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West Bengal Digital Ration Card 2021 Apply Online Application Status

West Bengal Digital Ration Card 2021 Apply Online Application Status www.wbpds.wb.gov.in • WB Ration Form 3 4 cards 10 No Form to Fill Up Online

Services across India are becoming digital. This is to make all services online West Bengal digital ration card 2021 is included in this. It is among the most essential documents required to establish the residency of the nation. Additionally, it provides subsidised food and other products for utility. There are numerous benefits to owning a West Bengal ration card. The applicants must apply online for a West Bengal digital ration card. In this post, we’ve described the steps to submit to get this West Bengal digital ration card. Additionally, you will receive the application status and other details associated with the card.

West Bengal Ration Card

The idea of digital ration cards was introduced following that of the Digital India program. With the help of digital India, the government is working to bring everything online. This will help protect all government services and will make access effortless. This digital India program will benefit a large number of citizens. Through it is possible to use the WB digital Ration card accessibility to domiciles accessing subsidised products will grow.

Latest Update Latest Update The CM of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee has created an arrangement to offer coupons to every Bengali citizen who hasn’t yet received the ration card in digital format. To apply for coupons, citizens need to go to the district the headquarters of their district, BDO, SDO or the department of the municipality responsible to apply.

WB E Ration Card

The authority is the department of food and supply and a separate PDF document is issued to facilitate the distribution of goods. These public Distribution products include everyday use products that are available at very low prices from fair price stores. The applicant whose Aadhar number and mobile number are associated with their ration card is eligible to receive an E Ration card. The essential features of the ration card are as follows the following:

  • E owner of a ration card will have similar rights and privileges
  • It is the responsibility of the concerned authorities to accept the Ration card
  • Verification of the ration card can be done by anyone using the embedded QR code.
  • This e-ration card is able to be downloaded from the official website
  • Candidates may visit a fair-price shop to purchase rice and wheat following approval of the card
  • To do this, applicants do not have to carry a digital ration cards to the shops.
  • Printing the e-ration card is sufficient to access the foodgrams from the Ration shop

Highlights are highlighted in WBPDS Ration Card

DepartmentDepartment of Food and Supplied, Govt. of West Bengal
Ration CardWB Ration Card
StateWest Bengal Govt Scheme
Type of Ration CardDigital Ration Card
Application ModeApply online and Offline modes
AuthorityWest Bengal Public Distribution System (WBPDS)
Objectiveto provide food items to the beneficiaries at a discounted price
Official Portalfood.wb.gov.in

How To Download West Bengal E Ration Card

E-ration cards can cut down on numerous hassles when purchasing the ration you need from a fair-price shop. Downloading the card process which is explained below:

  • On the home screen, there is a section for services.
  • Click on the tab for ration cards and choose E Ration card
  • Then at the bottom you can click to download an electronic ration card.
  • Verify the mobile number by providing it.
  • A OTP is sent to the mobile number that is registered
  • Utilizing this OTP applicant can log in
  • After login, it will display the ration card of the beneficiary
  • Download it and then take the printout for a copy to access the ration

Online Application For WB Ration Card

There are a variety of ways online to get a ration card. The functions that you can avail yourself digitally online are listed in the following information:

Apply For New Ration Card For Family

To be eligible for the new family ration cards, candidates need to fill in the application form with the number 3. Application procedure online is been explained below:

  • The first option is to apply for a new ration card to the entire family
  • Select this option
  • It will request the mobile number of the applicant to receive OTP
  • If the applicant doesn’t know the mobile number of the Ration card, choose the below option
  • Select the category you want to search for and then provide your the ration card number in order to look up
  • It will give the details
  • After logging in, fill out the application form and click submit.
  • The candidate will be able to apply for a an ration card for the family.

Apply For WB New Ration Card New Member In My Family

If the number of family members grows, a new ration card for the new family member is issued. To use the digital ration card, adhere to the procedure below:

  • Give your mobile number for OTP
  • Utilizing OTP candidates can log on to page number four and fill it out
  • After examination, a the new ration card issued to the new members of the family can be issued in digital format.

