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TS Aasara Pension 2021: Application Form, Eligibility and Status

Telangana Aasara Pension Yajana was initiated by the chief minister of state Telangana Shri Chandrashekhar Rao, for the wellbeing of the people in need of Telangana. The TS Aasara Pension Yojana was introduced in 2014 to help the people in the category of the less fortunate who are not able to receive enough funds to ensure their survival. The article below you’ll learn about the advantages of the scheme and how you can apply for it and follow the application process.

About TS Aasara Pension Scheme

The Aasara pension scheme was announced through the government of the state of Telangana that includes weavers, elderly toddy tappers, residents who have HIV or AIDS and others. In the official notice the government increased the budget amount between 9,402 and 11758 cr. to 11758 crore. and also increased the pension amount to 11758 cr. The information of the new amount are given in the following article.

A brief overview of TS Aasara Scheme

Scheme NameTS Aasara Pension Yojana (telNgaann aasaar penssn)
The event is sponsored bythe Chief Minister in TelanganaChief Minister of Telangana Shri Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao
DepartmentDepartment Of Rural Development
Who is eligible to benefit?Residents of Telangana
Significant advantagespensioners are able to receive financial aid every month
The primary goal of the Scheme is to achieve the primary goal of theTo ensure a better standard of living for the most vulnerable people
State NameTelangana
Article categoryScheme/ Yojana
Official Web portalaasara.telangana.gov.in

The benefits of TS Aasara Yojana

  • The amount of pension has been increased for physically impaired people i.e. between 500 and 1500 INR . The disability criteria has been set at a minimum 70 percent.
  • Through this program by the state government, Telangana will provide security to its citizens by offering them the financial assistance, so that they can assist themselves.
  • The program is beneficial to people who are below the poverty line.

The amount of the pension has been revised.

Following the implementation of the TS Aasara Pension Yojana, the government introduces some modifications in 2021 to improve the lives of its citizens. The details of the modifications to the amount that is revised that the plan provides are the following:

The Beneficiary’s CategoryOld Amt.Reconsidered Amt. (in INR)
People with disabilitiesRs. 1kRs. 3k
Single FemaleRs. 1kRs. 2k
Beedi LabourersRs. 1kRs. 2k
Filaria PatientsRs. 1kRs. 2k
HIV PatientsRs. 1kRs. 2k
Old Age PensionRs. 1kRs. 2k
Disabled PersonRs. 1kRs. 2k
WeaversRs. 1kRs. 2k
DisabledRs. 1kRs. 2k
WidowsRs. 1kRs. 2k

Who is eligible for the The TS Pension Yojana?

As we said earlier the pension yojana program is intended for people who are old age widows, weavers toddy tappers Beedi and physically challenged people. Also, there are some eligibility criteria for these various categories of people according to the following.

Inclusion Criteria

CategoryEligibility Criteria
Toddy TappersThe applicant’s age must be at least 50 years old. applicant must be at least 50 years old.
The candidate must be related within those who belong to the Vulnerable Tribal Groups, as well as the primitive section of the society.
Candidates must be in the category of tapping toy,
The applicant must be a member of the cooperative Society that is the Toddy tapper.
Disability PersonThere is no restriction on the age limit
The candidates must be part of those of the Vulnerable Tribal Groups, as well as the primitive section of the society.
WidowThe candidate’s age must be 18 years old or more
The candidate must be related within those who belong to the Vulnerable Tribal Groups as well as the primitive segment of the society.
Older Age PeopleThe age of the candidate must be at least 65 years old.
The candidate should fall to the Tribal that is the most vulnerable and the primitive segment of the society.
The only family member can avail the benefits of this program, (woman is the most popular candidate)
Homeless persons who live in any temporary residence who are from urban areas, can be eligible to participate in the scheme.
If the widowed woman has the entire family and is at or over 65, she can be qualified to participate in this Yojana.
WeaversThe applicant’s age is required to be 50 years old.
Be part of the weak Tribal Groups, as well as the primitive section of the society.
The scheme is only available to one member of the family is eligible to benefit from the scheme.
The applicant must be engaged in the weaving process or be a resident of an area that is rural or an urban region.
BeediThe age of the candidate must not exceed 50 years old.
Anyone who is a member of the same family can profit from the scheme.

Exclusion Criteria

The requirements we list below do not qualify for this scheme if you meet any of them.

  • If the candidate owns 3 acres of wet or irrigated unirrigated land. Or 705 acres uncultivated land.
  • If applicants’ children work for any govt.or private/public sector, or outsource or contract-based.
  • Children who work in any self-employed or professional field, or working as doctors, or as contractors.
  • If you have a business with a significant size, like rice mills or oil and petrol pumps.
  • The candidate is already receiving benefits from other pensions provided by the government.
  • Not having any four-wheelers or large cars in your house.

