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Telegram Update 8.2 Adds Speed Scrolling and Date Bars Calendar View for shared media Administration Control, and more

The latest update of Telegram features new animated emojis that have fullscreen effects.

The calendar interface shows media previews for every day.

Telegram releases a new update which comes with a host of new features to simplify the use of the app. They include a brand new calendar view and date bar on this Shared Media page in the iOS application. The new date bar located on the right side of the Shared Media page allows users to switch between months and days, and locate the images or videos they’re looking for much more quickly. Telegram’s most recent update also gives administrators greater control over who can join the chat and view it by introducing new administrator approval settings. Furthermore that, the Telegram update includes global chat themes and brand new interactive emoticons. Telegram for iOS now shows the transit time of shared locations and more.

The new update was announced to Telegram iOS users on Wednesday, November 3, through the blog article which includes information about how to utilize the new features. The update added a date bar to the right side of the Shared Media page, which displays the entire collection of videos, photos as well as music files that were shared within the chat of an as a group or an individual. Users can drag their fingers up and down to navigate through shared media fast using this. Additionally, users can use a pinch-to-zoom feature to move their focus in or out to enhance their browsing experience.

The Shared Media page has a new calendar view. The Shared Media page has the new calendar view which allows Telegram users to find content that dates back to a particular date. You can filter shared media with either videos or photos or both. This is done by pressing the chat header, scrolling down, and then clicking the icon for the menu.

The most recent update comes with the option of previewing for administrators. If a user clicks on an invitation link that has the option for Admin Approval enabled and they’ll see an option to request a join which admins can manage via a new bar located on top of the chat. This way, Telegram group admins can look at an applicant’s bio and profile pictures prior to making a decision on whether to approve or deny the request. Administrators can also add names to invite links for better organization.

The eight brand-new Chat themes that Telegram announced in the last update are available on iOS devices right now. Each of the themes has Day and Night mode, animated backgrounds, and the ability to create gradient bubbles for messages. The theme will be available to Android users in the near future.

Locations shared on iOS are now showing transit times with the latest update. By pressing a shared place on the chat screen, users will be able to see the time needed to reach it via car, foot or public transportation.

Telegram’s latest update allows for the automatic conversion of messages typed in the bar of messages to captions when the user attaches a file. Cloud Drafts lets users write their message on the computer, and then attach the photo taken from the phone and then send the message all at once.

Users will also receive new interactive emojis that have fullscreen effects in the new update. Additionally, Settings on Telegram for iOS are being redesigned to be more in line with the design and design of iOS 15.

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