution deposit proof PAN Card, death certificate (if required) and passport size coloured photographs who is responsible for the management of the money of the pension plan?

SAIL authorities have set up an independent trust that only oversees funds from SAIL superannuation scheme. SAIL Superannuation Scheme.

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