Apply For Correction Of Details In The Existing WB Ration Card

If there is a correction to a current card, applicants will need to fill in form 5. How to apply online to avail of this service:

  • Visit the official website
  • Select the Apply to correct details in the ration card you have in place from the section Services
  • If you click on this option, it will prompt for the you for the mobile number of the applicant
  • Give the registered mobile number and select the option to get an OTP.
  • OTP is sent to the beneficiary’s mobile number after login. OTP is sent to the beneficiary’s mobile number after obtaining login

Change Ration Shop

The acceptance process for the application form is also included for the change of the ration shop. The candidate may apply online by filling in the form with the number 6. The application procedure form is discussed in the following sections:

  • Find the homepage of the department of food and supplies.
  • Choose the services option on your the ration card and then to apply online
  • Click to apply for a change of the ration card
  • Give your mobile number and you will receive an OTP to log in.
  • Use the form no. 6 to make a change and receive a an ration shop that is desired.

Surrender Or Cancel Existing West Bangal Ration Card

To withdraw or surrender your existing ration cards, follow the process:

  • Visit the official website
  • Choose the option to apply online using the tab Services
  • Request surrender or cancellation of the existing card.
  • Enter the mobile number of your registered phone and receive OTP
  • After receiving OTP complete the information and fill in application number 7.
  • After filling in the form, fill it out to cancel your the current ration card

Apply For Change Of WB Ration Card Category

The procedure is discussed below:

  • Food and supply website
  • In the home screen is the services section
  • Click on the tab for ration cards and select to apply online
  • In this tab, change of the category of ration card is available.
  • By clicking this link, you will be asked for a for a mobile number
  • Enter mobile number and then select the option to get an OTP
  • Utilize OTP to log in and then fill the form with the number 8
  • After you have filled in all the information, after which click submit.
  • Following the submission of form number 8 category for ration cards will be altered.

Apply For A Duplicate WB Ration Card

To obtain a second ration card you must follow the directions given. A duplicate ration card is required for those who have lost their current ration card or might be torn. To get a duplicate ration card:-

  • Visit the website for the food and supplies
  • Select the section for services and choose ration cards
  • Choose Apply Online and then click the application for a duplicate card for rations.
  • The option you click on will open a new tab
  • Make sure that the mobile number is registered
  • After giving the mobile number
  • OTP is sent to the registered mobile number. OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered
  • Make use of this mobile number OTP to sign in.
  • After logging in, fill in the form using the number 9
  • After filling out form number 9 another the ration card will be issued in the name of the beneficiary
  • It is available by visiting the ration shop using the acknowledgement card
  • You can download an acknowledgement card or print it out for more details

Apply For Non Subsidised Ration Card

Government provides a certain amount of subsidies for those who are below the poverty line candidates. To get the subsidised ration card, a person is required to apply online. The procedure of applying for the ration card can be found below The procedure is as follows:

  • Open official website
  • Choose the option to purchase a ration card on the services tab
  • Go online to apply and click to apply for a non-subsidised ration cards
  • Enter a valid mobile number and select to get OTP
  • OTP will be sent to your mobile number . the form number 10 will open the entire form. Make sure you read it carefully before you complete it
  • When you submit the application form, it will be subject to examination
  • After verification of all details, a the non-subsidised ration card will be issued in the name of the beneficiary

Apply For Updation Of Mobile Number And Aadhar Card For Already Existing Ration Card

To update the mobile number on Aadhar Card in the existing ration card fill form, number 11. The complete procedure to fill out the form is explained in the following sections:

  • From the official website, applicants can be able to apply online in the services tab
  • Choose apply to update your mobile number as well as Aadhar card for an in use Ration card
  • OTP is delivered to the registered number.
  • After entering the mobile number, a new tab the form 11 will be opened and you can fill in all the information that have been requested.
  • Candidate must fill in all details with care to ensure an error-free filing of the form
  • After you have completed the form, then click the submit button
  • This information will allow you to change the mobile number as well as the Aadhar card that is on your existing card.

Check Nearest West bengal Ration Shop Fair Price

For more information about fair price shop facilities, click on the official website. The applicant must follow the instructions given to locate the closest ration store. Candidates can alter their shop of ration to the closest one at their convenience. Method to determine the closest store with fair prices is provided below:

  • Visit the official website of the department of food and nutrition.
  • You can get the services of a Ration card near the where the nearest ration shop is there
  • Select this option
  • A few basic information about on fair price shop will be sought.
  • Fill in these information and then click on the Fair price shop
  • The total number of ration shops within the block office that has the provided items will be displayed
  • Candidate may export these details into an excel spreadsheet to be used for reference later on.
  • Once you have selected the nearest fair price shop, the application will select it to access the products.

