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Who is Pooja Dadlani? Aryan Khan’s family

Pooja Dadlani: This lady’s requirements for Aryan Khan, do you know what’s the relationship between Shahrukh Khan

Who is Pooja Dadlani? Aryan Khan’s family of members is extremely upset following his arrest in the drug investigation. Another name on the list has paid one night and day for Aryan Khan’s bail. This comes from Pooja Dadlani.

Pooja Dadlani You know who is Pooja Dadlani. She lived as a shadow of Shahrukh Khan And Look after for nine years

Shahrukh Khan and Pooja Dadlani

Pooja Dadlani and Shahrukh Khan Relationship: Ever since NCB has taken Shahrukh’s son, Aryan Khan, in connection with a case involving drugs and a name has appeared on the news along with his family. That’s Pooja Dadlani. In addition to Aryan Khan’s parents, the person who came from the NCB office to the courtroom to meet the former is Pooja Dadlani. In this situation, there is a question present in every person’s mind: what is the identity of Pooja Dadlani who has such a strong sympathy for the family of Shahrukh Khan. In the wake of the condition of Aryan Khan’s family, Pooja Dadlani was seen crying. On Wednesday, 13 October i.e. in the afternoon, a hearing for his bail application for Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan took place in the courts of the session at the same time Pooja Dadlani was in court.

Pooja Dadlani

Who is Pooja Dadlani?

While Pooja with Shahrukh Khan shares an official relationship and after working with Shahrukh Khan for a long period she’s now a member of his family. It is believed that the manager of Shahrukh Khan is Pooja Dadlani. In 2021, i.e. the year that was 9 years old, Shahrukh Khan was joined by Pooja Dadlani as manager. Pooja Dadlani has been in the business for many years which is why she has an amazing bond, not just with Shahrukh but also with his entire family. There is also a strong bonding among Pooja along with Aryan Khan Suhana as well as AbRam. A lot of times, their photos on social media have also been viewed as viral.

On her Facebook page, Pooja Dadlani has many photos of Shahrukh Khan and his family. They have shared the pictures at different times. A picture taken by AbRam and Aryan was also posted by Pooja and was captioned in the caption: “No one is able to keep a watch upon my little brother. Pooja Dadlani was featured in the news after Aryan Khan was detained in the judicial custody facility to be held for 14 days. According to reports after seeing the situation that was Aryan, Pooja Dadlani was crying constantly. A few days prior to this, Pooja Dadlani had reached the NCB office to meet Aryan Khan.

Pooja Dadlani is not just a part of Shahrukh Khan’s Bollywood projects but also manages his business effectively. Pooja is married and also has one son. It is also reported about the fact that Pooja is a cousin that is related to Bollywood actor Dia Mirza’s husband, Vaibhav Rekhi.



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