List of Documents required to be submitted for TS Aasara

It is crucial to look through the list of necessary documents that are required as proof of identity for the applicant’s interest. The list of documents below:

Scan an image from the Aadhaar CardThe evidence of the residence
Certificate of Annual IncomeAge evidence
Death certificate of the deceased person (applicable for widows)The evidence that evidence of Toddy Tapping Cooperative Society. (applicable to Toddy Tappers)
Weaver has to have presented the proof from that of the Cooperative Society of the weavers.Certificate of 40% Disability (SADAREM)
And in cases of 51 per cent of hearing impaired disability certificates.
The details of Passbook of Bank Account Passbook of Bank AccountDocuments from the Savings account of the Post Office
PhotographsA mobile number

How to apply for TS Aasara Pension

There are two ways to apply for TS Aasara Pension yojana offline and online. In this article we will go over both methods so that it is easy to apply. just follow the following steps:

Offline Method

For the offline process applicants must should first download the application form on the official portal. Alternatively, you can download it from the link after this block . Alternatively, you can download it from your local MeeSeva center. Once you have downloaded the form for application, you can take an image of it and begin by filling in all the details required. Adhere all the required documents to the application form. Then you must submit your application in the region’s Gram Panchayat or in the office of the village revenue officer for the rural areas, while for the Urban region, you must submit it to the bill collector’s office.

Offline Application Form for TS Aasara Pension (in English)

Offline Application Form of TS Aasara Pension (in Telugu)

Online Method

For the Online process, you need to visit aasara.telangana.gov.in. site (link is given below in this article), and follow the beneath given process:

TS Aasara Pension
  • When you have opened the official website and scroll down the page to see the option to pension application
  • Click the button The new tap will be open,
  • Enter the Mobile Number.
  • Input the OTP to confirm the Mobile Number.

TS Aasara Pension

  • After confirmation, the form will appear on your screen. Fill out the form in,
  • Upload all documents necessary together with the self-declaration form.
TS Aasara Pension
  • When you’re done with everything else After that, you can click the submit button.
  • Note on the Application Reference. No.

Note The self-declaration form using the below URL found in the article.

Track Aasara Pension Application Form Status

TS Aasara Pension

If you’d like to verify the status of your online Application, visit the official website for Greater Warangal Municipal Cooperation. On the home page on the Online Pension, choose the Search Application Status.

TS Aasara Pension

The new application will be displayed onto the screen. Now you must enter it as the Application Reference Number., and click on the Search option. When you click on the search option your application status will be displayed. application will be displayed on the screen.

Procedure to get the Pension Status Inquiry

To take the Pension Status Enquiry, you have to open the www.gwmc.gov.in/pensions/PensionStatus.aspx.

TS Aasara Pension

After that, click on Pension Enquiry button,the form for a pension Status inquiry will be displayed. Enter either your house number. or Aadhaar no. and click the option to show. The details will show in the display.

TS Aasara Disbursement Cycle

It is important that the Cycle of Disbursement is followed by the following criteria to ensure that beneficiaries receive the benefits in cash without delay. The beneficiaries of the scheme will receive the pension at the exact time, as stated in the following block:

ActivitySchedule date
Pensions disbursement1st-7th day of each month.
Data sharing for disbursement via biometrics or IRIS
authentication for SSP server using the pension Disbursing
Direct hit on a real-time basis
The return of the companion’s signature through the disbursement of pension
Agents are accountable to the MPDO or Municipal Commissioners
9th of every month
Transfer of the amount that was not paid out of Pension
Disbursing Agency (PDA) directly to State Nodal Account
9th of every month
Generator of partner’s to the month following16th to 21st
Approval of the proceedings by the District Collector22nd and 23rd
After securing the approval by the District collector request for fund Transfer is approved by the Director of the Project, DRDAThe 22nd and the 23rd (same)
After securing the approval from the District Collector The request for funds (FTR) is approved through the SERP23rd and 24th
The funds for the payment of pensions to be transferred the
Concerned PDAs department of the SNA

A key feature of the TS Aasara Pension

There are a few most important features that you ought to be aware of when you are using the Yojana. The major features that are included in this Pension Yojana is as follows:

  • The TS Aasara Pension Yojana is entirely run by the government.
  • The initiative was launched by Telangana’s CM Shri Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rally in 2014 within the Mahboobnagar district. Mahboobnagar.
  • In this program the government has spending around 5500 INR per year.
  • The pension will be transferred directly to the beneficiary account using Direct Bank Method (DBT). Direct bank Method (DBT).

Important Links

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Frequently Answered Questions

In which department will the TS Aasara will come?

The TS Aasara comes under the department of the Social Security Pension

What exactly is PPO?

PPO refers to Pension Payment Order, which is a 12-digit unique code that is used to receive pensions from the government.

From where do I find the specifics for the PPO?

You can get the details of the PPO from 


To learn more about the entire process read the article above.

What are the different ways I may apply for TS Aasara Pension Yojana?

You can apply using an offline process or online method The procedure for both is explained in the article above.

Does widow qualify to apply for This TS Aasara Yojana?

Yes, widows can apply for TS Aasara Yojana.

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