Verify WB E-Ration Card

The verification of digital ration cards, a choice is accessible. Candidates can not only verify digital ration card but also get an electronic ration card in order to use services like:

  • Visit the official website
  • Choose the option to use ration cards in the section Services
  • Select the option to verify ration cards
  • When you click this option, it will require a the mobile number
  • Enter the information and receive an OTP from the mobile number that is registered for confirmation of OTP
  • Page will open to confirm the validity of your ration card.
  • The candidate who has verified the the ration card is able to download it to be used for future references.

Apply Offline For West Bengal Ration Card

Department of Food Supply provides not just online services, but also offers offline services to obtain the card for rations. To access the services offline, applicants need to fill out the application form and send them to their nearest authority for the block. The applicant can also get in touch with the nearest officer to obtain a ration card. The only thing they have to do is fill out this form:

  • To download the offline application form , go to the official website
  • Select the ration card in the section Services
  • Make an offline application
  • The forms starting from Form 3 , 12 and 3 will be shown.
  • They further divide them into urban and rural form
  • Clicking the tab will open the form at the next step, in the PDF format.
  • Candidates can download it, and then fill it out to send it in
  • Fill out this form and submit it to the authority that will issue a an offline ration card

Department Of Food And Supply, West Bengal

The department of food and supplies is an agency that belongs to the state government for West Bengal aims to provide an open distribution system for foodstuffs and other items to the most disadvantaged of society. Access to these products is available at a reasonable cost. It is the obligation of the website to provide important information regarding policies for the public distribution system. In the context of state and central government prices for the distribution system for public consumption, the commodities-related data is available on the site. Apart from the centrally supplied information, the Department of Food and supplies provide information on government programs. This includes allocations and other official information for fair price shops, information of the stakeholders, as well as details of ration cards.

Function Of District Distribution

It is the primary executive branch of the department for food and supply that is responsible for managing and executing a system of procurement and distribution process. The principal function of the directorate is to enforce policies formulated by the government regarding food products. It also supervises the execution of the procurement process for grains. It is a Decision making and Logistic Management organization to move the stocks of grains. The directorate is responsible for the Godown computerized operations.

West Bengal State Warehousing Corporation

Under the administrative supervision of the departments of food supply and distribution, West Bengal State warehouse Corporation was created. It is a statutory entity that is covered by the warehousing Corporation Act 1962. It offers storage facilities for scientific research and various depositor services. In addition, storage facilities to preserve food items are accessible through the public distribution systems. The board of directors comprises five directors, as well as one chairman. This includes State Government and Central Warehousing Corporation.

West Bengal Essential Commodities

Under the Companies Act 1956 on 15th March 1974, the West Bengal essential commodities Supply Corporation was set up. It was set up to help the citizens of the state by providing essential products and food items at a reduced cost. The primary goal of the Corporation is to promote, develop and enhance the transportation and processing and distribution of foodstuffs. It assists in the sale of the distribution and delivery of food items to the general public in West Bengal. The company has a crucial part to play in the distribution of food items to the economically poorer sections of society. Its aim is in reaching out to farmers for purchasing paddy for MSP. In essence, it could be convinced that each element that is connected to West Bengal essential commodities lead to a greater movement of consumers within West Bengal.

WB Ration Cards to become digital

Khadya Sathi scheme just finished its 5 years of beginning on the 27th of January in 2021. West Bengal government celebrate Khadya Sathi Divas. The scheme was launched in order to provide subsidised food to people. West Bengal government has provided food security for the 10 crore residents within this lockdown. In addition, it has distributed food rations to the most vulnerable at low prices. The program was launched on 28 January with the intention of giving secure food to the less fortunate segment of society. Under the Khadya Sathi, the program provides food grains like wheat and rice are provided at the rate of Rs. 2 per kg to 90% of the people in West Bengal. This includes rations to 50 lakh people for a very low cost. To get this benefit, the West Bengal digital ration card applicants can apply for it on their official site. People who meet the basic eligibility criteria and supporting documents can avail a food ration card.

WB ration card Help Desk

If you have any questions regarding electronic ration cards, the applicants for ration cards can get in touch with the authorities. They can visit the office or reach them by calling toll free. Authorities can also be contacted by email. All details are listed below:

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  • Address- Khadyasree Bhavan, 11A, Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata – 700087, West Bengal
  • Toll Free Number- 1800 345 5505 / 1967
  • Email support- [email protected]


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